Eternity (Vixx FanFic Book 2)

Chapter 14 ************** ~Person's P.O.V~ I was sitting at the window seat with a sketch book in my lap and  pencil in my hand. I drew him as I can remember seeing him in the picture of the hall way. The sketch book was taken out of my grasp. I gasped as I was about to jump on whoever took it away from me. I saw Kisu holding it up in the air. "Wow you really are falling in love with a monster." He said as he struggles to get it out of my reach. My other brothers Jinhong, Hui, Cory, Changsun, Hongseop, and Jeunguk were standing there. Kisu passed it on to Changsun and I ran to him to get it back but then they started playing monkey in the middle and I was the monkey. "Give it back!" "Why? So you can fantasies over a monster?" "He's not a monster now give it back." "He is too a monster. Why you defending him when you don't even know him?" "We hunt guys like him Lei!!! So get your head out the gutter and focus on our mission. Its up to us to fight off these monsters!!" "He's not a monster now give me back my sketch book!!" "No!!" Cory took out a lighter and lit the sketch book on fire. I felt my heart being crushed by tons of bricks. I couldn't believe that I was watching him burn my sketch book. I rushed to him to snatched it out of his hands and stomped on it to stop the fire. I looked down at the half burned sketch book and fell to my knees as I looked through my drawings. Everything I drew was burned half way. I didn't realized my tears were falling when I got to the last picture I drew of him. His face was already half burnt off but the other half was still perfect. "This was for your own good" Our father walked in the room. I got up and rush past him. On my way to my room, I could hear them talk. Slamming the door. I slide down with my back against the door. The sketch book was pressed up against my chest as my knees held it in place. "I'm sorry he did that to you. I don't think your a monster even if people say you are. ~LEO P.O.V~ My head was pulled out from the water. I spit out the water that was in my mouth and blinked my eyes. They been dunking me in water, electrocuting me, whipping me, cutting me. Anything that could hurt me. While this was happening, Dongchul was sitting on the couch with a wine glass in his hand as he was enjoying the show. My head was pushed into the water again. I struggled as the water burned my eyes and nose. Again I was pulled out of the water. I was kicked to the ground in front of Dongchul. I tried to regain myself as I moved around. There was a kick to my stomach and I fell to the ground again. I groaned and barried my head under my arms and hands. I sent my brothers a message that it was time.  I was sure they knew to come fast. I took a couple more beating when there was noises coming from the upstairs. "So you brought company well let them come. We will wait for them." He said as he leaned forward. He gestured his fingers and they took Areum parents down from the ceiling and made them kneel down in front of me. The door busted open and foot steps coming down. I couldn't see them but heard them. There was nine pairs of feet walking. They weren't my brother's. They were hunters. I could tell by the smell. "Welcome hunters to my humble home." Dongchul greeted them. One tried to move but Dongchul stopped them. "Ah Ah Ah, I wouldn't move or they will be killed. Isn't that right Prince Leo. Why don't you get up and greet our guest Prince Leo" Dongchul suggested. I used the little strength that I had to stand up. When I was steady on my feet, I turned to the hunters. Eight male and one female. I got a strange vibe from the female. I studied her more and found out that she was a spiritual holder. It wasn't common to run in a spiritual holder. I closed my eyes and drawled energy from her to heal me. I inhaled a deep breathe. My bones making cracking noise and my wounds healed. I opened my eyes to have all nine of them looking at me. "Thank you for the energy, I need it. You don't mind do you?" I asked her. She seemed shocked but shook her head. I turned myself towards Dongchul followers. I grabbed one by the neck and snapped their necks. He limped down and I turned to the other as I grabbed a hold of him. I sanked my fangs into his neck and drank him dry. His body fell to the floor and I smirked as my red eyes turn towards Dongchul. He looked scared for a second but recovered and took Areum's mother by the neck. "Make any sudden moves from anyone of you and her neck will be snapped." "Oh Dongchul, don't you know that your games are over." I took a step forward and he quickly snapped her neck. Her body fell down to the ground and her husband yelled for her but only to be thrown at the wall by Dongchul. I was sure that some of the hunters went to grab him and took him out of the room. One of the hunters rushed towards Dongchul but if a flash he fell to the ground. Some of them yelled and stood as their leader was killed. "You Bastard!!!" One of them said and charged at Dongchul but this time, I joined the fight. It was soon only me that was fighting with Dongchul, because some of the hunters were injured or unconscious. I dodge his hits and knocked him onto the ground. I had my hands wrapped around his neck. "Say goodbye Dongchul." I sneered and ripped his head off. I sighed and leaned back to catch my breathe. It was finally over. My Areum was free from Dongchul grasp. I heard a noise behind me to see a hunter heading towards me. I used my super speed and stopped him. "I wouldn't do that if I were you. I'm a Prince and the council will find you and scentence you to death for killing one of the heirs to the throne." I told him and slowly let him go. We locked into each other eyes until we understood each other. After nodding there was noises coming from up stairs. He rushed to get his team members and rushed up stairs. I followed behind and saw what was the ruckus. JKONICS:@kpopaddict16@MaritessSison@MomoChamie@RandomName @sarahdarwish@Animezkpopgirl @Jaysbae13@SuniWilcox@HurdKpop@MayraYanez@conversehigh@AmberRelynn @SindyHernandez@AvisSpirit@CLAKPOP@AngelaDarkness@Eliortiz13@MeghanJorgina Starnights:@Kpossible4250@KAddict@Princess2425@OliviaEdwards

Hi guys my name is Jarvia. I'm shy but also I'm outgoing once I warm up to pplz. I love writing, reading, music, and tattoos.
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