Anime Ending Recommendation [4/?]

prepare your soul

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Easy, right? Mirai Nikki / The Future Diary

Filament by Yousei Teikoku


Mischievous of AliceGUYSHer voice is BAE


"Everything is part of the key connecting unto the future.

Feeling our bond within my collapsing body,

I vow once more to protect you."

"I do everything in order to return to you.

In my bosom, which is scorching painfully,

a filament of a tender lie and an outcry resounds."

"I wanted to build a paradise with you.

I wanted to smile by your side forever.

I wanted to believe in the meaning of my life.

The future was always leading towards you.

The more I'm attracted to you, the more agonized I become."

What is your favorite Yousei Teikoku song?

Mine is probably Mischievous of Alice or Filament...or most of the Stigma album

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