Too Much Chapter 14: Clearing Up Misunderstandings

Chapter 14 is here! I hope you all are continuing to enjoy my story. Do you love the drama? (I love/hate it, lol)

Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.


Too Much

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Chapter 13

Word Count: 3326

Warning: May contain mild language

Narrator POV

After breakfast

Taehyung and Jimin cleaned up and started washing the dishes. They were both being punished for their behavior: Taehyung for being a sleep-pervert and Jimin throwing things out of proportion and freaking everyone out. Yoongi kept looking at Namjoon, trying to gauge how Namjoon felt about what had happened. Yoongi could see that he was concerned. {Of course he would be, the girl he likes was kissed by another guy, even if it wasn’t done intentionally. It bothered me too}.

Yoongi immediately felt guilty. He was hated the fact that he was jealous more than he was concerned for Namjoon. He already felt horrible about what happened with Rose. He had let his jealousy get the best of him and accidently turned that anger towards her. When she had almost fallen, he reacted instantly to grab her. He didn’t dare apologize because then she might begin to suspect his feelings. When Namjoon had helped her up, Yoongi had felt the jealousy bubble up again. He couldn’t look at her for the rest of the breakfast, he was too ashamed. For scaring her and for the feelings he had towards her.

Namjoon didn’t know how to react to what had happened. When Jimin had first said it, it had bothered him. Then Rose had almost fallen over. He had helped her back up, but as she explained what happened, he saw the look on Yoongi’s face. Yoongi looked…apologetic? Ashamed? What had he done? Namjoon knew Yoongi could sometimes have a temper. And if Yoongi liked Rose the way Namjoon suspected, he had probably gotten angry. Maybe he had even directed that anger at Rose. {Did he scare her?} That thought got him pissed off. {Yoongi shouldn’t let his anger get the best of him. Especially not towards Rose. She was already nervous around him}. Namjoon would have to talk to him. {But not now. I don’t even know if he realizes how he feels. Hyung is not the best at...getting in touch with his feelings}. Namjoon sighed. {Hell, I don’t even know how I feel}.

Hoseok had been gauging Yoongi and Namjoon’s reactions after the revelation. Of course, Hoseok himself felt jealous, but he wanted to keep away from those feelings. He had to make sure the other two were okay. Hoseok could tell Namjoon was concerned, but he couldn’t tell exactly why Namjoon was concerned. Hoseok saw that Namjoon kept looking at Yoongi. {Does he know how Yoongi feels?} That wouldn’t surprise him. {Namjoon is a genius after all. But as long as he doesn’t figure me out, it’ll be fine}. Yoongi, on the other hand, had started off angry {there’s no denying that he likes her} and then looked ashamed the rest of the time. {He must know how Namjoon feels. I guess we’re all idiots. Falling for the same person, feeling guilty about it, standing aside. And where will that leave us? Or her?}

Rose started gathering her belongings. She headed to the bedroom where Namjoon had taken her laptop. As she walked in, her mind flashed back to the memory of Yoongi sitting on the bed with almost no clothes on. Her face flushed. She grabbed her laptop. When she turned back to the door, she was startled to see Yoongi standing in the doorway. {What is he, a ninja?} She hadn’t heard any noise. Yoongi took a few steps towards her, closing the door behind him.

“Sorry. I was just grabbing my laptop. I’ll leave,” Rose rapidly spoke as she headed towards the door.

Rose heard Yoongi mutter something. She stopped with her hand on the doorknob and turned back. “What?”

Yoongi lifted his head up to meet her eyes. Her heart skipped a beat. {Why does he look so sad?}

“I’m sorry.” Yoongi spoke louder this time. She could hear how bad he felt. Rose felt like her heart was hurting. {Is it because of what happened at the table? I know it wasn’t on purpose}. She walked back to him.

“Yoongi-ah. It’s okay. I know you were just trying to be a protective brother,” she didn’t notice him flinch at the word brother. “It’s hard to turn off that anger so quickly. I know you didn’t mean to direct it at me.” She put her hand on his arm and smiled reassuringly. He looked down and her smile faltered. It left her completely when he spoke next.

“You don’t have to pretend... I know you hate me. And all I did was make it worse.” Rose felt her heart tearing apart. {I didn’t want him to know that I like him. But did I do too much? I thought he hated me, but it turns out that he thinks I hate him}. Tears sprang up in her eyes, threatening to fall. {I have to fix this. I could stand it if he hated me. It would hurt, but it would make everything easier. But I can’t let him think I hate him. I think it hurts him. And I can’t let him hurt like that}. She squeezed his arm tighter causing Yoongi to look up. His eyes were filled with tears that he refused to let drop.

“I don’t hate you,” Rose said desperately. She had to convince him. “I—“ she broke their gaze, “I thought you hated me.” Yoongi’s eyes widened in surprise. {She thought I hated her?} He thought about how he had been to her since they met. It’s true that sometimes he was cold, but that was just because he was confused. He had only figured out his feelings this morning. His confusion led to her thinking he hated her. {Was that why she was so nervous around me? Why she was so uncomfortable when she was alone with me?} He wanted to pull her into a hug. He resisted the urge because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to let go.

“So... you thought I hated you, so you avoided me. And because you avoided me, I thought you hated me.” He laughed in disbelief. “What a vicious cycle.”

“We’re both pretty pathetic, huh? Jumping to conclusions like that.” They both laughed. Their eyes met and both of their hearts sped up. But they would never admit that. “So. Friends?” His smile dropped almost imperceptibly.

“Yeah, friends,” he agreed. “Can I...” He held his hand out to her. {Just a handshake}, he decided. {I can’t hug her but—}

Yoongi’s mind went blank. Rose was hugging him. {For my sake, I shouldn’t be doing this. But for his sake...he has to know I don’t hate him}. Yoongi’s arms hung loosely at his side as he debated with himself. {Fuck it}. He slowly brought his arms up to return the hug. Her grip tightened. Her heart was pounding and her stomach was doing flips, but she couldn’t let go. Her head was fuzzy as she allowed his scent to envelop her senses. He wasn’t wearing cologne, but he smelled so good to her. {This is it. After this, we’re friends. Just friends. I have to move on}. Yoongi, too, was intoxicated by her scent. She smelled lightly like a flower that he couldn’t quite place. When she was finally able organize her jumbled thoughts, she pulled back, embarrassed.

“Sorry. I—I just—wanted to make sure that you knew I didn’t hate you.” {It’s actually the opposite. No, wait. That’s not right. The opposite of hate is love. And I don’t love him}, she argued with herself.

“No,” he coughed, “that’s fine. If it helps you to feel the same...” He trailed off, a bit embarrassed.

“ thinking that I hated that why you didn’t text me when everyone else did?” Yoongi looked confused for a moment before he remembered. He rubbed the back of his neck. {Why does he look embarrassed}, she wondered.

“Actually, I didn’t get your number.”

Then Rose was confused. “How? Everyone else got it from Namjoon. They didn’t tell you?”

“They did. I deleted it.”


Yoongi looked her in the eye. “I wanted you to know that I wasn’t immature like them. That if I wanted your number, I would just ask for it.” That made her smile. “I was gonna ask on Monday, but things just got too busy so...”

“Now I understand,” she nodded her head.

“So... um... since we’re friends now...” He took out his phone and held it towards her. She chuckled as she took it from him and called her own number. She didn’t have her phone with her, so she just hung it up from his phone.

“Now you have mine and I have yours.” She handed his phone back. Yoongi fought the blush that was threatening to show itself. Even if it’s for the purpose of ‘being friends’, he was excited to finally get her number.

“And now, you’ll text more than just Namjoon, right?” He tried to sound like he was teasing. In reality, he was jealous. He didn’t realize it till this morning, but he had been jealous the whole time. Rose seemed to take it at face value as she answered.

“I do usually text more than just Namjoon. I have other friends, just FYI.” Rose stuck her tongue out. “But if you’re referring to the fact that I tend to ignore the other BTS boys, it’s because they like to text bomb me all at the same time. By the time I answer one, I have two more from him and, like, five more from each of the other guys. It’s a bit tedious. So as long as you don’t do the same, I won’t ignore you.” She nudged Yoongi’s arm and smiled brightly. “Now, we should probably head back out before they get the wrong idea.” {I wouldn’t mind that}, Yoongi thought. They walked out the door to find the other boys waiting for them at the edge of the living room.

“So...” Jin started with a ‘tell me everything’ look. Hoseok and Namjoon had weird looks on their faces that neither Yoongi nor Rose could read. Jimin was smirking while Taehyung looked embarrassed. Jungkook just looked confused.

“Don’t get any weird ideas,” Yoongi brought his hands up like ‘I’m innocent’. “We’ve had some misunderstandings so we just cleared it up. That’s all.”

“Hmm...took a while to sort out, huh?” Jin questioned as he cocked his eyebrow.

“So then... Everything’s good? You guys friends now? More than friends?” Jimin interjected.

“Not like that,” Rose waved her hands. “Just friends. That’s all.” Then she decided to turn it on them. “I’m friends with you guys, am I not? Seems a little unfair for you to give us flack for getting along.” The boys changed to looking sheepish. She had them with that. “So—done?” They murmured their reluctant agreement. She smiled triumphantly and walked around them to finish gathering her items.

Jin clapped his hands together to get their attention. “Alright guys. Finish getting ready so we can keep to the schedule, okay?” The others groaned as they headed to their respective rooms. Rose finished grabbing her things. Since she’d been awake all morning, she had already fixed her hair and makeup. She had the same pants on from the previous day, but Namjoon had insisted on loaning her a shirt, which she changed into. Namjoon and Jin’s room was the farthest from the door so she started her goodbyes from there. Rose knocked on the door and entered when they yelled “Dressed!” back at her.

She walked to Jin first. “Thanks for dinner and breakfast and for putting me up last night.”

“Thanks for dessert and for helping them,” he nodded his head towards Namjoon. He gave her a quick hug. “And you can crash here anytime. Well, not anytime because of schedules and all that, but you know what I mean.”

“Yeah,” she laughed. “Thanks.” She walked over to Namjoon who was putting together some sort of packet. She tapped him on the shoulder and he turned to her.

“Leaving already?”

“Yep. You guys are busy and I have some stuff to do too. As much as I’d love to lounge around...” she laughed.

“Gotcha.” He pulled her in for a hug. “That shirt looks good on you,” he whispered into her ear. She blushed.

“Uh-th-thanks.” She pulled at the hem of the shirt, embarrassed. “It’s a bit big though. You like to wear baggy shirts, don’t you?”

He laughed, “They’re more comfortable.”

“Can’t argue with that.”

Jin watched their interaction and smirked to himself. {They’re both so awkward. I don’t know how they feel about each other, but they’re definitely cute together}. Rose walked to the door and waved goodbye.

“Oh,” Jin spoke up and put down the things he was carrying, “I’ll walk you out.”

“Oh, no no. I still have to say goodbye to the other guys and then I’ll just have one of them lock the door behind me.” Jin started to protest. “No arguments. Noona has spoken. Finish getting ready,” she commanded in her best ‘big sister is speaking to you’ voice. He threw his hands up in surrender as the three of them laughed. “See you next time.”

Rose was still laughing as she got to the maknaes’ room. They had left the door open. She knocked on the doorframe as she stuck her head in.

“Noona!” they exclaimed as they pulled her into the room.

“Leaving already?” Jimin whined.

“Yep. We all have stuff to do.” Jimin pulled her into a hug and lifted her off the floor. She squealed and demanded that he let her down. He set her down and Taehyung hugged her around her waist from behind.

“You’ll come back again, right noona?” Taehyung asked, laying his head on her right upper arm. He wanted to give her a hug, but a normal hug would put his head too close to her neck. {Next time it won’t be a problem, but since it happened this morning, I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable}. Rose figured out why he was hugging her like that and she was grateful.

“Of course,” she reassured him, pinching his cheek playfully.

“Even if it’s not for work? Will you hang out with us as just us, not BTS?”

“If you want me to, then of course. You guys are people before you are BTS. I work with BTS, but I have fun with you guys.” He smiled his adorable rectangular smile and, still wrapped around her waist, pulled her to Jungkook. He let go and pulled Jungkook closer.

“Stop being shy.” Taehyung berated Jungkook.

“It’s fine,” Rose smacked Taehyung’s arm. “Leave him alone. If he’s uncomfortable—“ She was cut off when Jungkook timidly hugged her.

“OOOOOOOoooooo...” Taehyung and Jimin teased. Jungkook’s face was tinged with pink as he let go. Rose turned and glared at the troublemakers.

“Don’t mess with my dongsaeng or I’m gonna have to hurt you,” she tried to sound as scary as she could while she fought back a laugh.

“But noona,” Taehyung played along, “aren’t we your dongsaengs too?”

Rose let out a laugh. “Yeah, yeah, whatever.” She turned back to Jungkook. “I’ll be glad for however much you feel comfortable with me. Don’t be nervous with me, but don’t push yourself too much either.” Jungkook let out a shy smile and Rose smiled back.

“Okay then, boys. Time for me to say goodbye. I still have the last room, but then I’m leaving. So—“ she paused dramatically at the doorway. “Goodbye!”

“Bye, noona,” they called as she left.

{Last room...} She knocked on their door.

“Come in, noona!” She walked in. Yoongi sat up from where he had been laying on the bed and Hoseok stood up. They noticed she was wearing one of Namjoon’s shirts. Yoongi felt jealousy bubbling up. {Of all the guys, why is she wearing his shirt? Even if I can’t see her in mine... but I can’t wish bad things on Namjoon. No matter how I feel about her, I want Namjoon to be happy. And if that’s because he has her... Damn. I finally figure out my feelings for her and I need to give her up}. Yoongi smiled to hide how he really felt. He looked over at Hoseok. Hoseok was smiling, but his eyes showed something different. {Is he...jealous?} Yoongi’s thoughts started racing. {He can’t be. He’s only been messing with her... He doesn't like her... He can’t like her. Not him too. It’s not fair. Was it because of last night? Does she feel the same? Doesn’t she like Namjoon?}

Hoseok, sensing Yoongi’s gaze, turned to him. By the look on Yoongi’s face, Hoseok knew he hadn’t hidden his emotions well enough. {He knows}. Hoseok looked down, ashamed. {I shouldn’t like her, but I do. I could deal with that by myself... but now he knows too. He’s going to hate me}.

Rose, who was looking back and forth between the two of them, misread the situation. “Oh, c’mon guys. Why the long faces?” The two boys looked back at her and attempted their best smile. She walked over to Yoongi and set her hand on his shoulder. “I’ll be back soon. We still have work to do.” She walked to Hoseok and did the same. “And even if we didn’t, we’re still friends. And friends can hang out whenever they want, right?”

Hoseok gave a genuine smile and wrapped his arms around her shoulders, pulling her in for a hug. “Of course.”

Rose whispered into his ear, “And thank you—for last night. It meant a lot. Really. It’s hard to find good friends. Ones who won’t use your weaknesses against you.” Hoseok’s smile faltered. {I’m such a good friend. She’s happy and here I am fighting the desire to completely upend everything}. Hoseok pulled her away.

“Of course, that’s what friends are for,” he said, just above a whisper. Hoseok accidently met with Yoongi’s jealous eyes and the guilt washed over him again. Hoseok brought back his playful demeanor as he said, “Now, as much as I don’t want to, I should probably stop monopolizing you.” Rose and Hoseok laughed. Rose turned to Yoongi, who had finally stood up.

If Yoongi hadn’t figured out Hoseok’s feelings toward Rose, he wouldn’t have felt so jealous. {But why did he look ashamed? Does he feel guilty that he likes her? Why would he feel like that? Unless... he knows how either one or both of us feel}. Yoongi was jolted out of his thoughts as Rose wrapped her arms around him. His heart was pounding so hard that he was afraid she could feel it. His eyes instinctively closed as he inhaled her scent. He opened his eyes when she started to talk and saw Hoseok turn away from them. “Don’t worry, I don’t play favorites,” she said playfully. {Why not}, he thought. “I care about you all the same.” {Why can’t you care for me more?}

“Well then,” Rose said as she stepped back. “Time for me to go and you to get to your schedule. Yoongi, let me know when you guys have time so we can finish the songs, okay?” Yoongi nodded. “Can one of you guys let me out?” Hoseok moved a fraction of an inch as if he was going to but decided against it.

“Sure,” Yoongi said as he directed her to the door. He walked her to the entrance and held the door open when she finished putting on her shoes.

“Thanks. Oh, and don’t forget, you have my number now. Don’t be afraid to use it if you should need anything.”

“Of course. Drive safe. I know you’re tired, so just be careful.”

“Always am,” she smiled back as she turned to walk away. Yoongi waited until he saw her drive away and then shut the door. He leaned against it and sighed. {Shit. Now what happens?}

And the plot thickens (cue dramatic music). Just kidding. I hope you all enjoyed the chapter!

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