A.R.M.Y Q&A #2

Most of these I might've already answered but I saw this from@taetaebaozi so why not do another one! Lol I have no life... 1. Jimin Jimin Jiminnie 2. Joonie duhh~ 3. All of them, my lanes are all in traffic at the moment 4. YOOMIN FOR LIFE 5. The whole vocal line! I can't just pick one I love them all!!! 6. TaeTae hehe the way he rapped cypher had me saying "woah." I'm playing, probably Hobi sorry joonie FORGIVE MEH... 7. Jungkookie, maknae got dem moves~ 8. Dead Leaves all the way! It has a good beat to it and the lyrics are amazing thanks to Yoongi! I don't think I've ever seen them singing it live which makes me want to hear it live 9. I love every video by them! They all never get old 10. FIREEEE 11. War of Hormone because that's the era I got into them 12. Around the endish of 2014 ( I don't have a taglist so I can't tag 20 people lmao)

<3 namjoonie~

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