Kookie Monster part 45

Hi hi! So sorry about it taking a couple days. I got to go on vacation for a few days, so as I was sitting out in the sun and drinking away oh gosh the randomness that came to mind. I have a short chapter for you all but I hope you like it!

Meanwhile with jenni calling Namjoon.

"Omg I want to play ping pong" jenni said randomly. "Okay I knows it's random but I just closed my eyes for a moment and saw us playing the game at the same time we were playing Of course. " jenni explained. Sarah burst out laughing. They were sitting on the couch just chilling and doing nothing. It was boring without the guys around. "You know what, your on. Where can we find a ping pong table?" Sarah questioned "Wait your game? I  was just saying it out loud." Jenni said "Well yea. It's better then sitting here watching dramas, not that I don't love k dramas but it gets boring Jenni." With a look at Jenni she laughed.  "Okay not boring some of the scenes make you want to go out and do that or go eat. Oh hey I know a place there is that drinking hole down the way you know the huge tent with tables and chairs and have rice dishes and soju, right outside they installed a ping pong table. Coincidence I think you were thinking of that" sarah said snapping her fingers. "That place where the cook tried to hit on you and the old woman slapped him upside the head? " Jenni questioned "The cook is her son but yea you got the right spot. Oh wait" she paused thinking about what was just said. "Hmm, noo" she drew out her words. "Oh hey better yet why don't we go to one of those overnight baths. We haven't gone to one in forever, maybe three months ago" jenni thought,  she forgot what the place was called but knew they had baths, a sauna,  a game room, and a large room to sleep in. "Oh yea that'll be fun" she nodded. The two of them made their way to the place and talked about previous times they had gone. Just outside Sarah phone rang.  They stopped and she looked. "Its Kooki" sarah said. "Go ahead I'll go in and get a locker" jenni nodded Sarah took five minutes before coming inside.  And joining her. They Che ked in and changed into shorts and a cotton shirt. "So what do you want to do first? Ping pong match?" Sarah asked. "Your so on" jenni grinned. They went to the game room and thankfully no one was there, shocking really. "So whoever gets 10 points wins" sarah said. "The hard part is staying focused while we play the of course game" jenni grinned "Okay, you serve first and I'll start questions first" sarah said. "Oh what does the winner get?" She asked. "Hmm, if you win I'll buy you meal tomorrow if I win you buy me panda scarf. " jenni shrugged "Food, okay but you'll also be getting me tiger headband" sarah said. "Then I get food too" jenni nodded. "Fine. Okay, ready...set...go" sarah counted down. "You miss Joonie!" Sarah said just as Jenni hit the ball. "Of course!  Why wouldn't i" she returned the ball sarah hit her way. "You miss kooki" she said back. "Of course! Same but they come home soon" sarah said hitting the ball "He said I love you to you" sarah said, the giddiness in jenni made her miss the ball. "Of course! He even called specifically to tell me " jenni squealed. "Of course! Point 1" sarah said. "So he said it to you" she questioned. "Of course! I think it's the first time I heard him say it. It was really sweet he called me up and said it out of the blue" jenni said the grinned.  "Omo, Kooki said it to you?" Jenni asked  hitting the ball. Sarah missed. "Of course! " she giggled like mad. "Ha 1 to 1. When did he say it?" Jenni asked. "Of course! The other night when I made the tomato and cheese salad with basic dressing." Sarah reminded her. "Of course! That was good, you ever make it before?" Jenni asked. "Of course! Have you had it before? " sarah asked. "Of course! You make it all the time" jenni said "okay well you did" "Of course! Your gonna miss the ball" sarah said. "Of course! Wait what?"Jenni said missing the ball. Sarah burst out laughing, "Of course! What am I at 3 to 1 now?" She questioned.  Jenni got a grin.  "Of course!  Or is it I'm at 3 and your at 1?" Jenni questioned,  "Of course! Hey wait now that's not fair!"sarah said frowning and jenni laugh. "Of course! Which game do you want to win? of course?"Jenni questioned. "Of course! " she said chipper. " not" she said with a Straight face. "How about you let me win ping pong?" Sarah said making Jenni laugh and hit the ball. "Of course! Just as soon as you admit that you want to go on a trip with just you and Kooki!" Jenni smiled making sarah miss. "Of course! And you want a trip with just you and Joonie! " sarah got back making Jenni miss the ball. "Of course! And are you gonna plan that trip for you 2? " Jenni asked. "Of course!  For me and Kooki! " she laughed "will you be real with going with Joonie? " sarah asked. "Of course  and your gonna want to go shortly after they get back?" Jenni asked. "Of course! Maybe when they get back from Japan " sarah said. "Of course! A couple days after they done with concert maybe weekend getaway?" Jenni said, "Of course! You know it sounds like we're really making plans here " sarah said missing the ball. "Of course!" Jenni burst out laughing hunch in over, ping pong game forgotten. "This is a real conversation isn't it tho?" Jenni asked. "Of course! Is it strange that we just kept going with this conversation? " Sarah asked. "Of course! But we're crazy!" Jenni grinned. "Of course! I won ping pong " sarah cheered. "Of course! I was too entertained by the of course game!" Jenni laughed "Of course, you buy food tomorrow and tiger ears!" Sarah cheered. "Of course!" Jenni said. "Lets see if we can keep this going for a while?" Jenni questioned "Of course! I'm gonna beat you eventually you'll forget!" Sarah chuckled "Of course! I'll get distracted eventually!" Jenni laughed. "Of course " sarah laughed. They both continued to insert of course at the beginning of each sentence. They went into the sauna as Jenni still kept talking,  she was on a roll with this.  "Of course! This could be our naked room! We paid big  bucks to enjoy this and I'm  gonna enjoy it. If that lets people see me. . . Oh god what am I saying that sounds so wrong sarah stop me while you can" jenni said staring in horror of herself as Sarah was laughing her butt off. "You would scare so many people " sarah said in between laughing. Jenni was still stuck in horror. "Of course! Im done in here,  the heat went to my brain and made me say stupid things" jenni said getting up off the bench, she left the sauna room leaving Sarah on her own. "Thanks Jenni for giving me that idea, the horror " sarah laughed. "Of course! Im leaving I'm gonna go get an egg and drink sujo" jenni said then stopped at the door way "sarah I won! I scared you enough that you didn't say of course! " Jenni did a happy dance.  "How can I say of course to that? That drew the line jenni " sarah said getting up.  They left the sauna together. "Buy me egg!" Jenni said cheerfully.  "They are a dollar jen Jen,  sigh, your worth a dollar for winning!" Sarah said.  Jenni laughed at that. The rest of the night they joked around trying to get back at the other and planning how they would actual get to go on a trip with their boyfriend maybe they would start with something small. Something fun to do when they get back, a day thing of some sort.

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