Need Somone to Talk To? Join the Picnic :P

Hey guys! You might have noticed that the Nakama Family Picnic is going on this month! Every day, one member of the community posts a card to start a discussion :)

Need something to talk about?

Check out the cards that went up this week & join in there!

Who would you want to go on a picnic with?

Started by@hikaymm! Talk about it HERE!!!!!

Does liking Loli make you a pedo?

Started by:@AnimeFreak484 >>TALK ABOUT IT HERE!!!!<<

What's your favorite type of anime when your sick or don't feel well, compared to your usual preferences?

Started by:@Minekidz TALK ABOUT IT HERE!!!!

Who is your number one anime waifu? Anime husband? Which do you prefer? Discuss!

Started by:@ComicGeek94 TALK ABOUT IT HERE!!!!

What starter pokemon is the best and why!

Started by:@DomenicNardella TALK ABOUT IT HERE!!!!

When or what age is it considered too old or weird to get into our watch anime?

Started by:@DaWayneHoskins TALK ABOUT IT HERE!!!!

Who do you ship: good and evil edition?

added by@Boinx READ IT HERE

There's still a lot of time left in the picnic though, so don't worry if you haven't joined in yet!

Go back to these cards & comment, or visit the collection to see them all!The collection is here!!!

And here's what's upcoming!

See an open date & want to lead a discussion? Comment here or on the introduction card to let me know & I'll add you! August 11:@Boinx August 12:@Mikazuki1 August 13:@SimplyAwkward August 14:@MiyukiKawaii August 15:@Imagide August 16:August 17: August 18:@AdamDean August 19:August 20: August 21:@assasingod August 22: August 23:@Bmondragon93 August 24:@yulissab2015 August 25: August 26:@IsaiahByrdII August 27:@KdCoalson August 28:@SymoneBelcher August 29:@lexysan August 30:@tbanj97 August 31:@Nyan

Let's have fun at this picnic <3

Tagging some community members~~@EliudGuerra@Loyalkitty@JohnLemuelErive@vikasjanala@goos0812 @JonathanMilliga@ummok@shawol87@assaa@TerranceWoodsII@trainerbkim@V4L3N71N3@AshwinBhat@Rohanp@Velonica@KAlex01@FrankySutandar@KapilanRamarao@tinyc00per7@DavidHelm@miwssevolka@suufy@TJCrazyartsSegu@LironShera@JoonBug@ericleedh@RahayuningTyas@Gaferage@ooohmarina@LorenaLolyLop@NusratBushra@SweetJennifer93@twisteddsisterr@tylar@TaurusSilver@lovink94@Radhika@colejonathan0@Nevienne@didjxh@ariputra@GregArnott@Hasanatu@myaangelacln1@AtakanKrmzkuak@Nicc42@xXlonelylunaXx@anyssa4444@diwakargnawali@aimenaiono@AmrutTodkar@ziconut@RogerMohammed@mjtwon@ninalanckriet90@Aharu@Meiishtar

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