Learn Korean With Running Man!

To help with pronunciation and listening skills, I found some words to pick up using Running Man!

I will continue this style once a week so let me know if you'd like to be tagged^^


Get up/Sit Up


This can be used for telling someone to wake up in the morning, to stand up from their seat, etc :)

In this video they are yelling "____일어나, _____일어나" to get certain people to sit up!

어떻게 알아?!

How do/did you know!?

(uh-ddeok-hae ah-ra?!)

You can hear her say it at 0:10!

You hear this a lot in dramas^^


Sorry! (Informally)


You use this a loooooooooot in Korean! You'd typically only say 미안 to friends though. You'd use 미안해요 (mee-ahn-hae-yo) to be more polite to people you don't know^^

Could you hear other words you know in these short clips!?

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