Requests Accepted!

SO! I'm accepting requests for one shots, and in order to make them more to the reader's liking, I'm going to have two ways to request something.

1) Real simple. Make a card with a picture/quote that you want me to base the story on, and tag me in it. I'll comment on the card, and then you can feel free to delete it. :)

2) Fill Out the form that will follow, and send it to me in a message. I'll reply back, and put you on my list!

Easy, right?

These one shots will be anywhere from 300-1000 words. Maybe longer, depending on the scenario. I put equal thought into all of my writing, sometimes there's just less to the visual in my head time wise. Sometimes a story is a moment in time I have the pleasure to write down, and sometimes it's a flashback. Still other times it's a love story for the ages. Please understand that if your one shot is shorter, it's not because I don't love you or your ideas! <3


Your Name: Or the name you want the LC to have.

Guy/Girl in the story?: Choose your idol/Celebrity, or give me a few to select from.

Scenario: Do you have a specific scenario in mind? If so, let me know!

Any specifics you want me to know about yourself (or the other LC?) These may include appearance, character traits, weird things you do when you get sad/mad/excited.

Anything Else?

There you have it! I'm hoping to post three or four of these per week, so feel free to submit a few if you'd like! I may, however, cycle through a bit, so I'm not doing four for the same person in a week. I want to share the love!

Once again, I'll tag my readers on the cards, as well as (obviously) the person who submitted. If you want to be added/removed from my lists, let me know!

Tagging my readers:


Tagging my peeps:

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