I love this man.

I know he has gone through many things - I didn't know about this one. I LOVE this song, reading the words instantly reminded me of my kids and their dreams and I knew it was about mothers. My own mother has passed so it means more that way also.

I will be FOREVER grateful that he didn't listen to his doctor and kept practicing. You never know what you're meant for or who you can help and touch in your life. We are all here for a reason, whether you've found yours yet or not; it exists or you wouldn't. I fully believe that.

His "immature" voice heals me... I can never be grateful enough.

BTW - if you're a crier like me? Tissues are needed here. :)

Received the next CD in my collection in the mail yesterday. :) Xia Mini Album. Always a good day when Xia comes in the mail :D :D :D :D




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