His Angel. Part 7: I Thought They Told Me Everything?

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Jimin's POV I could already feel the power from her blood surging through my veins as my charcoal black wings cut through the air. I took several strong and sharp strokes, letting my wings capture the air and push it away, until finally letting myself glide steadily across the dark sky. By this time Namjoon had probably found out that I had been at Ara's house the whole time. Idiots. Do they really think I wouldn't go near her? I swooped through the window that Yoongi and Jungkook had crashed out of, bringing my wings in as I did and landing perfectly on my feet. "Welcome home boss." Jungkook said as he lazily laid on the couch. "Did you accomplish what you wanted?" I smirked and dug something out of my pocket. "Ya, it was easy. I drank her blood and then wiped her brain again. I even took some of her mom's blood for you guys." I threw one vile I had hidden away to Jungkook. He opened one eye and caught it easily, smirking as he opened it and gulped down half of the contents. I laughed to myself as his eyes became scarlet red as the unbelievable sensation of the Angel's blood spread out through his body. I turned my head towards the hallway, hearing an almost inaudible sound and saw Yoongi run into the room. I dug out another vile and threw it to the his hands and watched as he drank the whole thing in one gulp. Yoongi instantly grinned evilly, his personality changing completely as he cocked his head the side slightly as he covered his whole body in flames and disappeared. Jungkook cursed to himself and got up. "Should I go find him?" I laughed and rested my shoulder on the wall, crossing my arms. "No, let him go. Let him kill a few people for blood. You know how he gets once he tastes angel blood." I said. Jungkook smirked and flopped back down, resting his feet on the couch. "Ok, but you're the one that always complains that we can't stay in the human world for so long because of Yoongi's killing habit." He sighed, closing his eyes. I rolled my eyes and pushed myself off the wall. "It's because we're not staying in the human world for long that I'm allowing him to kill a few people." I snapped. Jungkook cocked an eyebrow up, jolting up from his position. "We're not staying?" looking at me surprised. "Obviously not, we only came to get my girl back." I said. Jungkook got up and shot out his own black wings. "Then if we're not staying I'm going to go out." He said hurriedly, walking to the broken door. "Where are you going?" I demanded, stepping towards him. I didn't need Jungkook killing people too. Not that I cared about human lives or anything, but I didn't want to draw attention to us. Jungkook chuckled and turned his head my way, flashing his fangs. "Don't worry, I'm just going for a bite since when we return we'll only be feeding on dead people." I sighed and waved him away. "Ok, whatever" Unlike the two of them I don't feed on multiple people. I only have one person that sustains me, and since I made her agree to be mine without using my hypnosis she's now bonded to me. Even if I wanted to drink someone else blood, I couldn't. I smirked as I walked to the other side of the house. Now there is nothing that stupid angel can do. Once a devil has bonded to someone the only way to break it is to kill him and I doubt Namjoon knows how to kill a devil. I walked into my bedroom and sat down on the bed. All I have to do is call to Ara and she will come running towards me. I lifted up a picture frame that I had on my bed and lifted up. It will be just like old times, when we were friends. Namjoon's POV "I'm a what?" Ara said, almost seeming like she was choking on own her own words as she looked at me surprised. I nervously scratched the back of my head as I looked down at her. This was pretty much going how I planned. I'm surprised that she isn't mad at me. Well, it wasn't my idea to keep the truth from her, so she shouldn't be mad at me. But, I did steer clear of her for a few days, but I don't think she's mad at me for that anymore, since she did hug me back. Maybe she's more shocked then mad at this point? "You're a angel." I said again. She frustratedly put her hands on her head and started to walk around the room. "So, I have a guardian angel, Devils after me, and I just found out that I'm an angel. Anything else?" I stood there awkwardly, putting my hands in my pockets. Um, I love you? I so badly wanted to tell her that. I've waited five plus months to tell Ara. I even broke down a door and chased after two Devils out of my rage that I couldn't tell her, but now looking at her and having the opportunity to tell her maybe this wasn't the right time. She already has things to think about. It killed me to think this way, but it probably was true. I simply shook my head in response. "No, that's pretty much it." I internally sighed and looked down. This really sucks. Ara's POV "Then if you don't mind I think I'll go up to my room then." I sighed and started to walk to the stairs. "Wait, you don't even know where your room is." Namjoon said, starting to walk towards me. "Oh, thanks..." I said, my checks starting heat up only a little bit from embarrassment. I promised my parents that I wouldn't be mad, and I wasn't really. I guess I get why they did it. I think. I'm just thinking at this point what Jimin will do or what he's already done to me. My memories still haven't surfaced even with Namjoon telling me, so it kind of scared me. What exactly did Jimin do to me? Namjoon stayed silent as we walked just like last time and I casually saw the rest of the guys in their own rooms. Namjoon opened a door at the end of the hallway and stood back. "Here, my room is next door, so if you need anything." He said, pointing to the door next to mine. "Uh, thanks." I replied, walking in. Unlike last time though Namjoon didn't come in, but instead turned away and walk to his own room. I slowly walked back to my bed and sat down. I couldn't help but feel a little bit lonely. Was it because Namjoon wasn't standing in the room with me? But, he didn't even stay for that long last time. I groaned and flopped down, looking at the digital clock on the dresser. It was already late and I wasn't even tired. "I should probably sleep though, so I'm not on a weird sleeping schedule...." I mumbled, pushing myself off the bed and standing up. I weirdly found my bags already in my room and I quickly ruffled through them to find my pajamas and quickly climbed back into bed, pulling the coverers over me. But, sooner then expected I feel asleep my mind started to replay another memory. -The school bell rang loudly, and I jolted up from my seat. Where am I? I hesitantly looked around and found myself back in high school. Students shuffled all around me trying to get out of the classroom as soon as possible, but I just sat in my seat blankly. What was I doing back in high school? It seemed like it was the end of the day, since no new kids were coming in and I soon found myself all alone. "Ara!" I heard a males voice suddenly call out to me. Wait, his voice sounds familiar. I turned my head in the direction of the noise and found a younger looking Jimin walking up to me, smiling as he waved to me. "Jimin! What are you doing here!" I yelled, getting up from my seat. He frowned and scrunched up his eyebrows, getting closer to me. "I go to school here." I widen my eyes and froze in place. "What are you talking about? You're a devil." Jimin looked at me even more confused. "Ya, and?" And what? You're a devil. I internally screamed and started to walk away, trying to get away. "Um, I think I need to go. My 'brother' is looking for me." I said, trying to maneuver around him. It didn't work and Jimin grabbed my wrist." What are you talking about? You don't have a brother." He said, stepping towards me. I squirmed in his tight grasp, trying to get free. "Please let me go." I pleaded. Jimin looked taken back and let go. "What's up with you?" He said. "I don't want to be kidnapped by you again." I said, rubbing my wrist. Jimin instantly looked down and gently grabbed my hand. "Did I hurt you? Sorry, sometimes I can't control my strength." I felt my heart rate suddenly speed up as he lightly stoked my hand, looking for any bruises. "Um, no." I mumbled softly, slowly taking my hand and clasping it nervously in front of my chest. What is he doing? I thought he was supposed to be evil? "Ara, are you ok? You're not acting like yourself. I wouldn't kidnap you." He said, laughing a little. "I know you're an angel and stuff, but we've been friends for years. It didn't seem to bother you then." He knows I'm an angel and he doesn't want my blood? "Uh, sorry I'm just a little stressed." I lied. Maybe I should just go with the flow for now? This is a dream so it's not like he can hurt me. Besides this is giving more information about my past. Jimin looked at my curiously, not believing my excuse. "Ok then, come on. The guys are waiting for us." I nodded and slowly followed him out. Outside stood two more guys that were casually resting on the lockers. As we walked up they smiled at us. "Took you long enough." A guy with mint green hair grumbled, pushing off the lockers. "Sorry Yoongi." Jimin said, smiling slightly. I smiled slightly to him too and watched as the other guy suddenly slung his arm around his shoulders and put him in a head lock, laughing hysterically as Yoongi cursed at him and tried to get free. "Get off me Jungkook!" He yelled, elbowing him in the ribs. The guy name Jungkook just laughed. "I'm going to bite your arm off if you don't." Yoongi warned, baring his fangs. I gasped and took a step back. He's a devil too!?! "Ya, right." Jungkook joked, showing his own fangs. Jimin then abruptly intervened. "Put your fangs away, we're still in school!" He silently yelled at them. Jungkook instantly let go and retracted his fangs. "You're no fun Jiminnie, You're just trying to show off to Ara." Jungkook said suddenly smiling mischievously. Jimin's cheeks started to turn red and I curiously looked up at him. Why was he suddenly embarrassed? "Shut up." He stuttered. Jungkook laughed and so did Yoongi, who weirdly didn't seem mad anymore. It was like he had two personalities. "Come on, let's go." Jimin said, walking in front of all of us.--- The next morning I woke up, snuggled in the covers of my new bed with the light of the morning coming in from the window that I was just noticing was in my room. But I didn't even care that it was blinding me as I stared at the wall blankly thinking of only one thing: I was friends with Devils?

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