Nestle Cookies & Cream Chocolate Cheese Cake

Thanks to a recent card I saw (white chocolate cheese cake), I tried baking my first cheese cake. I didn't have any white chocolate so decided to use Nestle cookies & cream chocolate instead. Also, the original video did not have a crust but I decided I'd add a granola based crust. Crust - granola cereal, corn flakes, almonds, & maple syrup. Mixed everything in a mixer and ground the heck out of it! Pie 1) 3 eggs (separate whites & yolk) - Whip the separated whites till it becomes creamy (meringue) 2) melt chocolate (180g), melt plain cream cheese (200g), mix together, add 3 egg yolks, mix well 3) add the meringue 1/4 at a time and whip till everything is mixed evenly. 4) Granola crust in pan, batter on top & bake 15min at 170 C, then another 15 at 160 C, turn off oven and leave it there for another 15min. Take it out of the oven and cool. Once cooled, sprinkle sugar powder and place in fridge overnight. It was easy and my wife loved it!

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