Top 5 Bangtan MVs

#5 - No More Dream

I mean who doesn't love Bangtan's first MV? I love how much attitude they have. Just babies.....

#4 - War of Hormone

This was when we got to see their acting skills. And holy f*ck do they all look fine as hell...

#3 - Fire

I know that a lot of people would choose Fire as one of their favorite MVs but it's for a reason. The choreography is awesome. They still have power in their dancing just like in their first MV.

#2 - Nevermind

So I'm not sure if this counts as an MV but I chose Nevermind as #2 because the message and the video itself is so creative. Plus Suga is a genius when it comes to songwriting.

#1 - Save Me

Beautiful. Simply Gorgeous. This MV shows just how beautiful these guys can be. Plus this kind of dance we unlike anything they had done before. (Love seeing Jimin dance like this. It feels natural to me)

Bonus Favorite - Comeback Trailer

This dance is crazy! I know most ARMYs have seen this but everyone should see this. They must have practiced their asses off..

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