False Innocence Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Who: BTS x Reader

Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff, mild angst

Warning: Mild Language

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Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.

Namjoon POV

Once Namjoon and [Y/N] walked out of the class he knelt down in front of her. “What are you doing Namjoon,” she asked standing behind you. “Get on my back, I’ll carry you there. I can’t support you very well walking beside you. I’m a lot taller than you,” Namjoon responded.

“No it’s fine I can get there walking. You can go back to class Namjoon.”

Namjoon pat his own back insisting that she hop on. [Y/N] tried to walk around him but no matter where she stepped he moved in front of her. She eventually gave up and grabbed onto his shoulders adjusting herself on his back. Namjoon grabbed her legs and felt his face blush. Namjoon did his best to not think about how it felt to have [Y/N] on his back, him carrying her. His heart raced and he quickly needed to start up a conversation otherwise he would find himself thinking thoughts he didn’t want to at this moment. “What happened to you,” Namjoon asked shakily. “I tripped,” was all [Y/N] said.

“Well Nana was with you wasn’t she? You guys typically walk together.”

[Y/N] didn’t answer Namjoon. He continued walking to the nurse’s office not asking any questions. When they arrived Namjoon opened the door and found a chair to put [Y/N] in. The nurse wasn’t in the office yet. As soon as she was sitting down [Y/N] said, “Thank you Namjoon. You can go back to class now.” Namjoon noticed something was wrong with her voice. It sounded hurt.


Namjoon looked at [Y/N] who’s head was hanging down. Her arms were stiff, hands gripped onto the seat of the chair. Namjoon knelt down in front of her and tried to look at her face. “[Y/N], tell me what’s wrong,” Namjoon pleaded. She shook her head no and looked up at Namjoon. “There's nothing wrong. Thank you again. You can go back to class,” [Y/N] said sounding hollow.


“You don’t want to miss too much class. Will you take notes for me please?”

Namjoon looked at [Y/N] sympathetically and let out a sigh as he moved his eyes to her injured knee. The bleeding had stopped but there was a nasty gash on her knee. Blood had stained her socks. Namjoon looked at [Y/N]’s hands and noticed the scratches. He grabbed one of her hands and looked worriedly at them. [Y/N] removed her hand from his and put it back where it was. Namjoon stood up and said before leaving the room, “If you need anything. Let me know.” He saw [Y/N] nod, then reluctantly walked out of the room back to class.

Jimin POV

Jimin walked into the nurse’s office to get some medicine for his headache. He wasn’t expecting to see a girl crying in a chair though. Jimin walked over to the girl with concern to see if she was okay. Jimin quickly realized the girl sitting in the chair was [Y/N]. Jimin looked down at her knee and saw that a decent amount of blood had bled down her leg. “Oh my god [Y/N] what happened to you,” Jimin asked in a panic. [Y/N] looked up at Jimin in shock and stopped crying. “Jimin, what are you doing here,” she asked as she wiped her tears away.

“Don’t worry about me. What happened to you leg. It looks terrible.” Jimin started taking [Y/N]’s shoe off so he could take her sock off. She didn’t protest his movements. Jimin grabbed a paper towel and ran it under water in the sink. He walked back over to [Y/N] and started to gently wipe her leg clean. The nurse walked in and was surprised to see students in her office. “Well my goodness, what happened here,” the nurse asked leaning down next to Jimin. The nurse motion to Jimin that she would take over. “Is there anything you needed young sir,” the nurse asked. “I was actually needing some medicine for a headache. But I saw her and wanted to help,” Jimin said.

“Ah, well thank you.” The nurse stood up and walked over to a cabinet, unlocked it and pulled out a bottle of medication. She took out two small pills and handed them to Jimin. “Grab some water from over there and take the medication then get back to class.”

Jimin nodded and did as she said. As he walked by [Y/N] he made eye contact with her and held up an okay hand sign. She nodded and he smiled sweetly at him.

When Jimin got back to class he looked over at Nana, who sat next to him, and said, “Hey, what happened to [Y/N] this morning?” Nana looked over at Jimin confused and shrugged her shoulders. “Don’t you two walk to school together,” Jimin asked her again a little too loudly. “Mr. Park, if you would like to teach the class then please,” Mr. Woo said motion for Jimin to come up to the front of the class. “Sorry, Mr. Woo,” Jimin responded sitting back in his chair. Jimin felt his phone buzz in his pocket and he looked to see who had sent him a text.

From: Nana

Message: Whatever happened to her I’m sure she is fine.

Jimin looked over at Nana after reading the message and saw her laughing at her phone and texting, not paying attention in class. Jimin shook his head and felt his headache getting worse.


The bell for lunch rang and you slowly walked out of the class toward the garden ignoring everything around you. You wanted to see Nana and talk to her. She had been acting weirdly since yesterday and she hadn’t been responding to any text message you had sent her. When you arrived at the usual spot all you saw was Jimin sitting in the shade. You approached Jimin and looked down at him. “Where’s Nana,” you asked confused. “She is eating with some others I guess. She said she sent you a text about it,” Jimin said looking confused. You sat down next to him and couldn’t help but feel hurt.

You opened your lunch and started eating, not saying a word. You could feel Jimin’s eyes at the side of your head but you ignored him as you shoveled food into your mouth.

“Listen,” Jimin said slowly, “if you want, we can eat with the guys you met the other day. It seems you are having a rough day today. They can cheer you up.” You really didn’t want to go but Jimin had helped you in the nurse’s office and is trying to help you now. You finished shoving the rest of your food down your throat and stood up. “Let’s go,” you said. Jimin grabbed his sandwich and ate it as the two of you walked.

When you both arrived at the soccer field Jimin introduced you again to the boys. You were surprised to see Taehyung there and suddenly felt nervous. Taehyung looked up at you and smiled then noticed the bandaged around your knee. “[Y/N], what happened to you? Are you okay,” Taehyung asked worriedly standing up to help you sit down. It was hard for you to bend your knee and having Taehyung helped. “Oh I just fell down, nothing major,” you said in response. “You’re okay though,” Jungkook asked. You nodded at him and smiled. You noticed Jimin looked at you funny, as if he knew you were putting up a face. Almost instantly, Hoseok stole your attention. “Well good! Now, back to what we were doing,” Hoseok started. “[Y/N] if you were stranded on an island who would you want to be stranded with?”

You sat and thought for a moment before responding. “Mmmm, probably my mom.”

All the boys giggled lightly. “How sweet,” Jungkook said.

“Okay, how about if you could bring anything with you to the island what would you bring?” Hoseok asked.

“I would bring a boat that had enough gas that would autopilot me home.”

All of the boys started laughing hysterically causing you to laugh as well. Taehyung looked over at you and smiled. He winked causing you to blush but you kept your attention on the boys. Both Hoseok and Jungkook were arguing with each other whether your answer about the boat was an acceptable one. “Are you okay? It looks like it hurts,” Taehyung asked you moving closer to you. You nodded and said, “Mmm. It’s okay now. The nurse did a good job cleaning it up.” You moved your hands to lightly touch your knee and Taehyung noticed the bandages on your hands as well.

Taehyung took one of your hand in his and looked at it with concern. “Geez, you hurt your hands as well. You need to be careful and watch where you are going [Y/N].” You blushed and suddenly realized that everyone was quiet and staring at you and Taehyung. “Well well well,” Jungkook said. “What is going on over here,” Hoseok added. Jimin smirked and quietly observed the situation. You looked between all of them and felt your face turn red. You tried to take your hand away from Taehyung’s but he webbed his fingers between yours. “What about it,” Taehyung retorted.

“This is why you were acting like such an ass the other day,” Hoseok said.

“Hey, I wasn’t being an ass!”

“You were being an ass Taehyung,” Jimin said.

The boys started laughing together and you nervously laughed along because you were beyond confused. ‘Are Taehyung and I suddenly an item,’ you thought trying to understand everything. You suddenly saw a hand wave in front of you and you looked over at Taehyung. “You okay? You were spacing out,” he asked you. “Y-yeah I’m okay,” you said as you smiled at him sweetly. ‘I’ll clarify with him later. No need to ask those questions in front of his friends,’ You thought as you watched all four boys laugh and play together. The whole time Taehyung never letting go of your hand.

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