First Time At KFest Chicago!!!

KFest is a 2 day event and Saturday we couldn't go but, today August 14th was my family and I, first time attending KFest in Chicago!!! It was awesome, so many people who also love kpop there!!

They had quite a few things going on both days as you can see, what I was really looking forward to was Apollo & Gemini's performance and the kpop dance and singing competition!!!

Gemini and Apollo were awesome!!!

My twin and I got to take a picture with Gemini & Apollo!!! I'm the one in the middle with the purse. It was so cool that they let us take a picture with them if not for that I would have went home upset, I wanted to put my arm around them too but I couldn't cuz in one hand I had my mango drink and with the other the famous peace sign! lol but other wise I'm very happy and my sisters and I will be ready to compete next year for the grand prize is a round trip to Korea!!!Our goals for next year!!! Fighting!!! love you all!!!

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