Never Crumble

All the building fitly framed together grows unto an holy temple. The Church is a glorious spiritual temple. Christ Himself is the corner stone. Nothing is built safely in this world, which does not rest on Christ. All these centuries’ believers in Christ have been built into the walls, which are rising continually. The temple is not yet completed, and will not be until the last to accept Christ is built into it. Every one of us is a block on this mystic wall. Large stones and small are used. The smallest is just as important as the largest. If left out, there would be a place left empty where there ought to have been a stone. Each one has his place in the temple. Then, in turn, each of us becomes a foundation for others to build on. We must be sure that those who rest on us, thrust us, depend on us, shall never be disappointed. The other day it was seen that the stones in a building were breaking. At one spot there had been a rotten stone, and it had crumbled and the stones over it had shrunk. We must be good stones that never will crumble.

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