Bangtan's Bitch -12

(Btw- I know it literally just came out but I'm loving Agust D by Suga ❤️❤️) Your perspective Pairing: reader x ??? Warning: MATURE content

August 15th I was finally able to go out with Yoongi. For all I knew, we were going out for 'proper coffee'. I didn't know that that meant we were heading for a bar. A night club?!? Really? I was only dressed in some black high waisted jeans and a logo vest top. The other girls inside were dressed in either the shortest dresses possible or crop tops and booty shorts. "Yoongi, why did you bring me to a club?" "The club is the best place to get over Jimin and hang out" "Get over Jimin?" "Yeah and besides the other option to coffee was alcohol right?" Damn it, I had said beer to him.

We ordered two drinks to start off with. Mine was just a mocktail type thing while his was red bull. The music was some kind of remix of Stop stop it by Got7. Yoongi practically pulled me from the bar area to the bit just before the dance floor. At that point, we'd both downed a whole bottle of WKD. He wasn't much of a dancer but the alcohol certainly didn't stop him from having his hands up and down my waist and back. I'm not even sure how much space there was between us while we were dancing. "It doesn't matter that you aren't dressed like a slut does it? I mean you look beautiful as you are!" Wow. Seriously? First calling the other girls sluts and then saying I'm beautiful. Some kind of chat up line...

"Yoongi, I don't think we should stay here." "Why not?" "Neither of us are thinking straight." "Well you might not be but I know what I'm doing" His hands at that point were snaked firmly around my waist. I wasn't sure whether to believe him or not, I've never seen Yoongi drunk before. Honestly, I was just hoping that he wasn't like he was in the Run music video. Instead of taking me home, he just took me to a quieter section of the club. Idiot, that's not what I wanted. He sat down and beckoned for me to sit on his lap. I started to sit down so that my back was against his chest but he stopped me from doing so. "No, no. I want to see your face"

Instead, I was merely sat straddling Yoongi's lap. God damn alcohol. "See that's much better" he purred. His hand softly held onto my chin as he moved my head round, inspecting every aspect of my face. "And why would Jimin leave a pretty woman such as yourself?" At the mention of Jimin, I had another shot, which made me smile and giggle like crazy. "It was bound to happen." His hand was now content on moving me backwards and forwards across his lap. I didn't expect that night that I'd end up dry humping Min Yoongi. "The sex was great" I moaned, "but he's just a boy in comparison" Was I really hinting..? Referring to Yoongi?

"In comparison to what babe?" "Compared to you" The alcohol seemed to talk for me. I'm not sure I'd remember any of this the next day but I do remember the lustful look in his eyes that night. He'd obviously wanted this for some time. My body leaned closer to his and I nipped at his ear lobe. "Tell you what!" "What?" "Tonight, you aren't Bangtan's Bitch, you can be my bitch. How about that?" Normally, I'd have slapped him but something about the way he said it had me in agreement. I really shouldn't have taken him back to my place, I'm sure of that now.

All he'd do while fucking is whisper dirty words like "who needs those sluts at the club, I've got one right here begging for my dick" and "I'm much better than Jimin aren't I?" I didn't appreciate him saying those words but the feeling he was giving me... Man I was on cloud 9. Again, the alcohol partly helps. Once, Yoongi was content that he'd 'fucked me senseless', I drunkly texted the first favourite on my phone apart from Yoongi. I'm not certain that I knew who I was texting. ~Y/N: heya bae, total after sex text right here ;)~ ~Kook: Mack? Who the hell did you have sex with?~ ~Y/N: my little squishy~

~Kook: squishy? Woozi?~ ~Y/N: no but close!~ ~Kook: Y/N, tell me you didn't not fuck Min Yoongi~ ~Y/N: fine, I didn't fuck Yoongi~ ~Kook: are you just saying that because I told you to say that?~ ~Y/N: nooo... Okay yes ;)~ ~Kook: shit. Where are you now?~ ~Y/N: my bedroom duh~ ~Kook: is Yoongi still there?~ ~Y/N: yeah, why did you want to have a threesome?~ ~Kook: NO! Have you had alcohol by any chance today?~ ~Y/N: no. Only some WKD and like 50 shots, that's not that bad~ ~Kook: not that bad... Well I guess it's your own fault. Call me in the morning when you're sober, I'll help you sort this out.~

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