Kyungil's LOST era

Okay so it's not ENTIRELY just the Lost Era but some of the Blue Spring as well. But here goes... I'm a sucker for anything Kyungil, mainly because the man is a combo of hot AND cute. Voice, abs, charisma, smile, or dance moves anyone? But my ultimate kyrptonite? This one little era where he had silver/white/blond hair.

HOT DAMN!! I don't know what makes it. But let's investigate shall we?

First up, his hair. For the most part he has dark roots adding depth and contast. To be fair, he started out blond in the What Am I To You music video and later morphed to silver-white in Lost. This is just becoming an homage to his hair. But it IS striking.

Now to that smile of his. Is there really anything more to say? But it adds a charm to his appearance that just melts hearts everywhere. This man grins--strike that--when this man licks his lips, it's eye catching alone. But let me just try and focus on his smile. Focus...focus...what was I saying again?

Cutie Kyungil. But we all know he can turn from sweetie to heartbreaker real quick, right? He just has to do this intense stare with his eyes and those melted hearts are just massacred. As evidenced by the LOST promo pics mainly.

This is also the era he wore his lip ring. If not for just a hot second. Hot DAMN, indeed!

But in all, the man is awesomely hot and cutely contagious. The Blue Spring-Lost era was good to him. The combination of his light hair, intense eyes, nice threads, and lip ring all made this era just all too good for me. The LOST and What Am I To You music videos are my absolute favorites of History. Their voices and dance moves just amaze me. But I'm forgetting something here. Thats right, Kyungil's silky voice and awesome dance skills. His moves are something we gotta include if this is gonna be a legit dedication to him in this era.

Just let those fluid movements and sweet voice fall at you in waves.

O_O I'm dead.

So this concludes the homage to what was Kyungil's LOST (and What Am I To You) era of blond/silver hair. He slayed it didn't he?

New to k-pop but didn't waste time before I fell for History, Monsta X, Block B, Big Bang, & BTS. Mainly History obsessed. My biases are Kyungil & far.
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