Add Some "Aegyo" to your school year!

here's some tips, tricks & some gorgeous Korean school supplies you can try to make your school year nothing but sugar and spice and everything nice!!!

First The Backpack! if your like me and already spend all your money on amazon and any other website just to get things straight from south Korea, your wallet is probably crying lol! instead of spending your last dollar on beautiful Korean attire just get a cute pastel bag! it might be made in China but It will do! aegyo can be made anywhere its just how you work it girl!

Secondly Pens!!!: whats a school year without colorful pens? this brand of pen is called "hello geeks!" I think the animals are absolutely the cutest pens ever! the second picture is of some adorable bunny pens! I don't know the brand but if anyone does please feel absolutely free to comment down below!!!

NOTEPADS!!! Whats the school year with put notebooks and tiny tablet pads! I absolutely love these they are so cute and perfect for those testing notes! Milk Carton Pencil Pouch! I couldn't find this exact same pouch, but I found many Korean milk carton pencil pouches that look very similar for only about 12.00!

Extras! this rilakkuma calculator is just the cutest!

computer class??? no problem! draft and save with these cute toast jump drives!

Diy bookmarks!! cut out rectangles with to triangles at the top then trace two oval like paws in the middle cut out only around the bottom and the sides then draw the rest!

perfect for organization!


did you make it to the end? wow! thanks! if you could show your girl some love! leave me some comments on what you thought of this card! please request what you want my next card to be about! until next time love you guys!

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