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Hello BBCs, this is Moderator Zi-Mon.

I would Just like to Address something really quick.


Irrelevant Cards in the Community:

I'm Going to Address this Very Nicely. If Your Card involves Block-B or any of the Members, then you are More than welcome to Post your card in the Block-B community, But if it doesn't, you can Post it in the Kpop Community or the community of the group that the Card is about. I'm Sorry, But Irrelevant Cards will be Removed from the Community.

Meme Cards that involve other Groups will be removed from the Community.

I'm sorry, But Vinglers Come to the Block-B community to See Block-B. That would be like if I made a meme card with All Block-B Memes and one BTS meme mixed in with them, and then Posted it in the BTS community. I don't have anything against other groups, but People come here for block-B. if you do have a Meme card with Multiple Groups, You can Post that card in the Kpop Community. if the Meme card completely involves Block-B, You are welcome to post it.

Polls are More than Welcome as Long as it includes Block-B or One of the Members.

I'm Sorry Guys. Just Please Remember, This is Nothing Against any of you, but as Moderator, I had to address this.

I Love all of You! Have a Great Day!


That Will be All. Thank you all for Reading, and Have Fun in the Community, Everybody!

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