Kookie Monster part 47

Oh and I will warn readers there is some mature content, I'll put a warning before the part

Kooki Monster part 47 When they all got back to the house jenni realized how small it was with so many people. That night Tae and Jimin played video games with the kids and the rest of them played a board game on the kitchen table. The next day the guys left and the girls took the kids to the airport in the evening. The entire day had been spent packing and saying goodbye to them. After they left the girls ended up having energy enough to want to do something. "Should we see if the guys want to do anything?" Sarah asked. "We can" jenni nodded "What do you not want to see them? " sarah looked at her in horror making Jenni laugh. "No I love seeing my Joonie " jenni said, "Good" sarah said pulling out her phone.  She called Kooki and told him they were going to go see them. A half hour later they were at the studio they were doing work and working on a few things. "This looks interesting" jenni said making sarah stare at her "Jen jen this room looks exactly like our studio room at work" sarah pointed out. "I know, I thought it would be different, hey look there's Suga! " Jenni said pointing in the studio. "I have this urge to go bug him" jenni grinned. Sarah looked and saw how serious Suga looked. "Have fun with that. I'm going to the dance room were Kooki is at" sarah said. "Suga will not sway my feelings" she called as she left jenni. Tapping her chin jenni wondered what she could do to him. An idea came up in her head so she opened the door. "Im not hungry " Suga said hearing the door open. "I have no food" jenni shrugged as she walked into the room. She started randomly looking at things.  "What are you working on?" She asked. "Lyrics" he said. "Hmm" she stood next to him looking over his shoulder. "Boo" she said with a straight face. "Is that supposed to scare me?" He asked "No" she said. "You seem sullen" jenni said poking his cheek, he moved away from her finger. "Im not, I'm focused " he stated. "Well that's good, pour your heart into your work" jenni stood up straight "just don't drown yourself in it" jenni told him. "Here I got you something!" She said pulling out the little pez dispenser shaped like a white tiger. He stared at it for a moment. "Shocked? " she questioned. He mumbled a thanks taking it which made her smile. "Don't work to hard I'm going to go, wait it's quiet in here" jenni said looking around. "Can I nap in here? " she asked. He turned his head to stare at her. "Not like your in a talkative mood so no socializing. I'm tired of socializing after being around kids for a week" jenni plopped down in the chair next to him. "And tired. I hadn't wanted to tell sarah cause she was so hyped up" jenni told him. He just stared " Im going to take that as a 'Fine, go ahead and sleep jenni just don't bug me while I work' response, so thanks" jenni said smiling. "Your a strange one" he said. "Won't Namjoon be looking for you? " he questioned "He's probably working too, right?" She questioned back. "Yes" he said slowly.  "So it's fine I'll see him in a little bit. Maybe ten minutes. I use couch" she got up and went and made herself comfy. She fell asleep very fast but fell into a restless sleep. "She's alseep" someone said as Jenni came awake with her fitful nap.n "I wondered where she was" she heard another voice "She's been rolling around and moaning for a while now" Suga said. "Hmm sorry" jenni mumbled " your fine babe" Joonie said squatting down next to her making her able to see his face.  A grin appeared on her face. "Come on, I'll take you home, it seems your not up for much tonight" Joonie said "Hmm, no I sleepy and my head hurts " jenni moaned. "Come on babe" he said helping her up. He gave her a piggy back ride to the taxi that drove her home.

Early in the morning jenni woke up not feeling well. The night before she had been making whimpering noises and  doing deep sighs.This morning she woke up with a sore throat and feeling really cold. "Jen jen you up?" Sarah questioned knocking on her door. She groaned and the door opened.  "I don't feel good" jenni whined.  "What's wrong?" Sarah asked "I have a sore throat and I'm stuffy" jenni explained "Shoot, you can't work can you?" She questioned, Jenni just stared at her. "Bring me soup when you come back?" She asked sounding pitiful. It made Sarah sigh. "Is your throat really bad? We have cough drops somewhere in this place" sarah said "I have them" jenni said holding out a plastic bag that held various cough drops "Okay, well I hope you feel better, I'll bring you soup later, sleep well and stay warm. Do you need an extra blanket?" She said even as she went to grab a blanket and threw it over Jenni. "Thanks" she said under the pile of blankets. "I'll call you after the show " she added before she left. Jenni went back to sleep. Several hours later . . . After  the show sarah left the studio and went downstairs. In a rush she rushed past the doors only to be caught by someone pulling at her. "Where are you running off to?" Kooki asked holding onto her. She couldn't help but stop and grin at her boyfriend "Hi" she said looking at him. "You want to grab some breakfast?" He asked. "Oh I want to but I have to check on Jenni" sarah said "Where is she?" Another voice asked. "Oh Namjoon sorry didn't know you were there. Jenni got sick so is at home sleeping, or at least she better be" sarah said. "Sick?" He sounded worried and she got a grin. "Do you want to check on her? Bring her soup and more cough drops and medicine? " Sarah asked. "Its a sore throat?" He asked. "No she's gonna die in six hours" sarah said dead panned. His eyebrow went up "How come I don't believe that" he stated making her laugh. "No she's not, she just feels that way, big baby. " sarah said. She threw her keys at him. "you can borrow these, just get them back to me later so I can get in" sarah said giving him her house key. "Thanks um what kind of soup does she like?" He asked. "When she's sick she goes to her old favorite, broccoli cheddar but if you can't find it do chicken noodle" sarah said "Thanks" he said before leaving. "He's really going to take care of her, that's so sweer" sarah commented as Kooki wrapped his arms around her waist. "I'd take care of you if you were sick" he said making her sigh. "Oh your sweeter to me" she said before they left to get breakfast. . . . Jenni turned over no longer able to sleep it was only a couple hours more, six in the morning, the show would have been over now. Sarah would be coming back soon. After repositioning herself under the heavy blankets she curled up in a ball and started to whimper, the vibrations of her vocal cords helping make her sore throat feel a little better. She stopped when she heard the front door open and close. Sarah was back. Instead of getting up she just listened, bags being set on the counter, ruffling around. There was a lot of noises after that before there was foot steps approaching her door.  Opening her eyes as the door opened she saw Namjoon standing in her doorway instead of sarah, eyes wide she stared for a moment before covering the rest of her face with her blanket, embarrassed in front of him. "I see you still" he said coming closer. "No you don't! " she squealed as the blankets were yanked down. "Hey" she called out. "Sarah told me you were sick" he said. "I came over with supplies" he said holding out a package of cough drops "You shouldn't be here! What if you get sick from me" she was worried about him and it made him chuckle. "Well I'm glad your more worried about that then looking weak in front of me" he chuckled "Im not perfect!  I get sick just about every month, with the weather change I got it" she said taking the package and popping a cough drop in her Mouth. "Nah I didn't want you to come over and get sick cause of me" she told him, "unlike me you need your health" she said. He scrunched up his face. "I need you to be healthy too" he stated making her grin. "Oh your so sweet to me. I could kiss you but I'm sick" she smiled then yawned. "Plus I have sweet already in my mouth" she added making him laugh. "Are you sticking around for a while? " she asked. "Yea thought I would take care of you this morning. Kooki Wil make sure the guys are moving and Suga will ensure practice " he said making her smile.  "Are you hungry? Tired? Do you want honey tea?" He shot questions at her. "Hmm, all the above?" She picked. "One at a time " he said "I'll bring you tea first " he said.  "Okay, there's honey and tea bags on the shelf next to the fridge " she told him "and a kettle in the bottom cabinet under the counter "she added. "And please don't burn down the apartment " she teased making him turn back to look at her. "That was once and it was at a restaurant with a grill table" he shot back making her laugh. "Really?" She laughed,  "Oh gosh I thought they were joking!" Jenni laughed and then coughed. "Okay panda you rest for a bit and I'll bring you tea" he said. "Thank you Joonie!" She smiled. Once he was out the door she plopped back in bed. She didn’t really fall back asleep but shut her eyes and rested them as her mind went in circles.  There was a ringing in her ears several minutes later and knew the water was boiled. It didn't stop whistling after thirty seconds and after two very long minutes she finally got up and went to see what was happening. There was no smoke, thankfully but Namjoon was mopping up water on the counter like something happened. "Open the lid of the kettle Joonie" jenni said startling him and making him jump and turn back to look at her.  "Your up" he said before he did what she said and the whistling stopped. "Yea whistling got to me " she said making him look sheepish. "Sorry" he said as he poured water into a cup."the water shot out of it when it whistled " he explained. "Did you fill it to the top?" She asked.  "No" he said fast. "Sure, thanks for the tea " jenni smiled taking the cup from him that he offered. It tasted good and hot down her throat. "Its extremely hot be careful" he warned as she took deep gasps of breath to cool down her throat. "I knew it and still did it" jenni laughed. "I cleaned up the mess of water. I just have to heat up the soup for you" he said to her. "We have a microwave you can heat it up, or just add some of the hot water to it" she said making him laugh. "Im not going to burn it" he said "Okay I'll  trust you" jenni smiled. Namjoon told her to sit on the couch and drink her tea as he got the soup out. "Sarah told me your two favorite soups for when your sick" he said. "I couldn't find one I got the other" he said. "Do you want rice with it?" He asked. "Sure that sounds good. We have a rice cooker on the counter and an open box of rice in the cabinet above it" she told him. He spent a while cooking in the kitchen as Jenni sat on the couch slightly dozing off while watching him. It was like he knew what he was doing. "Baby, wake up " Joonie was gently waking her up. "Did I fall asleep? " she asked rubbing her eyes as she got her vision back and saw him kneeling in front of her. "You did, just for a little while" he said. "I'm getting cold" jenni mumbled. "Here is the soup" he said pointing to the tray in front of them. "And" he pulled the blanket up to cover her shoulders Jenni ate the chicken noodle soup and when she was finished she brought her dishes into the kitchen. Noticing something off about her stove. Looking at it she got it, the little nozzle was off. "Joonie what did you do? " she questioned looking over at him. "Im sorry it just happened and it broke when I tried to put it back on the nob broke" he said. "Oh Joonie,  it's on off right? Gas isn't leaking out of it?"she questioned. "Im not sure" he looked worried making her panic. "Oh gosh can you smell gas?" Jenni questioned not able to smell with a stuffy nose. "I don't smell anything,  but just to be sure where do you turn off the gas?" He questioned. "Um yes,  it's over here. I'll do it " jenni said moving around in the kitchen and shutting it off. "I should call someone to check this out. Oh gosh before Sarah gets home hopefully" jenni said pulling out her phone. She stared at it for a moment. "Are you okay?" He asked.  Slowly she looked up and stared at him the broke down. "I don't know who to call" she cried out  "I've never had to call anybody to get things fixed Joonie what do I do? Oh god Sarah is going to freak that the stove broke and there could potentially be a gas leak and we may be inhaling it and by the time she comes back we be passed out" jenni went into a warped scenerio. Namjoon stared at her and tried to hold onto his laughter but couldn't.  "You take things that are so simple and turn it into such a theatrical problem" namjoon said, Jenni straightened up. "Thats my job to do" she said the started coughing like crazy. It completely undermined what her seriousness. "Okay okay my panda, go take some medicine and I'll call someone to come fix it, I have a guy who I constantly call to fix things, well other then . . . " he said trailing on off on his sentence. he directed her to her room.  A little bit later a message came from sarah saying she was going to the movies with Kooki after work. It was already one o'clock, Namjoon had been there all morning. There was a doorbell that rang and Namjoon answering the door. Jenni came out to see a young guy coming in. He talked to Namjoon for a moment. "Do either of you want something to drink?" She asked opening the fridge. The guy declined and Namjoon grabbed a bottled water. The guy turned out to be able to fix it, he just had to go get the right nozzle for the stove he made sure that it was off since shockingly they were right to turn off the gas considering it wasn't turned off on the stove. Namjoon had offered a bottle water one last time before he left. "Yey it's fixed!" Jenni said then turned to Namjoon.   

And here we go with a little bit of something something!!!!!

(don't worry it doesn't go to far)

"Omg is it poisoned? Why would you continue to offer it to him. I mean really he could honestly think you were trying to drug him and have your wicked way with him" jenni burst out after the repair man came. He had fixed the stove Joonie had taken a nozzle off. She wanted to laugh at that. "I wouldn't have my wicked way with him, besides I don't need to drug anyone to get what I want out of them." Joonie said. "No you wouldn't, just say the magic words and girls would open their legs for you" jenni said. "Oh and what magic words are those? " he asked coming closer to her. "Talk dirty to me " she purred. He stopped in his tracks, a dark look crossed his face. "You think you can handle it?" He asked. "Im not as innocent as you think" she told him as he stalked to her then pulled her up off the couch. "Your not innocent are you?  Have you ever gone down on a man before" he whispered in her ear. "I imagine your lips swallowing me whole " he told her.  Jenni pressed her lips together and looked up at the ceiling. "Oh I can see that happening, just as long as I get to hear you moan my name" jenni finally breathed out. "Then I would go down on you and suck on those lush lips of yours" he groaned in her ear holding onto her tight against him. Her breath hitched. "You naughty boy, would you insert your fingers in for me?" She asked in a husky voice. "If your begging me to" "I'd beg for it" "I'd want you panting and purring for more " "If I had you were I want you yes yes I would" she got serious. There was a moment of silence as he pressed kisses down her neck. She sighed loving the feel of his lips on her skin. "This needs to come off" he said pulling at the hem of her shirt, it was gone and so was her bra. "Yours too" jenni said pulling at his shirt and taking it off. " I want to run my hands down your back" she breathed. "Oh god your back is so smooth" she said trailing her fingers down his bare back. They pressed their bodies together still standing, when her knees almost gave out he lifted her to wrap her legs around his waist and she did so instinctively. "Omgod no" someone burst out making both of them stop. Jenni was first to see Sarah standing there pressing her face into Kookie shoulder. There was a look of horror on his face as he stared at them. "What are you doing? ??" Kooki questioned in horror. "You told me you were going to the movies!" She said keeping herself pressed to namjoons chest so her front wasn't seen. "Your both shirtless, put clothes on!" Sarah called out. "Better yet go to your room Jenni" she gave an alternative Jenni was staring "You weren't supposed to be home for another two hours!" Jenni said "Movie got delayed move it I need to scrub my eyes out now" sarah shot back. Namjoon was just laughing now, still holding onto her he picked up their shirts off the couch and walked to her room, once inside he let her slide down his body until she was on her feet again. "I want to say that was embarrassing but it really was funny" namjoon laughed. "Joonie" she whined, "Not funny!" Jenni said "Jennifer who broke the stove! " Sarah yelled out. Staring at Joonie they both burst out laughing. "Don't you dare come out of that room just tell me through the door" sarah said. "Joonie did! We got it fixed though" jenni ratted him out. "Namjoon you butthead destroy your own kitchen not ours! " sarah called out as they laughed. "Okay the mood completely shattered" jenni said turning from him. "I can get you back in the mood" he said holding her from behind. "Nope not with Sarah and Kooki in the next room" she said then turned her head to look. "Im a screamer" she stated before detaching from him. "Woman" he growled. “ I know, I'm a tease" she said putting her shirt back on. "Im going into my room now, don't you dare do anything in that room you two! You have already scarred me for life I don't need your screams of screwing in there too" she called out. Jenni burst out laughing."You think  I'm joking your dead wrong! Kooki is gonna have to show me his package to get your out of my head!" Sarah called out "You saw Joonies back!" Jenni shot out "And your breasts" Kooki called out. Jenni's jaw dropped open in shock. "Remove that image from your mind" namjoon called out to him. "Those are mine" he growled to Jenni "Omgod I didn't mean Kookie goods I meant the box he got me! " Sarah shouted realizing what she said "It could be a dick in a box!" Jenni grinned. "Jennifer! Stop it now" sarah called out. "I can show you my package I got you " namjoon said making her look at him.  "I never realized how playful you were. I always thought you would be more intense of a lover" jenni said. "And I thought you would be a virgin and shy" he said. "We were both wrong" he said. "What you thought oh wait is that cause what I said back in LA how I wasn't ready?"she asked.  "It was cute how shy you were" he recalled that night. "Nice to know. Nope I just was afraid you would do a one night stand and then since the next day we went our seperate ways you wouldn't want to contact me when you got back. it scared me" jenni shrugged "Never! I'm addicted to your goofy self. My klutzy panda I've even named you" he grinned at her then kissed her, a deep passionate kiss. that night Joonie stuck around holding onto her all night making sure she was warm enough and not tossing and turning in her sleep. Jenni felt safe in his arms and loved by the man. even though she hadn't been feeling well that morning she was feeling much better then she had been before. Kookie had stayed the night with Sarah in her room talking until they fell asleep together.

Okay it's over no more naughtyness!

Wensday  morning Jenni and Sarah started their show at 4 a.m  after the two days off Jenni was feeling better and could go on air without loosing her voice. "Hey to everyone! You got Ruby and Diamond in your ear talking away! " She chuckled. "Im sure everyone is doing better then me. I feel bad I wasn't here the last two days  I was sick with the cold. Anything is better then that" jenni said. "Oh come on, your boyfriend took care of you. Everyone this man is so sweet he stayed by her the whole time, cooked for her, broke our stove, got her medicine and soup and made sure she got better" sarah said "Okay yes I love him for it and I'm all better now" jenni said. "So was it really that bad while you were sick?" She questioned. "No, it wasn't all bad" jenni said. "Alright lets see if anyone is awake and wanting to talk. Who do we have first! " Sarah said "Hi Diamond,  Ruby.  Sorry to hear you were sick over the weekend. I'm glad your better now " the girl said. "Oh thank you for saying that!"Jenni said "hey I recognize this voice, you called in when we had Got7 didn't you?" She asked. "Yea, I did. It's me Tess" she said. "Hey how have you been?" Sarah questioned "Doing good. Im getting ready for work. But I have to backtrack, Diamond did you say Ruby’s  boyfriend broke your stove?" Tess asked. "Oh yes yes he did. I wouldn't have even known if the bill for it wasn't on the kitchen counter" sarah laughed. "Well we were a bit busy and forgot about it" jenni laughed. "How did he break it?" Tess asked. So Jenni told the story about how Joonie broke the nob off and how Joonie ended up calling someone to fix it. She left out his name and what went on after the guy fixed the stove. When she was done Tess was laughing over the phone. "I don't think I have ever heard a fix it story quite like that" Tess said. "Nope, cannot compare to some of the things that happen to us" sarah said. "I just cannot believe she actually got a poisoned water scenerio in there. " she added. "You know I always wonder if they think that when someone refuses a drink" jenni laughed "I think most of the time they just are not thirsty Ruby" sarah said. "I think so too, well I have to get to work so I have to go but Ruby! If I ever am offered a drink I will now be questioning if they poisoned it or not" she laughed "Awe thank you for taking that away from the story." Jenni said as Tess hung up.  "Moral of the story. If offered a drink for fixing an appliance assume said person is poisoning you and do not accept " sarah burst out. They laughed about it for a little while. "Okay so we're going to play some music and then we'll be right back to the show" sarah said. "So that was fun. Yey we have repeat callers" jenni said clapping her hands.  "Hey there's this new song that came out recently I'm addicted to it. The new group BlackPink" jenni said. "Oh yea they've been giving out teasers and then finally dropped it a little bit ago. Which song are you addicted to? Whistle or Boombayah? " sarah asked. "Well both but I have boombayah stuck in my head. Can we play it?" Jenni asked making sarah laugh. "Yea sure let's play it" sarah said. So they played that song and whistle then a couple random songs before they came back on to talk. "Oh I have this question. Has anyone ever been to a panic room?" Jenni asked when they went back on air. "You mean  a room you sit in with lots of food and a bunk bed set?" Sarah stared at her. "No the one with the padded room where you go when your insane" jenni stated sarcastically which made Sarah laugh "Okay what is it really?" Sarah asked "Well its this game you go into a room and you have to solve a puzzle in order to get out again" jenni explained. "Oh I've heard of those. We should totally do it!  We just have to take a group with us otherwise we'll never get out " sarah said "Hey, they give us clues every ten minutes" jenni said. "Ruby you know what I bet you ten bucks I can get us out of the room before you do" sarah was shaking her head. "And I bet you  that I will get us out of it first and when I do you'll buy me a dog " jenni said "A dog?" Sarah stared at her. "I want a puppy " jenni said " Ruby no. You are not allowed any live animals" sarah said "Fine" jenni sulked. "Oh time got away from us. So we're going to take a break and be back at noon!" Everyone bye bye! " sarah said seeing that they went over time several minutes. they got off air and sarah stared at Jenni. "Your not allowed any kind of animal jenni, you can't take care of it properly " sarah said as they got up. "That suck,  fine then a big panda no I've already gotten that, okay I'll bet ten bucks too" jenni finally said with a sigh lacking something better to bet "Tonight after the show? And no cheating which mean even if people come with us they can't help " sarah said. "Tag team, we should tag team!"Jenni said " me and Joonie, you and kooki" she added. "Its decided we do that. Tonight we go!" Jenni said not giving sarah a chance to say no she left the studio sarah chuckling as she followed. 

So do you hate sarah for interrupting or are you all thankful she stopped jenni and Namjoon? ?? lol I just find it halarious sarah had given me that idea and I totally rolled with it. and yes I'm aware jenni was still not feeling well when it happened but come on when the mood strikes the mood strikes lol okay sarah it's going back to you! (I gonna lye in bed all day tomorrow and sleep hope to kick this bug I got lol)

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