Random List... ๐Ÿ˜†

Here goes my card on the random list game!

This is how my list came out...

And this is what each ones duty is which ill go number by number, with pictures for each one so please proceed with this card! (:

The Parent Hikaru which is completely heartbreaking, I wont even lie.

The Sibling Ling Yao (aka Greed) which again, disappointed but I bet he makes me laugh and always has my back (:

The Grandparent Killua Zoldyck... seriously im getting every short stick here. Plus it would be impossible for him to be my grandparent.. haha

Haunts Me Tatsumi... this could be scary or good, not sure which.

Romantic Partner Sabo kun! Hell yes! Im excited now! I have the biggest crush on him!

My Ex Kousei Arima, now thats just depressing because I still love him.

My Best Friend Shikamaru and thats awesome! Im so lucky to have a genius for a best friend!

Proposed to Me Tsuna... why in the hell did I say no to the tenth Vongola boss??!!

My Boss Soul Evans and hell no, im pissed!

The Random Person I Met at the Bar Zeref Dragneel, no way in hell. lol

My Rival Inuyasha... well fuck....

Who Gave Me My First Kiss Ichigo! Omg I can imagine how amazing it was

Drunk and Singing Kareoke Meliodas... Im not even remotely surprised by this..

Played Seven Minutes in Heaven With Haru Yoshida and omg I can only day dream about what we did in those seven minutes..

Gave Me My Favorite Dessert Yamato Kurosawa which makes sense.. hes a nice guy.

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