A typical situation in a software engineer's life

When the client suddenly changes requirement 2 days before delivery and expects the product to be delivered still on time. Software engineer's team lead jokingly says that it's not like we have a magical wand (everyone starts smiling), and then... suddenly says... yeah, we'll do it by tomorrow...


That first day when we have to sneak out of the office to go home, evading the team lead's eyes, knowing we hadn't solved the problem yet...


That feeling the next day, when the problem is solved and you feel you have achieved the unachievable...


That same day, when you make a grand exit while leaving office for the day and feel like a bit of a show off....

Socially awkward, suffer from depression, love to travel, loner with a sarcastic sense of humor. Hoping to do some good and bring a smile to people's faces before going out...
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