KBS bans EXO's 'LOTTO' and Black Pink's 'BOOMBAYAH': AllKpop

EXO and Black Pink's new songs have been banned on KBS.

According to KBS, the title of EXO's new song "LOTTO" indicates a specific market product, mostly likely referring to the lottery, and cannot be used on the station. In the case of Black Pink's "BOOMBAYAH", they pointed out that "Henny" becomes mentioned in the lyrics, a shortened term for the liquor 'Hennessey'. "BOOMBAYAH" furthermore contains inappropriate language that goes, "Middle finger up F".

In response to the ban, EXO will reportedly be using "Louder" as their promoting song instead of "LOTTO" on KBS as well as on MBC. Black Pink are also likely to adjust their lyrics to lift the ban.

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