DAY 62 - Favorite anime movie?

"Inuyasha: Castle Beyond the Looking Glass" (Movie 2)


Well, my favorite anime has my favorite anime movie. Does that surprise you? Probably not! Of course the best part from this movie was the first kiss between Inuyasha and Kagome. It finally happened. When I first saw this movie I kept replaying the kiss and was so happy. I couldn't stop smiling. Not only that but one of my favorite songs from Inuyasha is "Ai No Uta" which is from this movie. It plays during a scene between Kagome and Inuyasha while they are by a fire talking about how Inuyasha should just stay a half-demon but Inuyasha wants to become a full-demon so he can become stronger. But Kagome says that she likes him just the way he is. It's sweet and I love it! The movie is eventful and had purpose. We get to experience how it would be if Naraku was actually dead because he pretends to be dead in the beginning of the movie by taking away Miroku's wind tunnel and disappears with no trace but secretly he was inside of Kohaku's body. Later he gets out of Kohaku's body and Miroku gets his wind tunnel back. Inuyasha gets his human self sucked into a mirror and slowly turns into a full-demon in front of Kagome because she was kidnapped to attract Inuyasha. She was tied against a wall while Inuyasha was transforming into a full-demon. Shippo was there on the side with the jewel shards. Then Shippo throws the jewel shards at Kagome which sets her free to save Inuyasha from transforming forever. Kagome runs up to Inuyasha while he's going mad, Inuyasha digs his nails into her arms, she then kisses him and Inuyasha slowly turns back into a half-demon, the mirror breaks symbolizing that he broke her spell and Inuyasha then kisses Kagome back. It's so sweet, Miroku and Sango are in the back watching as they kissed and Shippo is blushing. Miroku looks at Sango thinking "Let's do that too!" XD Kagome asked after they kissed "Are you okay now?". Inuyasha responds, "Yeah, I'll stay a half-demon a little longer just for you." That was so cute and I was screaming "I SHIP IT!" So, yeah it was great. Then they beat that woman, I don't remember her name, it's not important. Then they walk off at the end screaming at each other and laughing. Typical Inuyasha happy ending.

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments what YOUR favorite anime movie is!

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