BTS: Bulletproof Part 1

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This is your favorite chica Jessamine aka@amobts bringing you another fanfiction. This one just came to me. Thanks so much for your support and I hope you all enjoy this one.

PG13. This series is PG13 but Mature Content for future series....

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You drag your feet as you walk upon this old ancient looking building. It had some type of dark cast over it. You were super pissed that your parents would even agree for you to go to a place lkke this. Yeah you can admit you were the black sheep of the family. You always felt you were the habanero pepper in the midst of a bunch of regular green peppers. After going to caeleste court it was decided that in order to keep your family name without blemishes you had to attend this school for the rest of your high school career and two years of your college years. You were in the 12th grade so you were happy you wouldn't be here long. It could be worst. But this school wasn't any ordinary school. It was called Moonlight Academy. This was a school for naughty supernatural youth who needed to get their act together. In a nutshell bad ass kids who were rejects. The judge stated that if you didn't successful complete my time here you would be stripped of your gifts and your family would be banned from the Moon Shard Kingdom. Moon Shard Kingdom is what the supernatural call it but it's just New York City to the mortals. Your mother and father help you gather your things and you are checked in. The place smelled of disappointment and chaos under the cheap lavender air fresher scent. Your parents had enough power to get you your own room. You were super happy you didn't have to share a room. You definitely would have fled the scene and ran away to Red light realm and just gave yourself to savage ways of the immortals. Your parents smile at you as you sit on your bed. You wanna fuss and scream but you were too pissed. Your father pats your head. "Now squirt this is not just for you. This is for the family's honor. Be good, make friends, rest well, study hard, and don't fuck this up." He smiled. "Honey please ignore your father. He's going to miss you. Just do your best and we keep in contact." Your mother says while hugging and kissing you.


The next day you had to go to class. You pulled on your uniform top as you rampantly walked the hallways. These classes were bullshit. You have homeroom, Leadership, Latin, Math, Study hall, Creative Dance, History, Photography, and Fire Magic. This was way more than normal school. You walk into the classroom and the teacher welcomes you. Suddenly, the bell rings and the door automatically shuts. The class was a bit loud as the teacher called for the students attention. "Please class calm down." The teacher said in a normal voice. But the continued making noise and ignoring her. Finally she made the room rumble with lighting. The students quickly became angels. "Now, that's more like it. Good morning students we have new student. She is of the Fire Clan. Please welcome her and be polite. I need to partner you with someone." She says POV I look across the classroom and I see some hots guys and some ugly guys. I loved how the class was Co ed. My last school was an all girl school. Maybe that's why I was boy crazy. But nothing like my sister. Why was I here by myself....everyone always loved her despite her short coming. My eyes seemed to keep looking at this one guy. He was obviously Korean. He wore these dark shades and his nose was in a book. He was hot. I was praying I wouldn't be paired up with him. I knew I would be a hot mess if I was even associated with him. "Oh, Kim Namjoon. You are the class president and our top student. You will be her peer support. Please Ms. Phire seat next to him." I heard voices gasp as the teacher called me by my last name. My family was a well know ancient family in the fire clan. We were once dark but I guess when we began marrying people from the light clan and water clan we saw the errors of our ways. Well that's what my sister told me. I walk towards him. I try to say hello but this hyper guy grabs me. "Hi I'm Jung Hoseok but my friends call me Hobi or J-Hope! I am the sunshine in such a dark place. I'm so happy to meet you!" "Bro chill out! Let her breathe for a second." Namjoon said with his face still in that book. "Oh no problem. Thanks for such the warm welcome." I say while sitting down. Namjoon didn't say anything. Even during home room his face never left that book. I can't complain I don't what I would have done if he looked at me. I mean his voice was super sexy when he spoke. I almost melted when he was talking to Jung Hoseok. Namjoon had some much authority in his voice. Plus he smelled so good. The bell rung and we all went to class. I was super lucky that I had so many class with Namjoon. His buddies helped me out. Hobi, Yoongi, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung. I had dance class with Jimin and Jungkook. Let me tell you those boys can dance! Yoongi had my math class and photography class with me and he slept through most of Math class. I teased him cuz he asked to borrow my notes. We all had Leadership, Study Hall, and Fire class together and Latin class. I had History class with Taehyung, Jin, and Namjoon.


I was in my room unpacking some stuff and making the room into my space. I was about to meet Namjoon for dinner soon. We all lived in the same hall since we all are from the Fire Clan. I'm still wondering what are their specific powers and abilities. But we just meet so I won't be all up in their business. My mom called me to check up on me. I was happy to hear her voice. I loved my mother despite how ignorant and ditsy she was. It was like she always lived by the motto ignorant is bliss. My father didn't want to say anything to me he was still pissed at me. My father always was distance and cold. But maybe that's cuz he's a Phire. I was happy that we could wear how own clothes during dinner. I threw on a fitted black tee with the word swag across my chest in big gold bold letters and some denim shorts. I pulled my hair back in a high ponytail and applied some light makeup. After throwing on my converses I ran down to Namjoon's room. I could hear weird noises. I knocked on the door but heard Namjoon making louder odd sounds. I thought maybe he was in pain. I had healing abilities and could help him. So I open up the door................


Excuse me....what will happen next? lol Until next time peeps!


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