Cinderella & the Four Knights: First Look

Cinderella and the Four Knightcard

Here are my initial thoughts.

Episode 1:

Moon River

The only difference with CFK's main lead Ha-Won is she's living with the three affluent and their bodyguard.

Episode 2:

Some viewers can't help but compare this drama to Boys Over Flowers but this episode is what sets things apart.

1. There are no romance development yet but even if there is you have no idea who she might get paired with yet. Though, there is a rule where she can't date if she lives in the Sky House. We all know in drama land rules are meant to be broken. So, when that happens the three cousins and the bodyguard all have a fair chance.

2. Ha-won's character is feisty, smart and independent. Let's hope her personality and value stay consistent throughout the series.

3. Ha-won's life really lives up to the fairytale of Cinderella. Her family is beyond jacked. Even the adoptive dad is unbelievably cruel to her. Oh, but wait her life is changed by the fairy 'grandfather' who sends her to the 'Sky' house.

It's still to early to determine if I like this drama but I'm definitely interested!

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