HIM - Chapter 9

Ello Everyone! Here is chapter 9!



Ravi X Reader

It was finally time to head home. This day felt so long but I was happy that I could finally head home to shower and rest. The girls and I waited until the last customer was out the door so we could close it. "Finally, we can go home!" Yoona yells out. Amber and I chuckled at her silliness. We all started walking to the lockers to get our stuff and head home. "We should do something some day, you know in the morning since we have work in the afternoon. Or maybe Saturday's since we don't work that day?" Yoona says. "Sounds good to me. Just let me know." I reply, Amber agreeing. "Great! In that case, we should go to the movies on Saturday then!" Yoona says. Amber and I nodded our heads agreeing to it. We all walked out of the room once we had our stuff. I was so excited about Saturday. This was going to be my first time going out with people. I'm just happy I made friends. "Y/N!" I froze hearing a familiar voice yell my name. I turned around to see Ravi walking up to me. Yoona and Amber both stopped to turn around too. "Did you forget about waiting for me to walk home?" Ravi says looking at me smiling. "Oh hey girls." He then looks at Yoona and Amber. "Hi Ravi." They both say at the same time. "Y/N?" He says looking back at me. "Oh yeah, sorry I did forget actually." I reply looking to the floor. "It's okay, glad I caught you before you left then." He says chuckling. "Shall we go?" He continued. I looked over at Yoona to see that she was not happy at all. She was giving me an awful, scary look. "You know, I think I'm just gonna walk alone Ravi, I need some alone time." I respond not taking my eyes off of Yoona. She then gave me a small smile. I turned to look at Amber who was looking at the floor.

What in the world was that glare of Yoona's all about? It looked like she wanted to chew my head off.I should've never rejected walking home with Ravi.I was screwed.

Oh now they show up.

He is not what the girls tell me he is. This guy in front of me is harmless. He would never hurt anyone..Unless you provoke him. Those girls have everything wrong about Ravi. He is anything but a bad person. So why are these girls so against him? Why do they want me to stay away from him? What is so wrong being around him? This is all too weird. But I am not going to stand and watch them hurt him. From now on, I will NOT stay away from him.What the hell y/n! What are you doing? Are you crazy?!?!

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