His Angel. Part 10: Tricked

So, I had originally planned to make this a 10 part story and now that I'm at chapter ten I have technically ended it. However if your want to know what happens after and what Namjoon does I am writing one more chapter just in case people are interested. So if you want one more chapter then just comment. Enjoy the last chapter!

"So, let's make a deal." I said, sitting on the couch, sitting face to face with the devil himself. Jimin left side of his lips tugged upward at my oh so familiar statement and rested one of his arms on top of the chair he was sitting on. "Don't we always?" He said. By this time I had gotten used to his way of things and attitude so I wasn't really scared of him like the first time. "I want to know how you drank my blood the first time. I want the memory back." Jimin snorted and looked at me. "I really don't think you want to know that." I narrowed my eyes at him and crossed my arms. "And why not? You've made countless deals with me before and didn't care." I cut. "Those were silly questions I couldn't care less about. This is different." I rolled my eyes. "How so?" Jimin put his hands up in defense. "All I'm saying is that you're not going to like it." "What do you want in return?" I said, brushing aside his comment. Jimin walked over, inspecting me as he did. "How about you allow me to take you away." I raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Where too?" Jimin stopped a little to the side of me and put his hands in his pockets. "My other home." I widen my eyes and stood up. "What? The underworld?" Jimin nodded. "If you want the memory so badly then you'll comply." I shook my head. I wanted to know, but not that badly. He's crazy if he thought I would give myself up that easily. I'll just wait until it comes back to me in my dream. "It's not worth it." I said. Jimin smiled and bent down, taking one hand out of his pockets and grabbing the tip of my chin lightly, making me look at him. "Hmmm, how about all your memories that you've lost in the last five months and then some." He said, smirking. Wait, is he serious? "You would give me all my memories back?" Jimin came closer, a serious look suddenly plastered on his face. "Ya, I've had my fun with you and don't think that you'll eventually get your memories back even if you say no." "I wasn't thinking that." I lied, getting a little nervous at how this was going. Jimin frowned at me. "I know you were. Don't lie to me. I'll just make you forget everything again if you don't agree, so you can say goodbye to those little 'dreams' you've been having." He let go of me. "Hopefully you don't think by chance that you've been getting that information back to you. I've been controlling what memories you got and at what time this whole time." "You lied about the hypnosis wearing off didn't you." I said, it wasn't a question, but a statement, and watching as Jimin laughed coldly, standing up again, he already gave me the answer. "Of coarse I did. How else do you think that you've never been told critical information from the past?" He was right and I finally realized his plan after all this time. The headaches, the dreams, the everything. It was Jimin. He's been pulling the strings behind the curtain, even making me want to know more about my past without having to wait. All the little deals that we've been making has all lead up to what he really wanted. Me. And I had stupidly fallen for it. Shit. Now I wished I had told Namjoon about him the first time I had visited him. I instant got up, trying to run away, but Jimin grabbed me by the waist, pulling me towards him. "What? Are you scared of me now?" He laughed softly as he dug his hands into my side. "Stop it, you're hurting me." I gasped. He lighten his fingers, but only a little. "So what's it going to be?" He asked, knowing full well I couldn't get out of this. He had cornered me. If I didn't comply he could take away all my memories again and I would have to start all over. I had to go with him. It was the only way. "Fine" I mumbled, not daring to look at him, but looking at the ground coldly. "I'll go with you." Jimin cockily smirked and used one of his hands to shake my head a little to make my look at him. "Perfect, now be good and look into my eyes." He said as his eyes turned a bright red. (14years ago) -"Ara, this is the boy from the neighborhood." My mom said. I smiled really big at the little boy hiding behind my father legs and looking at the wall. I held out my hand. "Hi, what to be friends?" I asked bluntly, but I just watched him mumbled a few words that I couldn't make out and I looked at him confused. "He's a little shy." My mom whispered to me. I instantly went over and linked arms with him. "This neighborhood is sooooo boring with just me and Namjoon. You should play with us too." The boy, finally looked at me for the first time since he entered the house, smiled a little. "Ok." He said. "My name is Jimin." (6 years ago) "Hey Ara!" I turned my head and saw Namjoon running my way. I tugged on my backpack nervously and smiled as he came up to me. "Hey" Namjoon huffed out a few breathes and smiled back. "Come with me." He said, grabbing my hand instantly and pulling me outside the school. I felt my face heat up and I mentally slapped my checks. Ok Ara, don't make a fool of yourself I thought determinedly as he walked up to a group of three guys. Namjoon stopped both of us in our tracks. "Ara, I want you to meet my friends: Hoseok, Jin and Taehyung. They're just like me.""All like you, as in angels?" I said, widening my eyes. Namjoon nodded happily. "It's nice to meet you." Jin said, smiling. I smiled back and watched as two other guys smiled mischievously. "Hey, Namjoon. You didn't say that you guys were dating?" Hoseok said, looking at both of us. I blushed a deep red and saw Namjoon shake his head really fast. "We're not." He stuttered, obviously embarrassed too. "Then why are you guys holding hands." Taehyung laughed, his rectangular smile showing all his white teeth. I quickly looked down and saw that Namjoon hadn't let go of my hand yet.- (Four years ago) -"Ara?" Namjoon said as we walked down the hallway together. "Ya?" I said, looking at him, his dimples showing as he smiled down at me. "There's this new movie coming out tomorrow you know....." Namjoon started to say. I nodded my head excitedly, remembering that the movie has been said to be the most anticipated one of this year. "I know. I really want to go see it." I beamed. Namjoon smiled even more. "How about you see it with me then?" He asked, a hint of red peeking into his cheeks as he kept smiling, waiting for my answer. I looked at him happily. "Sure, we always go do thing together so it will be fun" I smiled, oblivious to what he was getting at. "Its a date then ." Namjoon said, watching my face for the reaction he was hoping for. My smile faltered a bit and I widen my eyes,big. "A date" I stuttered, completely surprised. I felt my face heat up. Namjoon slowly nodded. "Ya. I like you, so I'm asking you on a date." I started to shake nervously as I finally realized that Namjoon was finally asking me out. He looked at me a little confused, seeing me act a little strange. "Do you not want to go out with me?" He asked, bending down a little to look at me face. I put my hands up in defense and started to wave them rapidly. "No, no. I really like you too." I said, smiling big. At that Namjoon grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. "Great, I'll pick you up at seven then." He smiled. (One year ago) -I hurriedly walked down the street and to my best friends house. Jimin had texted me saying that he had to tell me something. It sounded important so I raced over as quickly as I could. I knocked on the door three times and waited for Jimin to answer. After about ten seconds Jimin opened the door. "Hey, come on in." He said, moving aside for me to walk in. "Thanks." I casually strolled into the house and immediately flopped on the couch. "So, what was it that you wanted to ask me." I asked, getting comfortable. Jimin smiled and sat down set to me. "Well, um, I wanted to talk to you about our relationship." I raised and eyebrow in confusion. "We're best friends." Jimin nodded. "Ya, but, um, I don't really want to be best friends anymore though." He spoke, his voice becoming softer immediately. I put my feet down and scooted towards him. "What? Why don't you want to be friends with me anymore. Did I do something?" I asked frantically, moving my hands in different directions. Jimin shook his head no again. "It's not that..." "Then what is it?" Jimin looked kind of nervous as he played with his hands. "I want to be more then friends Ara." He whispered. I frowned and was instantly crushed inside at what he was saying. I had already known that Jimin had feelings for me, it was obvious, but I was hoping it wasn't why he had called me over. I was dating Namjoon now and was happy. I let my eyes down cast to my shoes, letting Jimin anxiousness fill the room. "Jimin." I started, hating myself for doing this. "I'm sorry, but I can't. You know I'm with Namjoon." I mumbled. I really didn't want to hurt my closest friend like this. Jimin took my hands in his lightly and I looked up at him surprised. "I know. I just couldn't take not telling you... And I thought that if I told you I've liked you since we met you would dump him and go to me." He mumbled, half joking. I frowned and squeezed his hands slightly. "I'm sorry." Jimin nodded and let go, sighing loudly as he crashed back into the couch, his mood changing completely. "Well, that didn't go as bad as I planned." He laughed, trying to make a joke out of the situation. I smiled halfheartedly, knowing that the tension was over a little bit and jumped a few paces on the couch and laid my head on his shoulder. I felt Jimin tense and look down at me. "I thought you said you didn't like me?" He stuttered. "I'm not going to change what we already do just because of this. You're still my best friend." Although I couldn't see him I knew he was smiling because he draped his arm around me and grabbed the remote on the nearby table. "Ok, then how about a movie?" (Five months and three weeks ago, right before Ara was taken) -The darkness of the night covered me in black as I ran in the heavy rain and down the wet and trashed street. Sirens blazed loudly as bright red and blue lights danced in the distance, but all I was focused on was one person. "JIMIN!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I felt tears roll down my already wet face. "JIMIN!" I yelled again, desperately trying to find my best friend. I kept running down the road, the cold wind crashing on my face, making my eyes and face burn. "ARA!" I heard Jungkook yell. I snapped my head in his voices direction and saw him limping as blood ran down his face and leg. I ran towards him and embraced him. Jungkook instantly collapsed on me, barely conscious. "You. Have. To. Save. Him." He gasped immediately, his wet hair sticking to his face as he rested on my shoulder. I held up his torn body, but just barely. "Where is he?" I demanded. Jungkook breathed heavily on my shoulder and I waited impatiently as he got enough energy to talk. "He's in that ally. Please you have to save him!" He desperately cried, tears rolling down is already wet face. I put my arm over Jungkook shoulder and helped his limping body back to where Jimin was. As I entered the ally I saw Yoongi laying lifeless on the building wall. His face was paler then usual and had a gash along his neck, which would of killed any regular human being. I gently laid Jungkook on the ground and went to inspect Yoongi. "Hey, Yoongi, don't close your eyes." I said, slapping his face lightly. "I'm, fine. Just, just, help Jimin." He mumbled, coughing violently, drooling red saliva. "No you not. What happened?" I asked. Yoongi didn't answer as he slowly closed his eyes. I slapped his face again, trying to keep him conscious. "Hey, hey, hey, stay with me." I demanded. "I don't know what happened. They came for us." I held his face, slightly squishing his face together. "Who? Who did?" I asked. But he didn't answer as he closed his eyes and lost consciousness. "YOONGI!" I yelled, shaking him. "Shit" I whispered. "Ara..." I heard Jungkook's raspy voice whisper. I turned my head and saw as he, with all his remaining strength, point slightly ahead and then passed out completely. I looked over and I screamed. A horrible sight in front of me. It was Jimin with a single silver stake in his heart. I left Yoongi and ran to Jimin, falling to his side. I immediately tore the stake out of his heart and saw all the dark colored veins in his face darken even more, which wasn't a good sign. "Jimin!" I yelled, more tears rolling off my check. His hair was filled with small rocks and dirt and was completely wet. I carefully pushed back his drenched hair away from his eyes and cried harder as I saw the the redness of his eyes slowly fading. "No, no, no, no. Jimin, wake up. I'm here, ok. I'm here. Please stay with me! Please." I yelled at his almost dead body. I knew that the only thing that could kill a devil was a silver stake, so who ever attacked them knew exactly who they were dealing with, and that the stake had to be left in until all the redness in their eyes faded. That's why I pulled it out immediately, but it was too late, he's eye color was already almost gone. Without even thinking, I took a shared of glass that was laying around and gashed my hand open. I winced at the pain, thinking that making a giant cut wasn't the best idea, but I didn't hesitate to put my hand over Jimin mouth and wait as my blood rolled down his throat. I needed my best friend and I didn't care what I had to do to save him. I'm sorry mom....I couldn't keep my promise. After I knew Jimin ok I urgently went around and made Jungkook and Yoongi drink my blood too. I heard violently coughing and someone gasp for air a few minutes later and I jerked my head in the direction, seeing Jimin sit up, his giant hole already half healed. My blood really had worked. I ran to him and put my arms around him. He coughed again and I ruffled my hand in his hair. "How am I alive?" He breathed, loosely putting his arms around me. "It doesn't matter." I smiled. Jimin moved his hands to hold mine and moved away a little. "You gave me your blood didn't you." He whispered, looking at our intermingled hands and the blood dripping from my cut. "I had too. You were dying." I desperately said. "I can't loose you." Jimin half smiled, but I knew it really wasn't real, and held my cheek in one of his hands. "You know I won't be able to control myself anymore...." "It doesn't matter." I stuttered, not really that convincing. Jimin shook his head. "I would rather die a hundred time then hurt you Ara" I frowned and let another tear stroll down my face. "What about me? My life would be hell without you." I suddenly sobbed. "You have Namjoon." Jimin said, looking me in the eye. I shook my head furiously. "It's not the same." "Please Ara listen. I need you to do me a favor. Before I lose myself. When the worse comes I want you to kill me. Not anyone else. It will be my one dying wish. " I shook my head again in protest. "Ara, please." Jimin looked at me, his eyes begging me to agree "I can't." Jimin widen his eyes a little surprised I would be resisting this much. After all, he was dangerous now. "Why not?"I let my lip quiver nervously. "Because I love you." Jimin half smiled again at me, but it wasn't reassuring, and shook his head. "I love you too, but our love is different and you know that." I shook my head again. "No, it's not." I sobbed, but even I couldn't convince myself. He held my hands tighter, giving them a quick squeeze. "You need to leave, before I start to lose myself. You fed Yoongi and Jungkook your blood right?" I slowly nodded. Jimin nodded too and looked at their bodies slowly reviving."I'll feed them my blood so it will be mixed into yours so they don't come after you too. One devil is enough for you." I watched him grunt painfully as he stood up and cut his own hand just like me, walked over to Jungkook's and Yoongi's moaning bodies and feed them his blood. I stood up too and walked over, looking at the whole process. "I'm sorry." I suddenly mumbled. Jimin came closer and lightly kissed me on the forehead, surprising me completely. "Don't be. You just wanted to save me." I wiped my wet checks and looked up at him. "That's not it. I'm sorry I could never love you like you loved me." Jimin brought me for one more hug, ruffling my hair. "It ok. I'm glad you have Namjoon. You're going to need him more then ever now. Just promise me that you'll always be happy, even after I'm died." I nodded my head, even though I wanted to shake furiously it no. I would never me truly happy with out my best friend with me, but I had to be strong for Jimin right now. I heard Jungkook move about on the ground. It sounded like he was waking up, causing Jimin to break our hug. "Good bye Ara." He said simply. And for the first time in a long time I saw a single tear roll down Jimin's check.- Everything went at light speed through my brain and all the past emotions hurdled themselves at me and I fell back. Jimin caught me immediately and hoisted me back up. I looked at him with tears in my eyes, realizing he was this way because of me. All of this was my fault. "I did it." I whispered, looking at my friend. Jimin smirked and nodded. "I should thank you though." A single tear began to roll down my face and I wiped it away, not wanting my vision to faze. "I mean, I do get you in the end." Jimin said, watching as I wiped away another tear. I huffed out deep breaths, soaking in all the new information. My lips quivered at the thought of Jimin's and Namjoon's feelings and I rapidly wiped my face as endless tears started to down fall. Jimin cocked his head to the side watching me. "Am I really that bad? After all I am your best friend. Wouldn't you want to be with someone that you've known longer?" He asked, fake pouting. "You're the sin of greed in physical form. I would never want to be with you." I cried. Jimin rolled his eyes and backed away from me. "Please, the Jimin from the past was a shy and weak boy." Jimin laughed as he walked to the wall. "He just watched and supported you as you stupidly fawned over Namjoon." He suddenly punched the wall in anger as he remembered all the past memories, leaving a dent. Jimin looked at his hand he had used and clinched it open and closed again. "Never getting enough courage to tell you his own feeling." He mumbled. I widened my eyes. In that voice I saw it, Jimin, the real one. Underneath all the anger, greed and evil he was still there. "I like who I am now." He said, suddenly looking at me, not noticing his change of voice for a splint second, as he built up his anger again. "No you don't." I said, trying to reach out to him. Jimin laughed and in the next second was a millimeter away from me our noses touching. "Why don't you say goodbye to your little boyfriend in your head now. It will be the last time that I'll ever allow you to think of him again" He scowled and snapped out his wings. "We leave in one hour." And with that I was taken away again, back to the world I was familiar and not familiar with. To live off my days as Jimin's slave. Not the Jimin I've known, but someone completely foreign to me.


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