The Succesful Concert of "My Everything"

[NEWS] Lee Min-ho grand tour finale thrilling 50 thousand audiences in 6 countries for 3 months. Last May, Lee Min-ho started his first global tour in Seoul. His concerts were held in 6 countries and 8 cities for 9 times. In Japan he visited Yokohama and Osaka than malaysia, Philippine, Taiwan, China including Sanghai and Beijing. He was able to drew rouglys 52 thousand people which proved his popularity. Everywhere he go, the place was crowded with people and reporters. Especially in the 2013 ‘My Everything’ concert held in Beijing, roughly about 5000 fans from France, japan, India and so on came to see him. Unfortunately for some fans, the tickets were all sold out which made them wait outside in scorching heat of 40℃, they still waited just to be with him for the finale. After the concert was over, fans gifted Lee Min-ho with a chorus full with emotions and tears. After finishing ‘2013 Global Tour’ lee Min-ho said “It was like a midsummer night’s dream, fantastic and fun. Although it was a punishing schedule, I made priceless memories with my fans and was given great energy from them.” He thanked his fans. Lee Min-ho had a hard time fighting the extremely hot weather starting from the end of June to first 2weeks of August. Despite his punishing schedule flying from here to there, he successfully finished the tour with his diligency and punctuality. Lee Min-ho shows his love for his fans by holding every hands if his fans reach out for him. As an actor not a singer, it was a challenging attempt to hold such grand global concert. The tickets are rarely sold out and it is even harder for an actor to perform 2 hour on stage with the lack of repertory. Lee Min-ho’s agency said. “We knew there would be such difficulties. That is why we tried hard for a year preparing for a high quality concert. And as a result he gained a new title. Now he is called as ‘preparing actor’ receiving positive responses. Due to the successfully finished concerts, encore requests are flooding in Southern America, Europe, US and so on. Thank you all.” Meanwhile Lee Min-ho is preparing for his new drama ‘The Heirs’ Script reading and poster shootings have been in progress. He will start shooting soon. Meanwhile, after his Beijing concert, Lee Min-ho came back to Korea on 11th. Without time to rest, he had to leave for New Zealand the next day due to an advertisement shoot. He will be coming back to prepare for his next SBS drama ‘The Heirs’

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