Dear Future Husband

I figured to write you a letter before we meet. At this moment in my life, I'm at rock bottom. I have debts, my daughter's sick, I feel so desperate for a miracle. Just last week, the doctor said Hea can have colon cancer within ten years. She is telling us what to expect. When I heard it, I just cried and prayed. I sang her a lullaby and while I did, I recalled the days when I first held her in my arms, firs time she saw me clearly, times when she slept on my tummy... everything. When I decided to let Hea live, I surrendered my freedom and got married. Then, I loaned for my own annulment. I feel so lonely but I refuse to be with a man. At first I get attracted then I push them away. My love, I wish when you come my daughter would still be alive. She's really smart and a happy baby. She used to dance and play hide and seek. Now, she's just on bed watching youtube of kids playing with toys. I was raised by my parents believing that there is one almighty God who hears all our prayers. To tell you the truth, I've been praying since April and things kept falling apart. BUT I WILL NEVER STOP BELIEVING. God is good, God is good. When it's our time to meet, you must know I'm not perfect. I just hope that you're the man I hope you to be. When I was a child, I had a dream. A bright light showed me you. He said you will love me truly and deeply. See you soon. I think it will take years to meet you. I'm still broken and need to fix myself. When we meet, I'll be ready for you. See you soon my God-sent spouse.

I'm 27 years old. I'm a single mom. I love to make new friends and I love reading inspirational books. 😊
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