LET'S PLAY A GAME! (Well if you want to play lol)

Rules: Use whatever is similar to auto-predict or whatever it's called and tap words (only from the options it gives you) to make a sentence, paragraph, story or what ever you want. See what knobs of crazy stories you make.

Example: (mine) I am going to do 25 words. Omg! I'm so red and blue screen shot of my life is also pretty entertaining too :D you should try it but I'm tweaking. I sound like a mess XD haha. Idk if you guys will have fun but I just wanted to make a game xD. Imma do one more it's fun. XD Extra one: (I'll do a paragraph so maybe like 55 words and I'm just going to keep clicking the middle option just to see lol)

3, 2, 1 GO!

I know I was like what? O.o Damn I don't know if you want to see more of a bit late, and I don't wanna be bogus and play with your friends? O.o the first time in between Facebook and Twitter account for you guys but Lee Hwa Young was like holy trinity.

Vingle tag list. @kpopandkimchi@MrsJungHoseok@PrettieeEmm@MadAndrea@Meeshell@Emealia@VeronicaArtino@BBxGD@nenegrint14@bambamisbae@Baekyeol27@JustinaNguyen@Helixx@PrincessUnicorn@Kieuseru@Jiyongixoxo@JinsPrincess86@KellyOConnor@amobigbang@RhiannaTiaMay@AimeeH@Skyrollins@TerraToyaSi@herreravanessa9@ashleyemmert@CreeTheOtaku@Kyokeo@KpopINT@Roxy1903 @Stevieq@Ash2424701@Krin@MrsBangYongguk@ArmyofKookie@annevictoriaaa@VIPFreak2NE1@AnnahiZaragoza

Update! I decided to post on Facebook as a status to see what my friends say. 😂

Hello there! I like Kpop, Anime, music, kdramas and well maybe I could be an otaku? Idk. I also absolutely love reading 📚! They are amazing! Music-wise I listen to anything I like. It doesn't matter what language I'll still probably love it! I'm a pretty random person and I can get out of topic pretty quick I'm also pretty forgetful lol. I love to nap! I think my legit spirit animal is like a cat or dog but Idk. At first I can seem somewhat shy But once you get to know me I'm like the energizer bunny and it's just craziness and randomness from that point on hehe. I'm pretty weird But well that's good because like normal is just... Meh.. Anyways I think I'll stop now because it looks like I'm writing am autobiography xD oh before I forget I'm 21 and Ilike in the good old windy city 😁. But I look forward to sharing with you 😁
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