When I Look at You Pt 22

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"You need to choose. Between Yoongi and your job." pdnim said "what!" "It's simple if you keep dating Yoongi you lose your job, but if you want to keep your job you need to end it with yoongi." "But..." "You are lucky I'm not firing you and forcing you to end it with Yoongi so you need to choose or you lose both." Yup he was beyond pissed at me. "can....can I have time to think about it?" "I'll give you 1 day. Is that enough time?" "Yes" "Again I'm being very nice right now. So don't push me to have to be mean." He said "Ok." "That's all. You can go back to the boys now." I left the office and slowly walked to the practice room. I knew my answer already I just didn't want to say goodbye yet. I needed a day to get my feelings in check. I stood in front of the door just listening to the music that was coming out of it. How was I supposed to tell him what just happened. He's going to know instantly. I shook my head and then slapped my face lightly. "Come on (y/n) you got this. Nothing is wrong right now." I said out loud and opened the door and found a spot on the floor. I watched them finish up the dance and then they walked over to me. "So what did pdnim want to talk about?" Jin asked "Oh he just wanted to see how I felt about the work you guys have been doing." I lied "Oh cool. I hope you told him all good stuff." Jimin said patting my arm. "Yup." I smiled. I looked at Yoongi and although he had a serious expression on I smiled at him and he smiled back. I wasn't going to tell him anything today since he just dropped his mixtape. I didn't want to crush the feelings he got from today. They practiced for a few more hours then we went out to do a few things. I had 1 day.... I was going to enjoy it the best I could. We went to a few stores and I was goofing around with them all. After a while we finally ended up back at home. I was thinking if I chose Yoongi I'd have to move out of here. But if I chose my Job I don't think I'd be able to control myself around Yoongi when we lived in the same place. I shook my head and said good night to the guys and went to the bedroom. I laid down in bed and just got comfortable when Yoongi walked in. He quickly got under the covers and cuddled with me. "Yoongi if you had to choose between your job and me what would you choose?" I asked wonder what his answer would be. Although if he choose me over his job I would feel like shit because he has an amazing talent. I turned so I was facing him. "That's easy. I would choose you. And after I left the guys would fight for Pdnim to let me come back. He knows I can't be replaced and I'm an amazing talent so he'd want me back." He smiled. "I never would want you to choose me over your job. I mean I love that you would, but if you left and say pdnim never asked you back then I would feel horrible." "So you want me to hurt the woman I love by choosing my work?" He asked "Yes, because you'd hurt me later if you didn't get to stay with the guys and continue your talent." "I could easily find something else if he didn't bring me back." "You think so?" "Yes, I know so. Now what brought this on?" He moved some of my hair out of a face. "I was just thinking about what if pdnim found out about us and forced one of us to choose what would we do?" "So what would you do?" "Do you really have to ask?" "Yes." "Simple. You. I don't need this job, I can get another one while I can't get another you." He smiled and kissed my lips. "So In reality we both would lose our jobs for the one we loved. That's a nice way to go." He smiled. I snuggled closer to him and just took in his scent. The next morning I was a bit sluggish. I didn't want to go to bighit. Before we left I pulled Yoongi aside. "What's wrong?" He asked "Nothing, I just wanted to give you a kiss before we left." I smiled and placed a kiss on his lips. After a few seconds we pulled apart and headed to bighit. When I got there the guys went to the practice room while I headed to Pdnims office. "So what did you decide?" He asked jnce I sat down. "I will quit my Job." I handed him my resignation letter. "You really picked him?" He asked shocked taking it. "He has become more important than my job. I never want to leave him." I said confidently. "Alright, now that you have picked there are rules. You can not be seen in public. We do not want a scandal breaking out like I had said a few weeks ago." "Ok. But am I allowed to bring them food when they are practicing?" I asked "No, we have a new assistant who would be doing that now. "Ok." I was a little upset. Then he dismissed me. He told me to Just leave the building that he would tell the guys about my decision. So I walked past the practice room and I could hear the music playing. I really wished I could stop and say goodbye but I'll see them later. I walked out of big hits and went to look for a new job.

Yoongi's POV

We finished practicing one song when the door opened. I turned to look at (y/n) but it wasnt her who walked in. It was Pdnim. He had another guy following him. Where was (y/n)? "I wanted to introduce you boys to your new assistant." pdnim said. "What? What happened to (y/n)?" Jimin said "She gave me her resignation letter and is no longer working here." Pdnim said "What?!" They all said, I was in shock. "Why would she quit she loved working here?" Tae asked "She had a choice to make and she chose to quit." pdnim said


"I was just thinking about what if pdnim found out about us and forced one of us to choose what would we do?" "So what would you do?" "Do you really have to ask?" "Yes." "Simple. You. I don't need this job, I can get another one while I can't get another you."


Me: Why didn't you tell me? Jagi: Because I didn't want to take away from the awesome feelings you got from dropping your mixtape. Me: Now I feel worse, although I guess I should have know last night. Jagi: I love you and know that I don't care for that job if it meant not being able to be with you. Me: will you come home tonight? Jagi: It's no longer my home. You get your bed back finally :) Me: It will always be your home since I'm there. That bed will be lonely with out you. Jagi: Aww your sweet Me: So yes you are coming back tonight right? I need to see you. Jagi: Yea I'll come over, just text me when you get home. Me: I love you (y/n) Jagi: I love you too Yoongi.

Normal POV

After I had moved all my stuff out of the dorm, I had managed to get interviews for a few places. I was heading to my friends house which was were I was staying since I no longer had a place to stay. She didn't know what had happened just that I quit being Suga's personal manager. When Yoongi text me I ran out the door so fast. I screamed a I won't be back tonight and was gone. She didn't have time to ask where I was going. I got a the dorm real fast. I tonight ok a deep breath and knocked. In a few seconds the door flew open and I was pulled into the dorm. "(y/n) I'm so mad at you for not saying goodbye." Jimin said hugging me. "It wasn't really goodbye." I said hugging him back. "(y/n)" I heard and looked over Jimin's shoukder to see the other guys. "Hi." I finally got out of Jimins grip and walked out over to them. They each gave me a hug. "It's not like I was gone that long." I finally said laughing "It was a long day, the new assistant is so boring." Tae said "Yea we don't like him." Jimin said "He isn't you." I heard behind me and turned with a smile to see Yoongi. "Well that would be weird if he was." I walked to him and hugged him. "I'm sorry." I whispered into his ear. "It's alright, I'm relieved a bit that you did stick to picking me." "Did you think I wouldn't?" I asked pulling back. "You know some people say one thing but do another, I was hoping you weren't just lying to me." "Yoongi I love you, I even said I never want to leave you. I would never tell you one thing and do another." He pressed his lips to mine. "Ok you two go to yoongi's room." Jin said and Yoongi smiled and pulled me to his room.

Alrighty we have come to the end of this chapter. What did ya think? If there are mistakes I'm sorry I wanted to post before I headed to work.

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