BTS Fan Project

Calling all ARMYs!

Join Dreamkatchers Initiative in our video fan project for BTS, called “The Most Beautiful Mixtape in Life: Part 1” in celebration of ARMY Day! We are asking ARMYs to send in up to 90 seconds of their favorite song(s) so that DKI can stitch it all together to make a long audio MV. The video portion of the Mixtape would be a collage of photos submitted by ARMYs.

Submission Guidelines

• One (1) mp3 or mp4 file per person

• Include your first name

• Submission snippet can be of more than one song.

• Must be a minimum of 60 seconds but no more than 90 seconds

• Be sure to include a photo of you in your best Army outfit, BTS cosplay, favorite BTS merch or with handmade sign to BTS.

• Please keep audio files, photos and fanart rated PG!

12:01AM PST Monday, September 12, 2016

Please send all letters/photo via email to with the subject 'Mixtape'

Please note that by submitting an audio file and photo you are telling Dreamkatchers Initiative that the photo is original to you and that you are giving us permission to use them as part of our fan project.

Additional Information

• All audio & photos that follow the guidelines will be included in the fan project.

• No follow up emails will be sent confirming if your submission does or does not meet the outlined criteria.

• A post will be posted in our facebook group when the fan project is uploaded and ready to be shared.

* If you feel your original audio or photo does not follow the guidelines, you may resubmit it one (1) time.

Please show BTS some ARMY love!

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