Exo Lotto LIVE !! Music Bank Performance

Omgee finally we get to see the choreo and the Superb song LOTTO Peformed LIVEE by uri Boys

Omgee do u all notice the hair change Sehunnie in Blonde

Channyeol back in Black nd my baby is looking sexxy

Baekii is complelely killing it like HELL NOO he needs to stop looking SOOOO HOTT all of the sudden !!

D.o starts being sexxy nd i am loosing it lol

Suho oppa and his pink hair is the killer junmyeon darling killing us slowly

i love my exo boys

enjoy Happy firday :) <3 all

All credit to its actual owners for everything

I m here to entertain u all and myxzelf :) Enjoy like my fb page https:// www.facebook.com/TheHallyuStyle
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Love Love LOVE

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