10 years of BigBang's fashon 👚🎽👕

I found another video by The Daily Dose and it discusses BigBang fashion over the years. Some of their outfits are questionable and are what the heck, but it's BigBang!!! Tagging the BigBang Mod: @BbxGD@catchyacrayon@Helixx@KwanOfaKind@lovetop@phxcur93@WendyNegrete Tagging my lovely ELF Rep's: @GamerKyumin@KpopLifeu@KokoroNoTakara@twistedPuppy Tagging my lovely VIP Buds: @amobts@BabydollBre@CielNiteMarez@isabelad09@JaiiPanda@JessWang90@Lexxcisco@lilbr0wneyes@MaggieHolm@Michellelbarra@Momina427@Sailyn@Starbell808@sukkyoungwanser@Tigerlily84

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