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"So this is why the war..." My teacher's voice trailed off as I was zoned into my own blank world.

I was doodling out of boredom in my notebook as my teacher was talking about a history lesson.

After a few minutes, I put my pencil down and yawned as quietly as I could. It was dead quiet because no one in our class dared to interrupt our teacher. If they did, they would be automatically be sent outside of the class.

"This is the most boring class I've ever had in my nearly twelve years of being in school," my best friend Alyssa drawled to me as we made eye contact with each other.

We quickly stopped looking at each other as we noticed our teacher slowly turning her head.

She looked over with her usual, grumpy face and scanned the back area where Alyssa and I were sitting.

Since this was often, Alyssa and I would normally do what we do. We would always fix our posture and stare at the screen with stifled giggles.

Our teacher crunched up her nose and turned her head back to the screen and continued talking about the lesson.

Alyssa and I made sneaky eye contact and we both smiled at each other and continued being bored throughout the rest of the class.

I glanced at the clock, it was one minute away from escaping our classroom and transferring to our lunch period!

"Make sure to read page 394 to 402 in your textbook for your homework tonight," our teacher said bored as usual and dismissed us with a weak wave of her hand and many students jolted out the door.

I went to my locker and got my home lunch and walked happily over to Alyssa's locker. Lunch was my favorite time of the school day since many of my classes were torture.

"Do you really have to go? It'll be so lonely here without you," Alyssa said sadly and pouted as we were walking down the stairs to the lunchroom and I sighed heavily.

"Yeah... I really do need to go. This job will help improve me and my mom's life," I said and she hung her head down.

"Can we at least keep in contact? Will that be possible? With you moving to another continent and all..." She asked.

I live in California and me and my mom has to move all the way to Korea for her job.

I'm not surprised that this happened. She needed a better job and she's Korean herself so we can live well when we get to Korea, I know Korean myself since she taught me when I was a kid.

My father was American so I was born in California, but he died in a car accident a long time ago, a terrifying one.

"Of course. We'll find a way, I promise," I assured as we made our way into the lunchroom.

We walked to our usual spots and sat down. Then we began to eat our lunch we both brought from home like we always do. Today was my last day of being here.

While we were eating, Alyssa took my phone and checked my messages with Mason, my boyfriend who I've been dating for about two years.

"Aw, you guys are really cute. How come I can never find a boyfriend?" She said in envy and I took my phone away from her and laughed.

"Well that's because you throw away every guy who asked you out because they weren't attractive," I said and she nodded.

"That's true... Maybe I'll find Mr. Right one day," she said hopefully and I giggled.

In the distance, I could see Mason walking up to us.

Once he came, he went behind me and hugged me around my shoulders and kissed my head, then sat down to my left.

"How's my girl doing? Everything okay?" He asked charmingly as he took my hand and kissed the back of it and looked up to smile at me which I did the same back.

"You guys need to get a room and stop acting all lovey-dovey in public," Alyssa complained as she pretended to throw up in her mouth.

"Y'know, you should actually pay attention to those poor guys who mustered up the courage to ask you out," Mason called Alyssa out and we both laughed at her as she frowned.

Mason let go of my hand and then sat next to my left.

"Hara may or may not have told me stories of how you reject those poor dudes, you should've dated one of them," Mason said and Alyssa liked away stubbornly.

"Well it's not my fault, all of them haven't confessed their feelings to me in an amazing way. They're all boring," she said as she defended herself.

"Sure..." I said sarcastically and she looked at me and lightly punched my shoulder as we both laughed.

I rubbed her shoulder, "It's okay, you'll find your Mr. Right soon. That's what you said right? I'm rooting for you!"

"Thanks... Maybe I should've accepted one of those guys," she said as she looked at the ground and shook her shoulders.

"Oh well. You're right, I'll find him soon," she said. I smiled at her and she gave me a smile back.

"Looks like I'll have to leave you, Hara, I'll see you later okay?" Mason reassured as he looked over at his table and I nodded.

He bent over, kissed my cheek, and walked back to his table while giving me a thumbs up with a silly smile.

Time passed and school was over for the last time of me being in California. I felt scared to be knowing that I probably won't come back to America for a while, or forever.

I got everything from my locker in my backpack and headed to Mason's locker.

I found Alyssa standing there but Mason was nowhere to be found.

"Where's Mason? We're supposed to walk together..." I said confused as I looked all around me but only saw the emptiness of the hallways.

"I don't know... I saw him standing here but he abruptly left without a word. Do you think he's mad?" She asked worriedly and I held my head.

"I'm not sure. He never missed walking with us. I guess we'll just have to walk without him," I said sadly as we started heading home.

"I actually have to take the bus home so this is goodbye... I wish I could see you one more time," Alyssa said when we arrived outside and her eyes got teary as we gave each other a long, and warm hug.

We said our goodbyes and I walked by myself, tears running down my face as I was heading home.

I passed by the beautiful and memorable park where Mason asked me to be his girlfriend two years ago. I stopped to look at it one last time and smiled sadly, not wanting to leave California.

After reminiscing happy and loving memories, I finally arrived home and got into my house with my house keys.

"I'm home mother!" I yelled throughout our small house and then realized she was busy getting things settled with her new job.

I dropped my backpack near the couch. I then went into my bedroom, plopped on my bed, and checked my phone to see if Mason sent me any texts yet.

"No messages... What's going on with...?" I got cut off as I saw a message he sent me a couple minutes ago.

"Come here, I'm so drunk right now... I need company..." It said. What? Why is Mason drinking?

"Don't go anywhere. I'm coming right away," I sent and swiftly got off my bed and changed into casual clothes, got my house keys, and quickly went out of the door.

It took me about ten minutes to walk to his house since it wasn't far away. Once I arrived, I took the copy of his house keys that he hid somewhere around the front entrance of his house and hastily opened the door and went in. He didn't mind me visiting if I wanted to see him since he lived alone.

When I ventured further passed the small hallway after the front door, I saw many bottles of alcohol on the floors, on the couch, and on the counters of his kitchen.

* WARNING - Explicit content coming up, be warned. If you don't want to read it I suggest going to the next chapter. Please know that this is for Hara's backstory and it's not put lightly. :) *

When I turned around a corner, I noticed that Mason's bedroom door was open widely. The next second, he came out of it, shirtless and beyond intoxicated.

"Mason? You're underage, why are you doing this? What happened?" I asked worriedly as I examined him when he walked closer to me.

He threw up his hands happily while holding a bottle of alcohol in each hand, "Hara, babe! It's so good to know that you actually came to help me," he said drunkenly and tripped over onto me which I slightly pushed him back, he smelled awful!

I tippy-toed up to his hands and roughly took his bottles of alcohol and put it on a nearby counter, "What in the world do you think you're doing? You're never like this," I asked concerned as I crossed my arms and he looked at me weirdly.

"It's because... You're moving... Away from me forever, to Korea. I don't want this to happen, Hara," he said sadly as he hung his head.

"You said that you wouldn't leave me!" He yelled loudly as his sadness quickly went to anger which startled me, causing me to step back.

"I was planning to tell you soon, but I didn't want to upset you," I said as I tried to stay calm but Mason was starting to act scary.

He took a step towards me, "Why didn't you tell me then! None of this would've happened if you told me the truth," he said, sounding soberer, I couldn't tell if he was still overly drunk.

He got really close to me to the point where I was backed up against the wall and his nose was inches away from mine. I could smell his breath as he reeked of alcohol, he panted heavily while staring at me.

My legs were shaking but I tried to keep my ground and I turned my eyes to the floor, "I was going to tell you tomorrow, on my last day of being here. But it's because I don't want to leave you either!"

"I wanted to tell you tomorrow because I didn't want to see you depressed for another day," I said sadly as I felt my eyes tearing up.

"You're selfish, you know that? You don't actually love me. You're throwing me away because you want to disappear away from me," He said as he forcefully lifted up my chin to make eye contact and his other hand was put against the wall.

His fierce and deadly eyes pierced right through mine as my eyes widened at his words.

"No, of course not... It's very hard for me to--" I said shakily as I was cut off with his next words.

"For your betrayal of not telling me, maybe you need to... Pay me back? Since I'll never see you again... There's something fun we can do," he said, his voice husky and low as he tilted his head down, looking more intimidating than ever.

He smirked at me then mercilessly trapped me against the wall, making me unable to move at all.

"W-what do you mean? I never betrayed you... I have to move there with my mom, Mason... We have to do this," I tried to reason as my voice started to sound very shaky.

Before I knew it, Mason put his hands on my waist and attempted to forcefully put his tongue in my mouth.

I immediately brought my hands up and tried to push him away but his weight on mine was too strong for me to handle. In a few minutes, his mouth and tongue were roughly releasing its anger on mine.

I squirmed in agony, wanting to escape. I jumped and yelped when I felt Mason's cold hand run through my shirt, ripping my bra clasp open.

When he took his tongue out of my mouth, I finally got a breath and I tried to tell him, "M-Mason, what're you doing?! Stop--" Mason he ignored me and threw me over his shoulder and carried me to his bedroom.

"Let me go! You have no right to--" I shouted but he harshly threw me onto the bed and in a second, he got on top of me.

He glared at me, his eyes full of lust and he licked his lips seductively.

Before I could push him away, he immediately put his weight down on me and pinned my hands above my head and started to kiss me very roughly. I felt him biting my lips and forcing entry with his tongue into my mouth again.

My mouth started to get very sore quickly with his continuous forced kisses as my eyes started to get watery.

I never, ever thought that Mason would do this to me... Never in the time of our relationship.

"S-stop this. Please, I can't," I murmur to him as I kept wiggling in his hold. He didn't listen and proceeded to move down on my neck and sucked on it harshly.

After that, he moved down to unbutton my shorts. When he did that, it gave me the chance to push him away and escape. As swiftly as I could, I almost made it to the exit.

I heard his footsteps as he came after me. It turns out he was too fast and ended grabbing my elbow from behind and roughly turned me around to face him.

The next thing I knew, I heard a slapping sound and realized that I was on the floor to discover that Mason has hit me for the first time...

"You bitch! Why are you trying to escape from me! I thought we were something!" He shouted angrily at me as I heard his heavy breaths.

I slowly touched my cheek with my fingertips weakly and tears were starting to run down my face. My cheek started to heat up and it began to feel sore.

Mason grabbed my hair and pulled me up, pushing my back into the front door and once again, put his wet lips on mine, harshly trying to find an entrance.

Me energy was going down quickly and I turned very weak. My legs started to give away but Mason held my body up by holding my waist.

He backed away from me, his arms still around me. I tried to weakly grab his arm and push it away but it didn't budge.

"Don't do this anymore, please..." I begged as my voice was dry and distraught. He only smirked at me and licked his lips again.

"Sorry babe, but before you leave, I have to give you a surprise... A pleasant one," he said.

Before I processed what he meant into my mind, he took my head and slammed it into the wall enough to make me fall onto the ground and knock out.

Then everything faded to black, nothing was visible. I don't know what else is going to happen, or what he's going to do to me. I'm not so sure if I'll even be alive by the time I wake up.

But all I thought about before I lost consciousness was, "Why are you hurting me, Mason?"

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