False Innocence Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Who: BTS x Reader

Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff, mild angst

Warning: Mild Language

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Taehyung POV

The soccer game was over and Taehyung was eager to get off the field. The team had a quick huddle about the game then they were released to changed out of their uniforms. Taehyung rinsed off in the shower before putting on his everyday clothes. Today he would be wearing ripped blue skinny jeans, a black to gray gradient long t-shirt, plane lace up Vans, and a plain white hat. Once he got himself all dressed he suddenly thought about what he would be doing with all his stuff. Looking over at Jungkook and Hoseok, who were both still goofing off, he asked, “Would either of you mind taking my uniform to my house? I have to be somewhere and I don’t want it to sit all gross until school again.”

“Yeah sure we can do that,” Jungkook said as he took the bag from Taehyung.

“Thanks. You’re a lifesaver. I owe you one.”

“Two actually,” Jungkook called at Taehyung ran out of the locker room.

As soon as Taehyung exited the school building he saw Nana waiting for him. He walked up to her smiling. “Took you long enough,” Nana said. Taehyung wrapped his arm around her shoulders playfully and let a joyful sigh. “You ready for this double date?”

Taehyung asked as he let go of Nana.

“Yup! It’s going to be really fun. I need to go grab my friend and then we will meet you there?”

“Okay sounds good. I’m going to go meet [Y/N]. She’s waiting for me at the gate. See you soon Nana!”

Taehyung quickly headed toward the school gate anxious to see [Y/N]. He could feel his heart racing in the anticipation of seeing her. The closer her got to the gate the more clear she became. When [Y/N] noticed Taehyung approaching she waved at him and he ran toward her. With a full boxy smile he said hello then grabbed her hand. “You look beautiful,” Taehyung said as he put her hair behind her ear. Taehyung noticed as she blushed lightly and this made him smile even more. “So where are we going,” [Y/N] asked Taehyung.

“To the aquarium, then food, then a movie? I haven’t decided on the movie yet, but let’s not waste time. Let’s get to the aquarium!”


It excited you to see Taehyung outside of his uniform. You couldn’t believe how amazing he looked. His school uniform did well for him but his everyday clothing seemed to do more so. Walking to the aquarium was going to take about 20 to 25 minutes from the school. It could take you all day to get to the aquarium, you didn’t care. As long as you got to spend time with Taehyung, you didn’t care.

As you walked to the aquarium Taehyung held your hand. Taehyung never stopped talking as you walked and this made you like him even more. He told you about his family, about Jimin, about his friends, everything. You listened to every word he said, absorbing everything that he was. “Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I made this a double date. I hope you don’t mind,” Taehyung said suddenly. You felt yourself stiffen slightly and looked up at him. “Who are we double dating with,” you asked.

“Well it was Nana’s idea so her and her boyfriend. They are going to meet us at the aquarium. Because Nana is your best friend I didn’t think you would mind.”

“Mmm,” was all you could respond with. It wasn’t like you were mad about Nana and Seokjin being there or mad at Taehyung, you suddenly felt yourself stressing though. ‘This is going to get really awkward really quick,’ you thought as the two of you continued to the aquarium.

As you approached the aquarium you saw both Nana and Seokjin standing there waiting for you. “Come on,” Taehyung said excitedly as he pull you with him, running to your friends waiting. You couldn’t help but smile as you ran hand in hand with Taehyung, even if the distance was small. “It’s about time you guys showed up,” Nana said in a somewhat joking manner. “If I had known it was you guys joining us I would have offered you a ride. Sorry you had to walk all the way here,” Seokjin said with an apologetic look on his face. Taehyung wrapped his arm around you and squeezed you to him causing you to blush. “Nah it’s alright,” he started, “the walk was nice. Come on guys, let’s get our tickets and go in.”

Everyone walked up to the ticket booth to get the entry tickets. Taehyung paid for yours and handed it to you with a smile. You smiled back and let him take the lead going into the building. Walking around as a group was fun and you had almost forgotten yours and Nana’s friendship was a bit rocky. Everyone was joking around, taking pictures together and enjoying themselves overall. You were standing alone and staring into the shark tank when Seokjin walked up beside you. “Sorry for the surprise double date,” Seokjin said. “Oh it’s not a big deal sunbae. I’m having a great time,” you said smiling at him.

“Okay good. That makes me happy.” You giggled at his response. He chuckled a little as well and smiled as he looked down at you. “Wanna hear a joke [Y/N]?”


“Okay. What is a shark’s favorite bible story?”

“I don’t know, what?”

“Noah’s Shark.” You instantly started laughing and looked up at Seokjin who seemed proud of himself. “Wait wait, I have another one,” he said through his own laughter,

“How did the hammerhead do on his test?” Still laughing at his last joke you shrugged waiting for his answer.

With a serious face Seokjin said, “He nailed it.” Seokjin started laughing at his own joke causing a few other spectators to look at the two of you. You started laughing as well but couldn’t tell if it was at the joke or at Seokjin’s goofy sounding laugh. “Sunbae your jokes are terrible,” you said through your laughter. Seokjin took in a deep breath to calm his laughter and said, “But they made you laugh.”

“Very true.”

You looked around for Taehyung since you hadn’t seen him since you had been standing at the shark tank. You looked over at the jellyfish tank and noticed something that made your heart sink.

Nana POV

Nana was standing next to the jellyfish tank when Taehyung came up behind her. She smiled to herself as she felt him put his hand on her waist. “What are you looking at,” he asked resting his head on her shoulder. “Jellyfish,” Nana said nearly whispering. His chin now rest on her shoulder and he was looking at her. “Sorry I didn’t hear you,” he said.

Nana moved herself just enough to position her mouth next to his ear. “I said I was looking at you,” she whispered. Taehyung pulled his head back and looked at her. Nana lightly tapped Taehyung on the lips and winked at him. She walked toward Seokjin and yelled, “Oppa” as she approached.

Wrapping her arms around Seokjin’s arm she looked at [Y/N] as if she was sizing her up. “Don’t go trying to steal my man,” Nana said jokingly. Seokjin laughed and grabbed Nana’s hand. “You’re silly Nana,” Seokjin said. “Nana, would you come with me for a sec,” [Y/N] suddenly asked. Nana agreed and the two girls headed toward the women’s bathroom.

“Nana, what were you doing with Kim Taehyung,” [Y/N] asked when they reached a less populated area.

“I could ask you the same thing. What are you doing with oppa?”

“Nana you know I wasn’t doing anything.”

“No I don’t. I saw you with oppa.”

“Nana, please what is goin-”

Nana poked [Y/N] in the shoulder before she could finish her sentence. “Maybe you should check yourself before accusing others of something.” Nana walked away and went back to Seokjin. When she got there she saw the two boys laughing together and making faces at the sharks in the tank. “Oppa what are you doing? You’re so embarrassing,” Nana whined as she lightly pushed Seokjin. Seokjin laughed with Taehyung and apologized. Nana noticed [Y/N] walking up behind her so she grabbed an arm from each boy and started walking forward. “Come on guys! Let’s see the other exhibits,” Nana said with a small hop in her step leaving [Y/N] behind. “What about [Y/N],” Seokjin asked, “Isn’t she in the restroom?”

“Oh she will find us, don’t worry.”

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