BTS: Bulletproof Part 5

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This is your favorite chica Jessamine aka@amobts bringing the next series. i.knoe many of yall have been waiting so I'm dishing this out while I do laundry. I've been super busy but I always make time for my peeps! Yall know the drill

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I quickly text the girls and we meet up in the next hall. They all heard the same thing and their boyfriends told them to stay put. The girls and I go to where it was about to go down. It was huge crowd gathering in the water clan wing. People we shouting saying the guys went outside and per were pushing their way outside. Suddenly, Maddie yelled at us to look out the window. My mouth dropped. Yoongi, Jin, Namjoon, Tae, Jimin, Hobi, and Jungkook were in full form as dragons. They looked hot as hell. I was in awe and scared at the same time. You couldn't help but full spiritual energy through your viens. There were so water monsters out in full form too. There was a small lake in the garden so they were surrounding that lake. Somehow Jin got into it with Rain. He's the leader of the water clan on campus. They were fighting and his friends ganged up on Jin. I was super scared because Jin wasn't much of a fighter, but I will slam it Jin has a mouth on him. I wouldn't doubt Jin's mouth git him in trouble. All you could see was water and fire blasting all over the place. Even though the guys were fire dragons they had control over all elements so water was not a weakness for them. I was still scared. What if the elders of the school hear about this. "We have to do something." Koko says. "Yeah, the guys could be in serious shit because of this." Maddie says. We all agree and come up with a quick plan. Koko would stay with the crowd. She would control their emotions to keep them calm and when we give her the sign she will erase their memories since these were some of her gifts. The crowd was getting wild. Maddie, Jessamine, and I head down towards the fight. On our way Lilly and Blue walk towards us. They are girls from the water clan. "Look I'm so sorry for all this. Our boyfriends can be meat heads. It's all my fault." Blue says while crying. "What happened?" I ask. "Well I always had a crush on Jin and I heard about that website. I took my chances and I did a few videos with Jin. Well Rain found out and that's why they are fighting. Rain is my boyfriend." Blue says. "Okay well at least we know. Thanks for the information." Maddie says. "Wait please let us help. Rain will only listen to Blue and my boyfriend Seth is one on Rain's friends out there. They will only listen to us." Lilly said. We didn't have time to argue so we all went to the battle field. It was a mess out there. I never seen Namjoon in his full form but I knew who he was by the look in his eyes. Jessamine being the random one threw herself in the middle and Blue followed her. "You all need to stop. Have yall thought of the punishment you all will get?" Jessamine yelled. "Rain please stop this! This is my I'm sorry." Blue yells. "Get out the way Jessamine!" Jimin yells. "Namjoon please stop this!" I yell from the side. The guys stared at each other with tense eyes. They were really upset and in battle mode. Finally Rain stepped away and so did his friends. Namjoon and his boys did the same. "Don't even touch my girl again Jin!" Rain yelled. The water tribe left and we all stood outside. It was a huge ass mess. Tress were burned and grass was pulled up. Maddie quickly began fixing the land with her powers. Jessamine aided her by putting things back in place and bringing the dead plants back to life. I gave Koko the sign when she was done and I used my healing powers to help the guys recover. They were not damaged much but they did need a boast of energy.

Yoongi was super pissed. He slammed closed the door as we all packed into my room. Everyone was silent. The tension was thick. "I'm just happy everything worked out." I said. "No Jin...what the hell were you thinking fucking that bitch?! The rules are we only deal with single girls. Besides you know you are not a fighter. All our lives were on the line!" Yoongi yelled. "I'm thankful bro. I wasn't thinking and I let my pride get in the way. But I did know she was his girl. She said she was single even her friend she brought with her confirm this." Jin said. Tae and Hobi were busy on the laptop breaking into the schools video system to erase all the cameras. They were making sure all tracks were clear. "Just be more careful Jin that's all we are asking." Namjoon says. After that the couples all go for a long walk through the nearby forest surrounding our school. Yoongi, Jin, and Jungkook stay back. Probably to work on that nasty website. Honestly, they just need to get rid of that website. The night sky was so beautiful. I almost forgot about happened. I was walking closely to Namjoon wrapped in his arms. He smelled so good. Jessamine and Jimin wonder off. Tae and Koko went left. Hobi and Maddie also wonder off. Namjoon presses me up again a tree. He ran his finger down my jaw and stopped at my chin. He looked deep in my eyes. I almost pissed in myself. "My Flame....if it wasn't for you I would still be wild. I would've killed Rain and his water groupies." Namjoon says. "Well I did have some help. But what's so special about me?" I say while blushing. "I was wild and I do have some ways to go but ever since you came I feel like I have a reason to do what is right. When I saw you coming down there with the other girls and when you called out my name idk what happened. Your voice...your face." He closed his eyes. "It was like a angel from the heavens coming down to rescue me. If you would've came any second later idk what I would have done." "Baby...I....well...I do care for you. I want you to do what's best for you. Yes the fire came be very seductive but you have to tame that fire within or it too will consume you." I place my hand on his chest covering his heart. Namjoon leaned I'm and kissed me softly. But I wanted more. I pulled him closer and our kisses became more passionate. His lips tasted so good. I ran my hand through his hair as he unhooked my bra. I looked down and allowed him to remove my top and he began sucking on each of my nipples. I loved how he teased me with his teeth and how he made loud sucking noises. I moaned as I played with his hair. Somehow I remove his shirt and began pulling off his pants. He was super hard already and I rub him throw his red boxers. He groans and pushes me back on the tree. He yanks off my shorts and is happy that I went comando. He grins and quickly enters into me with his fingers while licking all over my thighs. I could feeling myself pouring out. "Namjoon I want you..." I moan. He removes his fingers and begin bitting on my neck. "You want me? I'm right here. Be clear my Flame." "I want you to fuck me Kim Namjoon. I wanna be yours forever." I say. "Your wish is my command my sweet flame." Namjoon said in his deep sexy voice. Namjoon lifted my right leg and entered me. Finally we were one. I gasped as I felt myself adjust to his size. He was a perfect fit. He began slowly moving at a nice rhythm. It felt so good. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him as he pounded me harder. He went quicker and harder. All I could hear was our flesh slapping. He dipped his head and sucked on my breast while he loved me. I could feel myself coming to the end as my vision became blurry. Namjoon grunted loudly. "Baby don't hold back...come for me." Namjoon said. "No together Namjoon" I groaned. Namjoon bent me over and began ramming me like a monster. Pulling me hard without mercy. Suddenly we both began coming at the same time. It was like bursts of fireworks and the ending was loud and big.


I was sitting in the library waiting on Koko to show up. We had to work on our class project together. I was just reflecting on the first night Namjoon and I made love it was about 3 weeks ago but we had sex a many times since then. It was like we were feeding off each other's energy. Each time was better than the last. "Hey you must just got you some of that dragon stick." Koko said. Jessamine was along with her. She sat down next to Koko. "Is it obvious?" I say while blushing. "Don't feel bad it has that effect on all of us. The best I ever had!" Jessamine said while laughing. "You sure are right! Namjoon is perfect! I'm never letting him go." I say. Koko and so began working on our project. My phone was ringing off the hook within 15 minutes of our project. Yoongi and Jimin showed up and Jessamine left with them for some dance class. Suddenly my phone began ringing again. I roll my eyes and put my phone on silent. "You can get that if you need to." Koko says. "No its just my dumb ass sister no one important." I say while getting back to work. "Well you know holiday is weekend. It's family week where all our families can come and visit. It's like a huge thing here. I think the school sent out invitations to our families." Koko said. "Well no one from my family will be here. Besides, my mom and dad are on vacation right now. They go away for about 2 months for vacation." I said. I was just happy this project was the last thing I had to do for the day. After this my weekend official began and I was going to get ready to see Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hobi performance at the Lounge. As I continue to work on our project. Suddenly I hear so yelling. I look up and...........


ahhhhh what's going on?! Until next time peeps!


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