20 Day BTOB Challenge -- Day 7

Though I do like many of their concepts, especially their Japanese ones, my favorite is still their Christmas concept. I LOVE The Winter's Tale album and how everyone is dressed. Since I look at BTOB as boys most of the time (I'm a noona), I like to see them look cute.

Here is the cover art for the album. I know it's not that big...I'll show more later.

The Winter's Tale M/V. I can't believe it still only has less than 2.5 million views. I hope Melodies can get it over 3 million by the end of the year.

All of them are so pretty in their pastel jackets. Sungjae is an adorable maknae with those earmuffs on.

Aren't they just too precious dressed in their Disney costumes? Most of the costumes fit their personalities so well too.

When BTOB performed The Winter's Tale on stage, they used a variety of different costumes ranging from school uniforms to Mario brothers. I love the toy soldier costumes, but I can't seem to find a photo.

Ilhoon was even dressed like Harry Potter on one of the comeback stages. Of coarse he makes an adorable Tigger.

Some random photos from The Winter's Tale....don't you love how Ilhoon just takes photos with a sleeping Changsub?

These boys truly care about each other.

The other track that was released from The Winter's Tale is called You Can Cry. It's actually a Christmas song. I love the boys are so funny and playful in the m/v, but it's so sad that it has less than 2 million views still.

The different costumes here too just make them look adorable.

One of the special Christmas stages for You Can Cry had the boy in Santa outfits, while another had them as reindeer (and with a special stage with APink)

They all look sooo good here....

And they serious look like they are having fun.

Some other random photos from their album making. Even though it's August, I hope if you haven't heard The Winter's Tale album, this card makes you want to check it out.

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