DAY 66 - A slice of life anime?

There were two slice of life anime's that came to mind right away and they were "Clannad" and "Kanon" both being amazing anime's but I absolutely adore Kanon a lot. It was a beautiful anime with heart wrenching scenes and great music. Clannad tugged at my heartstrings in the 2nd season "Clannad After Story" but it just dragged for most of the 1st season. The 2nd season is where it got good and made me love it.

I fell in love with Kanon, the story, characters and adorable scenes. Plus the anime never lost my interest, I wanted more and couldn't stop watching. It's one of the few that's I've seen more than once because of how great it was. Not that many people talk about it but it needs more recognition for it.


KANON (2006)

(PLOT) -

As a young child, Aizawa Yuuichi had often visited his cousin in the city; however, something drastic happened to keep him away for seven long years. Now, Yuuichi returns, his memories of those days are simply gone.

Settling into the wintry town, Yuuichi comes across several young girls, all of whom are connected to his past. As he befriends them and continues to interact with them, the long forgotten memories from his childhood begin to resurface...


To start off with this anime, the reason I said 2006 was because this anime was remade after the 2002 version. The original not as good I guess, I'm not sure I didn't actually see it but I've seen the animation and it makes me cringe so much. Their faces are squished and you can barely see their noses and it's weird. The animation is so much better and beautiful in the 2006 version. We also got more episodes, so more plot I assume. Like I said I didn't watch the original so I have no idea what it was like. But I heard that it was plain out not good.

Kanon likes to string you along for a beautiful and heartbreaking ride that you will love till the very end. It will make you go awe, it will make you cry and make you laugh at times. It's that kind of anime. It's inspiring, the glowing animation from Kyoto animation takes your breath away, the sweet moments will make you smile or cry, and the sad moments will yank at your heart.

This is a memorable anime and I can clearly say that it is definitely in my Top 10 of favorite anime list, it's that good. I wish more people would see it.

Most people say that Clannad is very sad and I can agree with that but I believe that Kanon made me cry way more than Clannad did. It ripped my heart out but gave me a beautiful story that I will always remember.

Each character is super unique, my favorite character was Ayu. She was so adorable whenever she said "Uh-Gu". She made me cry the most... But she wasn't the only one to make me cry, you will have to watch the anime to know why you will cry.

It's my favorite slice of life anime, that shows the struggles of reality and the sadness that comes with it. You will fall in love with the characters and the story!

100% recommend 10/10!

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments what YOUR favorite slice of life anime is!

Let Me Know! ^.^~


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