Long Distance Relationship (Fanfic)

Genre: Fluff Overview: Meeting your long distance BF for the first time I was finally going to see him. For over a year and a half we had been talking back and forth on Kakao. We had originally started talking on a language exchange site where we quickly hit it off and moved to Kakao. We had barely talked before I had first found myself looking down at my phone seeing the notification that he was calling me. CALLING ME! I accepted of course, and oh man; if I could fall in love and marry his voice I would. It was nothing I've ever heard before, it was sweet sounding, not too high but not too low either. I wanted him to read me bed time stories to say the least. From there I slowly got the courage to do video calls. Because of the time change I stayed up late and he would wake up early so that we could see eachother. I thought I wanted to marry just his voice; I was wrong. The way his mouth and eyes smiled when he greeted me every call, the very shape of his nose, his defined jawline, even his bed head hair; they all had my heart. And I was going to see all that in less than 24 hours. In person. I borded the plane with my best friend Jessica. We had gone to high school together and were inseparable. We both were interested in going to Korea and when we had graduated our parents told us they would pay for our trip as a graduation present. I almost passed out from excitement then and it feels like I might again just thinking about seeing him and his country. As I had been counting down the days I probably watched every long distance relationship meeting video and everything Korea related on YouTube (I was kind of a YouTube addict). We sat down in our seats. I was sooooo nervous. Would he actually show up? I've seen videos where they were stood up... No, what we have is real... .. . Am I being naïve? No, y/n! Snap out of it! He will be there, waiting for ME. I look over to Jessica and give her a small smile trying to telepathically tell her all of my feelings. It must have worked because she leaned over and rubbed my back and said, "Y/n, it's going to be alright. Once you see him you'll think it was silly to worry. You two have been waiting, what, a year to see eachother? Anyone would be crazy not to want to be with you." At that I gave her a bigger smile and looked out the window. It was going to be a long flight. "Everyone please put your tray tables up and carry-ons under the seats, we are preparing to land." OH MY. ITS TIME. ALREADY?!!!??! I looked at Jessica and she looked at me; we both had huge grins plastered on our faces. "Jess, will you film us meeting for the first time please?" "YouTube?" "Maybe.." "Y/n you're crazy" "Hey now, this is a special moment for me. And plus how else will I go viral?" "Let's just worry about getting off the plane first." And with that we both gathered up our things and exited the plane. I shot him a quick text to tell him that we landed but have to wait to go through custums and get our baggage. He replied with "no problem, can't wait to finally hold you~" I almost melted, right on the floor, just a puddle of y/n. I sent him the heart apeach emoticon in response (or should I say booty man as I like to call him) and caught up with Jessica who was already in line. With luggage in hand and Jessica with the camera, we walked out to the main floor. My eyes locked with his almost instantly, as if my heart already knew where it's other half was. I picked up my speed and did a weird half run half walk type thing to close the gap between us faster that I bet came out very funny on video. When I reached him I couldn't remember if he said something to me; I was too focused on the fact that he was actually in my arms. And I was in his. This felt so surreal. I took a small step back to take all of his features in. He looked even better than his screen self. "I can't believe I'm here," I said. "I can't believe it either. I'm so glad you're here y/n." We hugged again and he ran a hand through my hair and whispered into my ear "You know, I've been waiting a long time to do this." And with that he pulled away for a split second and then crashed his lips onto mine. I was so startled I just stood there for a couple of seconds trying to process what was happening. When I realized that he was kissing me I immediately returned the gesture and leaned into him. It was one of those first kisses that you only see in movies; fireworks going off with a choir in the background and doves flying. Ok, maybe not exactly, but man did it feel good, and so right. Jessica gave a small cough and we both pulled away grinning and blushing a little. I didn't know he could get cuter but he did and I wanted to melt again. "So, are we going to go to the hotel and then get food or are you two just going to kiss all night? I'm starving," said Jessica. I laughed and said "가자!" (Let's go! *learning Korean was a hobby of mine). I still couldn't believe I was here, in Korea, with him. He took my hand and gave it a small squeez. I looked up at him and smiled, "I'm so glad I'm here. I'm so glad I finally get to hold you. I'm so glad I can spendsome time with you." He leaned down and planted a soft kiss on the top of my head. "I'm glad too." And with that, hand in hand, and Jessica kind of third wheeling (sorry Jess) we walked out of the airport. Thank you for reading this fluff stuff. This was my first time writing so hopefully you enjoyed ! This story was inspired by some events that happened to me haha.. . Not at the video call stage though, I only have friends in Korea, no love interests. But I still do want to marry my friends voice lololol.

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