Two of My Favorite Songs Turn 8 Years Old Today


Younha is a lesser-known artist to the new generation of Kpop fans, but she's a big deal for Koreans!

She taught herself Japanese and became a huge star there until returning to Korea to have similar success!

Her latest comeback featured HA:TFELT and Cheetah!

She's also famous for her song Umbrella which she also performed with Epik High (side to see both versions)

You've probably seen her hanging out with other idols on her radio show "Starry Night" where almost everyone goes to promote their latest tracks.

Here are two of her songs that were released in 2008, but still hold a huge place in my heart.

Telepathy (2008)

"I dont know how many times this has happened us calling each other, exactly at the same time When we meet, we choose the same thing on the menu Is this destiny"

Gossip Boy (2008)

"I shouldn't be this way Always smiling around you, I feel like an idiot Even your words which hold no special meaning Simply encourage the surge of my imagination Could it be possible that you like me"

Are there any Younha fans out there!?

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