What Really Happens When You Meet Your Bias IRL?

Some possible explanations of why we act a certain way when we meet our favorite group or bias. I thought it'll be fun to look at what's going on inside our brain. It's meant to be fun not accurate.


1. Internally Screaming

Normally, our sensory nerves will send a note about what's happening in our environment to the brain, so the brain can send information back to the motor nerves to perform an action. In the case of meeting your bias. There are 'too many feels' to contain so the brain can't register everything. In return our motor nerves freezes. What really happens is all those emotions are stuck in your system, aka internal chaos.


2. Can't breathe

Meeting your favorite group can be a very exciting and stressful event. In that case it is possible for 'feels' to make your breathing more and more shallow unconsciously until you finally met your bias. Where you are literally at loss for words, because you have no oxygen to speak.


3. Faint

The most extreme case of losing breathe is fainting. This happens when your brain is out of oxygen.


3. Multiple Gestures

This happens when your sensory nerves can't decide if your bias is making cute, hot or sizzling. So, it transmits every note to the brain and as a result the motor nerves sends out multiple gestures.


4. Laughing and Crying

When your brain can't make up its mind about whether you should be happy or insanely happy.


5. Run

- Life of the brain on a normal day -

Brain:Brain to motor nerves:

- Life of the brain on a concert/fan sign day -

Brain:Brain to motor nerves:


6. Hide

Brain to motor nervous:



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