From Friends to Lovers Suho (One shot)


When I started school I didn't think about anything but making sure my grades were amazing. I didn't care about relationships because in high school they all ended badly. I was sitting in class just working ahead on my classes when a guy just sat next to me. I tried to ignore him. "You're (y/n) right?" I didn't say anything. "I'm Suho" He said I turned to face him and he was smiling at me. "Is your name really Suho?" I asked I couldn't avoid my interest in his name. "No that's my Nickname my real name is Junmyeon. But you can call me Suho." again he smiled which caused me to smile. From that point on we became very close. I was pretty good on not falling for him, but the moment he got a girlfriend, was when I realized how I felt for him. We've been friends for 2 years and we are in our 3rd year. I had finally got a boyfriend but it had only been a few months. One night Suho came over to my place and he was angry and upset. "What's wrong?" I asked after he barged in. "I just saw Andi cheating on me." He was sitting on my couch with his head down. "Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry." I sat next to him and put my arms around him. "Do you know who it was?" "Yea..." "Who was it?" " I don't think you'll believe me." He said looking at me. "Suho I trust you, why would I not believe you?" "It was your boyfriend." "What?" "I went over to surprise Andi with flowers and a date night and I saw them." "You're sure it was Max?" "I... I saw them. Max told even if I did tell you that you wouldn't believe me." "You've never lied to me so why would I not believe you." Just then my phone went off it was Max. I ignored it. I hugged Suho tighter. He really liked Andi so it hurt me. I didn't even care that Max had cheated. I didn't care about him like I wanted to. Suho stayed at my place and in the morning we went to class. Right when class started the teach told us that for an exercise we were going to go camping. I liked camping for one reason and that was smores. "This sucks." Suho said looking at me. "Why?" "Because those 2 will be there as well." "Oh it's not just this class?" "Nope it's all the classes he teaches." "Oh man. Well lets still try to enjoy it ok?" I said patting his arm. "Fine." was all he said and then he was quiet the rest of the class. We were to meet up at the front of the building in the morning and we were going to head out. Once again Suho stayed at my place. We had went to his place and packed his stuff then went to my place. His phone kept going off as did mine. We both ignored them and eventually turned our phone especially on silent. I set an alarm for us and we went to sleep. When I woke up in the middle of the night for some reason Suho was in my bed. He was holding onto me. I thought I was dreaming. I pressed my lips to his forehead. "(y/n)" "yea." "Don't leave me." "I will never leave you." "You promise?" "Yes. I promise." "Good." He said and pulled me closer to him. He placed his face into my neck and this sent butterfly through me. I pinched myself and that's when I realized it wasn't a dream. "Suho?" "Hmm" "Why are you in my bed?" "Because I was lonely. Shh let's sleep." his breath hitting my neck made my mind go crazy. Eventually I did fall back asleep, but morning came quickly. We went to the school and met up with everyone. Those two were there but they weren't together. "(y/n)" max said coming over to me. "What?!" "I take it you believe him?" He pointed to Suho. "Yup, so you get that we aren't together anymore and if you want Andi go be with her." As I said this i turned to Suho. He didn't look like he cared that I said it. "This is Bullshit!" He yelled and grabbed my wrist. "Let go." "Shouldn't you trust your boyfriend?" "I should but here's the thing, It doesn't hurt that you cheated. I didn't like you the way I should have. someone else has my heart so I won't love anyone else." "It's that dumbass." He pointed to Suho. "Don't call him that. If anyone is a dumbest it's you. Now let go of me." "You're just a bitch." He said and roughly threw my hand out of his grip, and walked away. "It's that true that someone has your heart?" Suho asked and I just nodded. After that we were quiet. Even on the bus ride to our campsite was quiet. I didn't understand. Why was this so awkward. Thankfully the awkwardness ended when we got to the campsite and we had to pitch tents. Thankfully they let us pick who we got to share our tents with and Suho was the first to make sure we got a tent together. We got it up fast and went to explore. After awhile we got back to help make food. After dinner my favorite part finally happened. We all sat around the bonfire and told ghost stories and made smores. It was so fun. I got up at one point to go to the bathroom. I was on my way back to the bonfire when I was pulled back into the woods. I tried to scream but they had covered my mouth and it was muffled. After we were a good distance into the woods they let me go. I spun around to see Andi. "What the hell!" "I wanted to talk and I figured you wouldn't unless I got drastic." She said kicking the ground. "Yea I don't want to talk to you." I turned back and started to walk away but stopped. "Stay away from Suho." "Excuse me?" I turned back to face her. "I know you like him. But I am going to get him back." "That's funny. You think he's going to want you back? You are dirty." "At least I'm not a prude like you." She snapped. "Ha I rather be a prude than a slut." When that left my mouth she slapped me. I laughed. "You are a bitch." Then she quickly shoved me. I hit the ground and then tried to get up quickly. She was fast and already gone when I stood up. I walked the way I thought was back to the campsite but after several minutes I hadn't reached anything. I stopped and turned around and walked back the way I came. I got tired after several minutes of walking. I finally sat down and leaned up against a tree. This sucks. I bet Noone would come look for me. Suho might be worried but I Bet Andi will distract him and he'll forget about me. I don't know why but I started to cry thinking that he would go back to her. she was horrible and didn't really care about him like she should have. "(y/n)" I looked up. I swear I heard someone call my name. I waited a bit to see if I'd hear it again. I was just hearing things. I put my head back against my knees and closed my eyes. I wasn't going to get back to the campsite till morning. My breath caught in my throat when a trigger snapped. What if it was a wild animal? I could be killed. "(Y/n) where are you. " I stood up. "Suho?" "(y/n)! oh thank god I found you." I could see him a few feet in front of me. I Didnt care if I fell I took off running towards him and tears were flowing down my face. I was so happy to see him. He walked a bit and when I finally got close enough I stopped and quickly placed a kiss on his lips. After a second I pulled back. "S...sorry." I looked down "It's ok...Im glad your safe. Andi was being clingy and when I turned her down to go look for you she said I wouldn't find you tonight. I freaked and got her to tell me you were somewhere in the woods." "Thank you." I hugged him. "Let's go back to the tent now. I bet you're tired now." I just nodded. He led me out of the woods and to our tent. I got in a instantly fell asleep. My sleep didn't last long, I felt someone touching me and I was about to open my eyes and see who it was when Suho started talking. "Why do you have to make me worry and get crazy. I thought she hurt you. I couldn't live with myself if something happened to you. The one girl who's had my heart since freshman year. I can't let anything happen to you even if you like someone else." He said causing my heart to start beating faster. I had to tell him. I opened my eyes and sat up. He looked at me. I smiled. "Suho, you are the one who has my heart." "What! Really?" "Yea when you started dating Andi I realized what I was feeling." "Oh thank god!" He said and pressed his lips against mine. I returned the kiss with a smile. I never thought this was possible. He finally pulled back. "Will you be my girlfriend?" I giggled. I was so happy. "Yes!" And that's how I started to date this amazing guy that at first I didn't want anything to do with him. I'm glad he approached me that first day, otherwise I wouldn't have experienced this kind of love.

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