Anime With "Evil" MCs

I was just wondering what everyone thing about shows that have an "evil" or "bad" character as the MC. While I don't always enjoy these, sometimes it's fun to have things happen this way, because it makes us think harder about what is right, what is wrong, and WHY we like the characters. Do we really like their actions? Or do we just like them because they're the MC?

Here's a few shows that have MCs I could think of that are sort of evil or bad:

91 Days

The MC is more or less vindicative in his actions & somewhat has a reason for them, but on the deeper level he's just a sociopathic serial killer....well, nearly. It's a great show, though!

Code Geass

Lelouch not exactly evil, but he's really not a great good. He's a bad guy, I'd say.

Death Note

Black Lagoon

kinda sorta maybe? Idk about this one.


One Outs

Similar (in some ways) to Death Note in that the MC is evil & you're watching his plans come to fruition, and almost...rooting for him? Almost.

What shows can you think of who's MC's are (by moral standards) evil or bad?

Do you like characters like this? Let's talk!!!

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