Good question but I got it covered.

Frist one is charizard. thanks for the pokemon knowing how to fly I can get around my town faster. Sharp claws that can rip through flesh and fire that can burn anything.

Second one is Gengar. Gengar thanks for it being a ghost type can easily sneak past the zombies. Also out of most ghost type pokemon gengar is one of the most gruesome pokemon there is. Like honestly read his bio. Also do to being a ghost can go into stores to get items.

Third one is Alakazam. Do to being a psychic type he has the power to move things with force. Also able to make anyone brain into scrambled eggs do to it's incredible mind.

Fourth one is Kubtops. Fast and has sharp blades that's all I need to say.

Fifth one is Arcanine. Acranine is fast enought for me to travel if charizard needs a break.

Last one is Blastoise. The ability to cross water and shoot water out to knock down the zombies that get in my way.

Hello everyone the name is Alexandra or you can call me Allie for short. I'm a huge gamer and I love anime a lot. Thanks to Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. I'm also a huge fan of creepypasta and well pretty much anything gory, bloody, and scary. Something a girl shouldn't like but I don't give a damn. Overall I'm a really easily to get along with unless you get me angry then that's a different story.
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