Prince of Seoul Chapter 10

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It's been one month since I got a secret mission from Kurumi. Kurumi's engagement was announced not soon after that meeting. And just like she said she quit the company but continued to talk to Jungkook and I. Ever since what she told me I suspected everyone in the research lab. Except Soo Kyung and Hyeri of course. They wouldn't be able to do it. Or so I thought.

Jungkook and I were headed to the cafe to meet up with Kurumi when we saw Soo Kyung getting out of a car and a man with black hair coming out as well and Jungkook and I hid ourselves behind a sign,"Jimin get back in there what if someone from the company sees us together." The guy named Jimin chuckled,"Come on baby just tell them that I'm your boyfriend or something." I clenched my fists and I saw Jungkook taking out his phone to take a video,"As if I'll date you and besides I am already with someone...and I'd like to keep him." Jimin chuckled,"You've gone soft. But who knew when Namjoon was telling us about his little spy it'd be you." She crossed her arms and glared at him,"You think I had a choice? If I didn't he would've done something to hurt my family. I know you boys willing to even kill just to get what you want. Like with Kurumi, I am sure she's not crazy enough to marry Namjoon." Jimin looked down, "No and I was planning to make her mine." He licked and bit his bottom lip,"But whatever I don't need used goods." Soo Kyung rolled her eyes,"What do you mean? Kurumi and Namjoon has had sex?" Jimin shook his head, "Nothing just keep reporting QRS still needs that formula." Soo Kyung nodded and walked away as for Jimin he got in his car and drove away.

"Okay now I'll send it to Kurumi." I grabbed Jungkook's phone,"No...please Jungkook delete it." Jungkook looked at me trying to get his phone back,"What about Kurumi? You heard them Namjoon is a psycho. You want her to end up with him?" I tightly gripped his phone. I love Soo Kyung too much. If I delete this video Kurumi will be in danger but if I send this video she'll be in danger. Who knows what that psycho will do to Soo Kyung. "I'm sorry Jungkook..." I then deleted the video. "What's wrong with you?! Kurumi asked us personally to save her to help her! Why would you do this?" Jungkook said as he grabbed me by the collar as he pinned to the sign we just hid behind. I clenched my fist and I punched him,"Soo Kyung doesn't want to do this you heard her! But her and Kurumi are not on good terms. I am sure she'll love to put her in danger!" Jungkook then hit me three times and I fell flat on my ass and he grabbed me by the collar lifting me a little,"She will NEVER do that. Get your head out of your ass Tae. Kurumi knows fear she would've helped her." He then threw me on the ground and angrily left. I wiped the blood off my lips. He doesn't understand if it was Hyeri he would've done the same. But maybe he was right. I fucked up the only way for Soo Kyung to be saved. But maybe there is still a way.


I looked at the guards outside the cafe as I took a sip of my coffee. I stood up when I saw Jungkook who looked like he had jut gotten into a fight,"Oh my god what happened to you?" He then sat down as he ordered a coffee,"I got into a fight with Tae..." I asked the lady for a first aid kit,"Why did you guys fight?" He then clenched his fist,"We found the spy," He leaned in and whispered,"You did?" He nodded,"I got proof too but Tae that idiot he deleted it because it was Soo Kyung..." I paused as I was trying to clean his wound when I saw a familiar figure approaching, "Na-Namjoon Wh-What are you--" I stopped when I saw Taehyung behind him, "Taehyung you bastard!" Jungkook was going to attack him when the guards took Jungkook and Namjoon glared at me,"Come on babe let's talk in private." I looked down trying not to shake from the fear. And I followed as he turned to Taehyung,"Thanks for the intel I will take care of Soo Kyung and tell her she doesn't need to report anymore." He then turned to me and grabbed my wrist, tightly grasping it. It hurt but I knew what was coming would be worse.

Namjoon then took Jungkook and I in an abandoned field an hour away from Seoul. "You dare double cross me Kurumi?" I looked him in the eye trying to hide my fear,"You thought I was going to stay quiet and lay beside you everyday? You're one sick son of a bitch I would never." He then grabbed my wrist squeezing it until hurt more than the first time and lifted my chin with his free hand,"But you know your actions have consequences. That little birdie told me that he has the formula. Am I right?" I looked as he pointed at Jungkook,"I don't know." Namjoon chuckled and slapped me,"Kurumi!!" I looked at Jungkook,"Let him go and I'll give it to you myself." Namjoon then approached Jungkook as a guard grabbed my shoulder,"Now we can't just let him go...he has to be punished for trying to help you..." I tried to pry free from the guards gripped but I was tooweak the next thing I knew Namjoon started punching and kicking Jungkook,"Stop it he'll die!" Namjoon then stopped motioned for the guards to take him away,"Where are you taking him?" He then raised his hand close to my face causing me to flinch but instead he brushed my hair off my face, "The hospital so he can live of course." I chuckled, "You're sick you know that?" He just softly chuckled as he looked at Jimin who was approaching, "Take her back to Seoul and make sure you take her phone away. Only allow her to answer calls from the Sagasawa household. She stays in her room the entire time." Jimin nodded as he held my hand and put me into his car.


"Hoseok someone is here to see you." I looked up from the paperwork and I saw Jin with 2 of our employees."What is it I am busy as you can see?" The guy then stepped up,"My name is Kim Taehying and the thing I am here to talk to you about? It's about Kurumi." Kurumi her again. She left a month ago and soon after I found out she was engaged to Namjoon. "She no longer wor--" He interrupted me,"We need to help her. Jungkook is in the hospital and he was telling me how before he was taken away by Namjoon's men he had hit Kurumi." He started to cry. That bastard is hurting Kurumi, "He's scared that Namjoon will do something to Kurumi." I shook my head,"He's not stupid if he did that Sagasawa would be his enemy. Do you know where she lives?" He nodded,"Same place but there are too many guards surrounding. And I am sure he's got her locked up." I looked at the girl,"And you?" She bowed, "My name is Soo Kyung and I have been a spy for Namjoon but before anything else I want to tell you why he is doing this." I looked at her,"Why should I listen to you. You're a spy." She looked up her eyes pleading, " can save Kurumi." I clenched my fist, "Okay talk."

"The reason Kim Namjoon hates you Jung Hoseok is because of what the previous CEO had done to his father. His father was a loyal worker for XYZ but was fired because of unfair accusations that were not committed by his father. Then not soon after his mother had left with his sister leaving him with his father. His father turned to alcohol and started to abuse Namjoon. Namjoon's violent and psychotic behavior comes from those harsh years so please...understand him more." I slammed my fist at my table, "Dammit even in death that old man causes me pain and hardship. I can't believe his corrupt ways had ruined a family man's life." I looked at Jin then back at Soo Kyung , "And how do you know this?" She began playing with her fingers, "Yoongi, Namjoon and Jimin are my childhood friends." I nodded, "Alright so what's your plan?"


"Hello?" I said just woken up from a nap after so many sleepless nights of negotiating and planning. "Hey sorry to wake you it's me Jimin." I sighed, "I swear to god Park Jimin this better be important." I heard a long pause, "It is. I think we need to help Kurumi." These words alone had woken up, "Are you crazy? You know more than anything that this revenge towards Hoseok is important to Namjoon and Kurumi is a key factor to that!" I heard Jimin sigh from the other side,"I know but Namjoon...he's...he's hurting Kurumi." Dammit. "I'll call you back Jimin after I get sleep and think about this more." He responded with a groan,"Don't tell Namjoon about this okay Yoongi?" I covered my eyes as I sighed, "'I won't..." I then hung up as I placed my phone on my bedside.

Dammit. Namjoon is turning into the one person he didn't want to be. I guess I'll keep the promise I made before all this. I'll save you Namjoon before you fall any lower than this.


I sighed as I got off the phone with Yoongi and I walked into Kurumi's room to check up on her. I clenched my fist when I saw the bruises on her face and arms. "What mess did you get yourself into Kurumi? And for what? To protect Hoseok?" I scoffed,"What's so good about him anyways..." I then placed the blanket on her and moved the hair off her eyes. "As long as I can go near you I'll protect you from Namjoon...he won't be laying another hand on you..." I then placed my hand on her cheek and I left the room closing the door behind me.

I then opened my laptop and opened her phone and dialed Hoseok's number,"Hello? Kurumi!" I sighed,"It's me Jimin. Kurumi is not allowed to use her phone but I want you to help Kurumi." I heard him chuckle, "I already have that in mind. You bastards will pay for hurting her..." I smiled and chuckled, "Whatever. I am willing to help you just tell what to do and I'll do it." There was a pause. "Can you bring her to a restaurant for me?" I bit my lip, "She's not allowed to leave the premises but I can probably find a way for you to get in here and talk to her about whatever you're planning." Another long pause. I knew he was talking to other people about the plan,"This better not be a trap Jimin...or god help me I wil--" I laughed, "I am not trapping you Hoseok...I want to genuinely help Kurumi and if you will be the one to free her then I'll be willing." He then asked me, "Why are you doing this for Kurumi?" Why am I? I looked down. "I'm not I am doing it for Namjoon..." He scoffed, "Whatever you say." I knew I was lying but I myself am not sure why I am doing this. Why I am going against Namjoon. "Well I'll call you when I tell Kurumi about the plan tomorrow morning." He then whispered, "Thank you for helping Kurumi..." I then hung up the phone and chuckled to myself.

"Park Jimin...Are you crazy?" I then ran my hands through my hair and looked at the picture of Kurumi on the table below the big mirror by the door, "I guess you do this to people huh?"

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