So I completed my very first fanfic thing. Please enjoy... PART 1 OF 2 BACKGROUND: You and your best friend are choreographers at SM Entertainment. You are pretty close with EXO. As practice came to an end, you and your friend sat on the ground with your backs against the wall. Neither of you said anything until you were able to get your breathing slowed down. Before you could speak, someone ran into the room, startling you both. You looked up to see it was your boss. Have either of you heard from any of the EXO boys? he asked, his voice full of worry. The two of you stood up and looked at each other, waiting for the other to speak, but neither of you did. Please come with me. Quickly. You and Mya began walking behind him, too frightened to speak. You two exchanged a few looks before entering an unknown room. Neither of you had been in this room or know anyone that has. It was an empty room, there was nothing but old shoes and piles of paper. Mya grabbed your hand and held her head low, scared of what might happen. You tried your best to comfort her but were soon frightened yourself as the man in front of you led you down a flight of stairs. There were a lot of things down here, but what caught your eyes were the necklaces, which is exactly what you were being led to. There were three of them and below each of them was a name. Luhan, Tao and Kris. You looked around and read the rest of the names and realized that those necklaces were gone. LuHan - Telepathy, Tao - Time control, and lastly Kris - Flight. Choose one, and choose wisely. He spoke. You and Mya stared at each other before making any decisions. Mya, I think you should go with telepathy. Ill go with time control so we can simply- you began but as soon as you lifted up the necklace it had dropped and shattered into pieces. Flight it is. Mya placed LuHans necklace around her own neck and helped you put on Kriss. You returned your look the the man and waited for further instructions. We have an idea of where they might be, so we are going to drop you off and it is your responsibility to help them return home safely. he instructed. Why is it our responsibility? We dont even know how to use these powers. Mya spoke up. He looked at her with an annoyed look. We arent sending you out right now. I have someone waiting in the next room to train you. As for the reason I am sending you two, you will find that out later. Practice well and I will see you tomorrow. he said before leaving the room. Mya looked at you with a worried look. She again grabbed your hand and the two of you walked into the room on your left. When you entered, there were two men standing outside of two doors. There were more doors, but only two men. One was by a door that said LuHan and the other by a door that said Kris. You gave Mya a reassuring look before letting go of her hand and walking towards the door that said Kris. You stood outside the door and looked over to Mya who was outside hers. Before walking in, you gave her a smile and a nod. As soon as you entered the room, the man entered with you and locked the door behind him. The sound of the door slamming made you jump. You heard the man laugh and you spun around to see him staring at your feet. You looked down to see what was so funny and saw that you were floating inches above the ground. Your eyes grew wide and you flew a bit higher. You looked back up at the man and smiled. You flew a bit higher and began to fly in circles and do flips. Moments after you heard a buzz in your ear. Your flying came to a stop and you fell to the ground. You held your head in your hands as you tried to figure out where that noise was coming from. Knock on the wall twice. You heard Mya say. You looked around for her, but couldnt see anyone except for that guy. You made your way over to a wall and knocked twice. Concentrate on my name and try to send me a message through your thoughts. You heard her voice again. You did as she said. Concentrating on sending her a message through your thoughts. You knew you had succeeded by her response. I dont understand either. You waited for her to give you more instructions but she never did. Soon you went back to flying. After a while the man on the room began to throw things at you. Hey! Watch it! you yelled, but soon caught on. You tried your best to dodge all of the things he threw at you. There was a loud horn that stole your focus, causing you to get hit with one of the objects. You fell to the ground once again. The man opened up the door and motioned for you to leave. You quickly got up and exited the room. You saw Mya run out of her room and she sat in a corner, tears streaming down her face. You immediately rushed to her side. Are you okay? What did he do to you? you grew frustrated and lifted her from the ground. You returned to the room with the necklaces and ran into your boss again. He helped you carry Mya to a bed and then showed you to your room. There is some juice in the refrigerator with LuHans name on it. Make sure she drinks plenty of that or else this will happen again. Please get some rest. he said before leaving you. Unsure of how you were going to sleep after all that had happened, you began to toss and turn in the bed. You began to grow curious about this pace and got out of bed and started to snoop around. You looked around the room and saw a closet, some old shoes and a hoodie laying on the ground. You ficked on a light to get a better look at the hoodie. It was all black and has KRIS written in white on the back. You held the hoodie close to your chest and smiled, trying not to get emotional. You and Kris used to be really close but the friendship blew up when he left EXO. You went ahead and put the oversized hoodie on and continued looking around the room. You opened up the closet and noticed a shoe box fall. You picked up the box and then returned to the bed. You took a deep breath before opening the box. You began to go through the photos he had in there. Most of them were selcas of him with other members. You saw a ring and picked it up to get a better look at it. It was silver and had had 미진 carved into it. A smile formed on your face as you began to rub the matching ring on your finger. As you began to calm down, you got up and put the box back. Feeling like you were in a safe place, you crawled back into bed and attempted to fall asleep again. - You woke up to the smell of breakfast. No one has ever made breakfast in the morning, not even Mya. If either of you were hungry in the morning you always stopped at a cafe on the way to work. Eventually you pushed yourself out of bed and into the kitchen. You smiled as you watched a happy Mya stuff her face with french toast. You looked around to see who had made the food. You saw your boss flipping more pieces. You cleared your throat to grab his attention. Thank you. Its the last thing I can do. I apologize, but you and your friend are going to have to leave soon. We have located Kais necklace and we are sure that the others are there as well. Please eat. Also, make sure she is drinking LuHans juice. he ordered. You did as he said. You grabbed yourself a plate of food and collected some juice for Mya. Drink this. you said as you placed the bottle in front of her. She gave you a weird look, but did as you said. Once her juice was gone and you finished up your food, the boss returned and handed you each a bag. Go change into these. he ordered. You did as he said and walked back into your room to change. You were given a black shirt, black jeans, black combat boots, a watch, and a hair tie - which you were guessing meant you needed to put your hair up. After you changed, you returned to the kitchen and smiled at Mya who was wearing the exact same thing. Feeling badass you couldnt help but strike a pose. Mya giggled and then posed. Boss escorted you through the back door and into a limo. You and Mya sat in the back and he sat in front of you, facing you. These watches, he began to explain, will not only let you know the time, but will also tell you your energy level. If it is lower than 90 you must leave immediately. If you cant find the boys, find their necklaces. You are allowed multiple powers, you just need to be wearing the necklaces. You nodded, letting him know that you understood. Promise me that you will leave if it gets low. the tone in his voice was so serious it began to scare you. I promise. you and Mya said in unison. After a long car ride you and Mya were dropped off in front of a building. Go around the back, there should be an orange door. Go through it. he ordered. You did as he said and with Myas hand in yours, you two headed to the back of the building. The door wasnt too hard to find due to its color. Once you went through the door you instantly began to fall from the sky. You remembered about the necklace and soon began to fly, getting a grip on yourself. You looked over to see Mya falling. Her screams louder than anything you have ever heard. You flew to her immediately and threw her onto your back. You were so high up into the sky, it was almost difficult to see anything through all of the clouds. You crashed into a tall grey building and were almost knocked out. You focused more on your falling than flying. Mya took the necklace from around your neck and threw it around her own. She managed to safely fly you to the ground. There wasnt much around besides the building. What is your energy at? Mya asked. You looked down at your watch before responding. 141. You were quite relieved to see that you still had enough energy - or so you hoped. The two of you stood up and dusted your selves off before entering the building. A wave of body guards were waiting on the inside for you. Before any of them could see you two, you grabbed Myas wrist and pulled her behind you as you ran around the corner. Who are you? someone asked. You turned around to see two women wearing the same uniform. As soon as you saw their badges you knew they were important. You looked over at Mya, hoping she had a plan. Luckily she did. Take your clothes off. Mya ordered. The two ladies began stripping and handed over their clothing. Mya then gave another order. Sleep. her voice was shaky, but felt harsh. Again, the ladies did as she said and were soon fast asleep. You looked over at Mya with a shocked look. How did you know that would work? I didnt. she shrugged before putting on one of the girls shirts. She handed you the others shirt along with her badge. Here. These seem important. You quickly threw on the shirt and held onto the badge. Remembering that Mya had taken your necklace you asked her to give it back, which she did. Where do you think we should go? you asked. Im not sure. she replied. The two of you began sneaking around the huge building, hoping to figure out where the boys could be. If anyone looked important, Mya could get them to talk. Are you positive they are hidden? a voice spoke. You poked your head around the corner and found two men arguing. Although you looked like you worked there, you decided to stay hidden. Im positive. The only people that know about the portal are you, me and Master W. man number two said before exiting the hallway. Looking over at Mya, you pulled her in close so you could figure out a plan. Hop onto my back and we can fly over and attack. If we can get him into a room Im sure we can interrogate him. If he doesnt cooperate you can turn his brain to mush. I dont think thats how telepathy works. she said before jumping onto your back. You flew as fast as you could towards that man and pushed him into a closet. You hit the wall and checked at your energy level. 130. Where are the boys? Mya began to mentally torture the man. He held his head in between his hands and began to beg for mercy. Ill never tell! he managed to shout. Myas eyes darkened and you feared that her power would get to her head. You looked at her watch and it read 101. Mya, you need to take it easy. Look at your watch. She did as you told and looked at her watch. The man noticed the number as well and let out a small laugh which aggravated Mya. SHUT UP! she shouted. The pain in the mans head became more and more severe, causing Mya to become weaker. She fell to the floor and you rushed to her side. You switched necklaces and watched her as her energy level went up and you could feel yours go down. You got ready to interrogate the man and made your way over to him. Realizing his chest wasnt moving you began to panic. You looked for a pulse, but were unable to find one. Your focus returned to Mya and you grew furious with her. YOU KILLED HIM! (Y/N)... Im so sorry. I really am. Lets just go find the other guy and see what we can get out of him. You have the mind powers now, Im sure you can get the information we need. she got up and dusted herself off. She held out her hand to help you up. At first you were hesitant, but you grabbed it. Exiting the closet, you were about to apologize but were caught off guard by a group of people. The looks on their faces werent friendly and you knew they were after you. You and Mya began running as fast as you could. You ran down a hallway which was unfortunately a dead end. The only thing in sight was a window. Jump onto my back! Mya demanded. You gave her a confused look before doing so. The two of you flew out of that window and into the one above it. Instead of entering a room like you though you were going to, you flew through a portal. Once passing through it, it disappeared. You slid into a wall and got the wind knocked out of you. Once regaining your breath, you began to look for Mya. She was nowhere to be seen. You tried to contact her through your thoughts, but soon heard footsteps. You looked to see who it was and were happy to see it was Mya. She had a huge smile on her face. What it is, Mya? you asked. She stood at your feet and reached down to hand you something. Two necklaces. One was in the shape of a bird and the other was like a square. These were Chanyeol and Xiumins necklaces. She put on Xiumins and placed Chanyeols in your hand. You clipped it around your neck and stood up. Where did you find these? I had a feeling I needed to go through those doors, she pointed at the doors at the end of the hall. So I did. I also feel like we should probably go through those doors as well. Maybe there are more necklaces. Boss said that the boys should be close to these necklaces. She moved her finger to the doors on the right. There wasnt a reason not to listen to her, after all, she did find these other necklaces, the other ones must be close. Once going through the set of doors you found Xiumin and Chanyeol behind bars. You ran over to Chanyeol and began to melt the bars. You threw Chanyeols necklace to Mya so she could get to Xiumin.

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