Distracting (P.H.A.T collection)

Who: ReaderxYoo Kihyun What: Fluffy kitten Story: N/A (Tbh this might become an actual fluff story later on)

"Yeah, Hwasa work those thighs." you cheered on your best friend. You were slightly obsessed with her thighs because they were thick and so well shaped. You had more meat to you than her but you were all about nice thighs. You loved your thighs and hers and you were often called the thigh twins or thigh queens by the rest of your group. You two were in the dance studio dancing to Jay Park. You had stopped to watch her solo and to catch your breath. When you danced you went all out, which usually meant you needed a few breaks. Hwasa laughed at you while you cheered at her. The door to the practice room opened up and in walked Shownu and Kihyun. You turned to them, "Appa! Where's Minhyukie?" you said giving Shownu a hug. The entire group had made Shownu the Appa of the group where as Kihyun was Eomma. You started out mostly shy around Kihyun if you were alone with him. If you had Hwasa or any of the other guys around you could act like yourself but the others often said you were being mean to Kihyun because you would avoid sitting by him or talking directly to him. They all knew you liked him. Kihyun was the only one oblivious to how you felt. No matter how many times Hwasa hinted around it he didn't notice. Hwasa turned off the music and stopped dancing she came over to say hi to the guys. "Minhyuk is at the hotel he said he'd be here later after he takes a shower." Shownu answered. "Oh man we're going to be done practicing by then." you said. Shownu nodded in agreement. You laughed and you all sat on the floor after they put their bags down. "How do you guys feel about your concert coming up? It's getting closer." Hwasa asked. "Ah it's really nerve wracking, I'm excited but kind of scared too." Kihyun said. "I think we're ready and monbebe's have been supporting us a lot and so have you two. You guys work on choreography with us and Y/N keeps us focused and tells us where we're falling short. I think with all the practice we've got in we'll be really great." Shownu said. "Thank you Appa!" you beamed adorably. "Jooheon and I.M have been working so hard on their raps lately haven't they?" Hwasa said. "Yeah I actually caught I.M the other night fixing lyrics to one of the newer songs they're working on. He was so frustrated." You chuckled. "Were you the one that put him to bed?" Shownu said surprised. You simply nodded. Sometimes the guys got that way, especially I.M when something didn't seem right he'd keep working on it until it was fixed. He was up almost past midnight and by that time you had to interrupt him because he'd been up all day and was trying to stay up all night. You finally bribed him into going to bed by telling him you'd convince the manager to let him sleep in and you'd buy him coffee. It probably would've been harder to convince him had you come in earlier but he was tired and having someone offer him the chance to sleep was enough for him to head out. After a few more minutes went by with chatting, you all started practicing dancing again. You played their song All in and Shownu and you kept counting so that Kihyun would stay on beat. He was just slightly behind you and Shownu by a beat or so. You kept running it over and over again until he was on top of it. Eventually, you stopped dancing so that you could keep him on track. You were a bit strict when it came to dancing, unless you were doing it for fun. When it came to the boys practice, you had them on top of their stuff. An hour ran by and you had both boys in sync with each other. Shownu was definitely showing the traits of a skilled dancer. "Bi two you're amazing as always." you smiled at him. He was panting from all the dancing and dripping with sweat. You wanted to jump back in and dance but after playing their song so much you were ready to dance to something else. While you went to flip through your playlist, Hwasa said, "Hey why don't we take a break and get some coffee?" "They just got here." you said "I know but we've been dancing almost all morning." She said. "Y/N's a dance machine she can dance for hours." Shownu said You smiled and gave him a thumbs up because the was right. "You guys go ahead and get your coffee I'll take advantage of the room while you're gone." you said looking down at your phone. "Fine have it your way. We'll bring you back something." Hwasa said. "Thank you twin." you looked up and blew her a kiss. She laughed and waved and you looked back down at your phone. You found the perfect song for you to dance to, Eureka from Zico. You started your free style not realizing that Kihyun had moved to the corner of the room. He must've decided go with them but then changed his mind and stayed. He watched carefully as you danced on point. When you messed up, you restarted the song. You had already made part of the routine up but you had never finished it, mostly because you were helping the boys with their dancing. You had spun too fast and slipped falling to the ground right on your butt. You laughed at yourself as you rubbed your bottom in pain. You slowly stood up and paused the music. You walked over to get your water bottle and took a sip. "Why do you work so hard with dancing?" Kihyun asked. You looked at him in the mirror. His arms were crossed and he was leaning against the wall. You looked away from him. You were rarely left alone with Kihyun and you had recently noticed how manly he was becoming. You called him a kitten in front of the guys but with his recently hair style cut down on the sides, he was looking sexier than usual. "I like to dance I don't think there's anything wrong with that." you said putting your bottle down. "There's nothing wrong with it but you put all this effort into routines yet you don't use them. I would think that you'd do something with your talent." You turned to look at him. "I am doing something with my talent I'm keeping you and those boys in check. Come here I'll show you." you challenged. You walked over to your phone and put on their song Hero. "You remember this right? Can you keep up with me?" you said. Kihyun smiled at you and nodded. So you counted off and the two of you danced the parts from the song. Kihyun had so many dance steps to remember and it had been a while since he had done Hero but their concert was coming up soon and they were going to do that song for the fans so he needed to remember the steps again. He was a few beats behind you and when you were satisfied with showing him up you stopped the music. "Now you see what I mean?" you said. "That's not fair I haven't done Hero in so long. Play perfect girl I can do that one." "Perfect girl is simple." "I can do it though." he said You laughed and went and turned it on. The intro played and you both snapped your fingers on cue when the snap came on in the song. He was actually right though, he knew the moves and he was more fluid with the song. He grabbed your hand and spun you around. He teased you a bit during the dance but the look he gave you when he bit his lip threw you off and you backed away from him. You hid your face in fear it was glowing red. You could hear Kihyun chuckle and say, "Yea I won this time." "Enjoy your victory Kihyun it won't happen again." You chuckled. You started to walk past him and he grabbed your wrist while the next song played. You looked back at him, his hand on yours and you swallowed. He walked up to you, "Do you like Minhyuk?" he said. You started to laugh, "Kihyun why would you think that?" "Because you're always leaning on him when he's here and you touch him all the time." "I touch all the members." you said. "Not me." he said. You looked at him with big eyes, "Kihyun don't be silly I just danced with you a few minutes ago we were literally just touching. We're touching right now." He moved closer to you and you backed up. The look in his eyes was too intense. You begged in your mind that he didn't know about your crush. You weren't obvious with it but apparently he noticed you treated him different from the others. "Kihyun stop playing around." you said getting serious. "I'm not." he said placing his hands against the wall to trap you there. The door started to open to the practice room and you pushed Kihyun away from you and moved quickly to create some space between you. Minhyuk walked into the room with Shownu and Hwasa following behind. "Minhyukie!" you said coming up to him. Minhyuk waved at you with one hand while he sipped his coffee then gave you a big sunshine smile and hugged you. "Y/N's here! It's gonna be a fun practice today." Minhyuk said. "What were you two up to?" Hwasa asked with a cocked eyebrow. "Nothing!" You said quickly. Hwasa chuckled and handed you coffee. "You guys can start without me I need a break." you said sitting down. "I never thought I'd see the day Y/N got tired out from dancing." Shownu said. "I'm not tired! I'm just resting my feet a little. Plus my pants are all sweaty and it's hot I'll be back up to dance with you in no time." you said. "Just wait, when we start playing Stuck she's gonna get up and dance with us because she can't resist the beat." Minhyuk teased. You stuck your tongue out at him, he smiled shaking his head cutely and came over to you. You patted your thigh and he sat down on top of your legs. You laughed and he looked back at you laughing too. "Appa, did you show Y/N the new dance?" Minhyuk asked excited. Your arms had wrapped around him and you had taken a sip of your coffee before leaning into his back. Minhyuk was light weight enough to sit on your lap and you much prefer this way rather than the other way because it didn't look too inappropriate. Any other time Minhyuk sat with his legs open on the floor you would sit between his legs and he'd have his hands on your shoulders. You had your hands on all of the boys except Kihyun, he was right. It was easier to touch on cute guys that you liked as friends or brothers. Touching up on a guy you like as a man wasn't easy. Your eyes shifted to Kihyun who was still standing across the room in the spot you pushed him at. Maybe you pushed him too hard, he looked annoyed now. You shifted your gaze back to Shownu while he and Hwasa talked, Minhyuk was listening intently. You had no idea how it got to this point but Minhyuk had stood up and pointed at you. "Y/N did! She came in with the dress and the guys all went sexy sexy!" Minhyuk said. "What?" you laughed. "When you came in with the red dress on and all the dancers said sexy sexy." Minhyuk stated. "You did look really good Y/N." Hwasa said. "Aw are you saying I don't look good everyday?" you smiled. "You look good all the time." Hwasa said. You gave her a beaming playful smile and she laughed. "Y/N has bigger thighs than Hwasa, I like her thighs." Minhyuk said. "That's because you like to sit on her lap." Shownu said. Minhyuk nodded as he sipped from his coffee. "Okay you guys need to get back to practice let's move it." "Can we start with stuck?" Minhyuk asked. "You want to do that without the others? It's a new song I feel like you'd have a better chance at perfecting it with everyone here." You said. "She's right Minhyuk let's hold off on that till the others come." Shownu said Minhyuk nodded. So you made them run through All in, your eyes kept going to Kihyun. He was moving slower than the other two. Hwasa was talking to Minhyuk getting him straight while you went to Kihyun. "Kihyun you're moving slower than them you're usually only a half beat behind maybe even a whole beat but you're very visibly slower than them. What's going on?" you asked. "You're distracting me." he said. His bottom lip looked like he was pouting as he stared back at you. "How is that?" you asked. "Your sweatpants are sticking to you." he said You looked down at you sweatpants and you didn't see anything wrong with them. You sighed a little annoyed by him. "Run though it again you guys and when I come back I want to see some progress. Kihyun come with me." you said walking to the door. He followed you silently, once you got out the door you turned around to look at him He closed the door and was leaning against the wall. You would've admired his attractiveness if he hadn't irritated you just now. He was staring at you intensely his cuffed earring shining in the light with the cross dangling down past his ear lobe. "Kihyun, look I'm sorry for pushing you but that can't be your only problem with-" "You look really good in those sweatpants." he interrupted. "Kihyun focus." "I told you I can't, you're distracting me. Minhyuk was right your thighs are really nice." he said. "Kihyun?" you said surprised. He chuckled and walked up to you, pinning you against the wall behind you just like he had done in the practice room. He leaned in closely to you, "How do you feel about me Y/N?" "Is this really the time to be asking about these things?" you said putting your hands on his chest to push him away. He didn't budge and the way his chest felt beneath your palms had you getting weak. "You don't like me do you?" he asked. "Kihyun of course I like you. I like all of you equally." "Except you probably like Minhyuk more, you like him as a man not as an innocent friend." "You're way off base Kihyun I don't like Minhyuk like that." you said. He came closer and as he did your arms were pushed back by his body. His lips hovered over yours and he looked into your now wide eyes. "I like you a lot Y/N a lot more than a friend." His hand slowly moved off the wall and to your shoulder then down your waist, to your hips and right at the top of your thighs. You went to look down but he quickly caught your lips and kissed you slowly. Your breath hitched when you felt his tongue slip into your mouth. You couldn't believe it, maybe you were dreaming. No you could really feel this, you were kissing Kihyun! Your hands gripped his shirt and pulled him in deeper to the kiss. Your hands reached up to run into his hair and you took a fist full of it. He deepened the kiss for you and pressed his body against yours as much as it would allow. You pulled back to take a breath, "Kihyun- I - We can't." "Yes we can, who's going to know?" he said. "Gee I don't know maybe us." Wonho's voice came from no where. You looked to see Wonho, I.M, Jooheon and Hyungwon standing there in the hallway looking at you two. Your eyes got big and your face heated up. Kihyun's body began to shake and you looked at him to see him laughing, "As long as you don't tell Minhyuk we're good." he said. "How many times do I have to tell you I don't like him in that way?!" you said "But you like me that way right?" "Uh." you nodded embarrassed by him. He smiled, "I like you too and your distracting sweatpants. Now come on, we have a concert to prepare for.

Hopefully you guys liked this one I'm kind of meh with it. I'm thinking it's because I made it a fluff and I was trying hard not to make it a smut. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed and thanks for reading.~ BabydollBreTaglist:

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