Real Talk Kpop: The Trainee Process

Kpop idols are known for their talents, their hard work, and their loyalty to their company.

These talents are usually perfected in years of training.

Here are a few videos and articles about the trainee process and how harsh the system really it.

Private Auditions!

Public Auditions!

Here's a look into the trainee life of Stella Kim who had the chance to debut with SNSD.

She talks a lot about the filming and weighing aspects of trainees. Also all the people telling her to get plastic surgery. The pressure put on all the trainees to look and be perfect :(

You can also read:

Confessions of an Ex-SM Trainee!

If you just became a trainee, would you take the role? Even if you weren't guaranteed you'd ever debut?

Consider this: Suho trained for 10 years, CL trained for 6...would you be willing to stay in training that long hoping to be picked?!

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